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"We had seen so much bloodshed... Every Jedi we knew had been killed, and more were being hunted down every day. Prudence and survival seemed wisdom. In any case, that was the choice I made. But Master Jennir took a different route. Or, rather, I diverged while he remained on the path to which we had both originally been called. Now I see that his was the more noble decision."
―Kai Hudorra[src]

Kai Hudorra was a male Bothan Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic as a General in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Surviving the traitorous Contingency Order 66 which effectively disbanded the Jedi Order, Master Hudorra discarded his lightsaber and went into hiding. Taking ownership of The Lucky Twi'lek on Kestavel, he managed to remain undetected by the Empire for several months until he was betrayed by the fallen Jedi, Beyghor Sahdett. He, his staff, fellow Jedi Dass Jennir, and the crew of the Uhumele attempted to assassinate Darth Vader, but Vader survived and slew the Bothan Jedi Master.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Jedi Master[edit | edit source]

A Force-sensitive Bothan, Kai Hudorra was trained in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order; Hudorra was familiar with the teachings of Master Micah Giiett, a member of the Jedi High Council during his early life.

Eventually attaining the rank of Jedi Master after constructing a green-bladed lightsaber, Hudorra was serving the Order when the Republic went to war with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Obeying the orders of the High Council, Hudorra took up the rank of General within the Grand Army of the Republic and led clone troopers in the Clone Wars.[2]

Fall of the Jedi[edit | edit source]

"I am finished with war… Perhaps, if the Order one day rises from its ashes, I will once again take up my lightsaber. Until then, the galaxy will have to get along without my sword."
―Kai Hudorra[src]

Master Hudorra hiding on Toola

Surviving until the final days of the war, Master Hudorra found himself assigned to the frozen world of Toola, under the command of Master Simms. Along with Simms' Padawan Noirah Na, the three rode motmots as they led the charge against the Separatist Droid Army. During the fighting the Republic's Supreme Chancellor, Palpatine, betrayed the Jedi Order and issued Contingency Order 66 loyal clone commanders. Turning on their generals the clone troopers attacked the Jedi after the battle was ended. While Hudorra and Padawan Na escaped, Master Simms sacrificed her life. Riding aboard commandeered STAPs, the two Jedi fled until they ran out of fuel and then hiked their way to Ithaqua Station. Leaving Na in an underused harborside warehouse, Hudorra made his way to the central market to learn why the clone forces had suddenly turned on them. Before he learned anything more than that the war was over, Commander Keller arrived in search of Hudorra, forcing the Bothan to flee once more.[2]

Hudorra and Na eventually evaded the clones and secured passage to Coruscant. While on the capital world, they made their way to the Jedi Temple, where a lone Jedi attempted to single-handedly take out an entire clone squad on the steps of the public entrance. Hudorra, realizing that the time of the Jedi was over, watched as the man was cut down; immediately thereafter he discarded his and Na's lightsabers. At this point, Hudorra coldly cast Na aside, forcing her to adopt a new life apart from the Jedi, urging her to seek out a life of value and perhaps even a family.[2]

Witness to this was fellow Jedi Master Dass Jennir, who had traveled to Coruscant as well. Unlike Hudorra, he believed the way of the Jedi could still stand against the Galactic Empire and returned to New Plympto to fight its Imperial occupiers. When asked what he would do with his life, Hudorra replied he planned to follow Master Giiett's wisdom stating that a Force user would make a good living as a gambler.[2]

Casino on Kestavel[edit | edit source]

"You have done well for yourself, Master."
"I now regret telling you of my intentions, Jennir… But, yes—with the Force all things are possible."
―Dass Jennir and Kai Hudorra[src]

Hudorra's aspirations paid off, and he eventually became owner of The Lucky Twi'lek casino on Kestavel. He employed many employees, including Kal, Urtsk, Makall, Shaylai Veila, Dayn, Nira, and a butler, Bryti, and the majority, if not all held him in tremendously high regard. The wealth from his casino allowed him live in luxury, and he amassed an impressive wine collection and a suit of golden battle armor, reminiscent of those worn during the New Sith Wars.

Several months after their previous meeting, Jennir arrived on Kestavel with Beyghor Sahdett and the crew of the Uhumele, seeking an audience with Hudorra in their quest to assassinate Darth Vader. The massive Bothan, flanked by his bodyguards Kal and Urtsk, was not pleased to see them, but nevertheless allowed them into his casino and offered them access to its amenities at no cost. He, Jennir, Sahdett, Bomo Greenbark, and H2 met in his office privately to discuss their plan. However, like Jennir, the Bothan Jedi Master sensed Sahdett's true intentions. Pulling a new lightsaber from H2 that Jennir had constructed for him, the two attacked the Verpine Jedi.

Sahdett leaped out of the windows office, managing to push Hudorra into some gaming consoles, momentarily incapacitating him. Sahdett managed to kill Urtsk, Makall, and Jennir's companion Ko Vakier before nearly killing Jennir himself. Before he could strike the final blow, however, Hudorra managed to slice Sahdett's lightsaber in half before slamming him into the wall with the Force, ripping off his remaining wings and knocking him unconscious.

Hudorra expressed sadness that his prosperity had come to an end, but nevertheless remained focus on the task at hand. After receiving a casualty report from Bryti, he and Jennir interrogated a bound Sahdett, who told them how he was seduced by Palpatine's power and betrayed a fellow Jedi to serve him. Informing them that the Empire had been alerted to their presence, Sahdett continued to taunt the pair as Hudorra ignited his lightsaber; however, instead of killing the fallen Jedi, the Bothan only sliced off his antennae before gagging him.

Kai Hudorra, lightsaber ready

Aware that Darth Vader was coming for them, Hudorra attempted to get his staff and the crew of the Uhumele to flee to safety. However, Hudorra's employees considered serving him an honor and were too loyal to abandon him. Furthermore, the crew of the Uhumele had come to Kestavel with the intention of confronting Vader, and Vakier's death meant there was no going back now.

The group made a plan to blow the bridges leading the casino using fuel from the Uhumele and trap Vader within the casino alone, where the two Jedi would deal with him. Hudorra was more concerned that the ship would not have enough fuel to escape, and both Jedi agreed that their people would avoid the confrontation, under the influence of a mind trick or not. Jennir apologized to Hudorra for bringing this problem to him, especially considering how well he had done for himself, but Hudorra had spoken to Ember Chankeli beforehand, who told him of all Jennir's selfless behavior and sacrifices for the good of his friends. The old Bothan praised him for continuing to honor the Jedi Way.

Finalizing reinforcements, the pair made their way upstairs where a huge feast had been prepared, as it was unlikely the food would be of any use the following day anyways. After everyone had been gathered, Hudorra raised an inspiring toast to the upcoming attack, their fallen comrades, and Jennir, for never abandoning his Jedi past and continuing to live it throughout the dark times. Hudorra then revealed that only he and Jennir were to face Vader, and the rest would escape on the Uhumele and live. Greenbark attempted to protest, but was again mind tricked into subservience. Unbeknownst to Jennir, however, Hudorra had no intention of allowing him to participate either and had Bryti drug his wine. Following the feast, Hudorra donned his battle armor and awaited the Imperial attack.

Death and legacy[edit | edit source]

Hudorra is killed by Vader.

"Go to Hell."
―Kai Hudorra, to Darth Vader[src]

As the Imperials crossed the bridge, Hudorra initiated the ambush. Having survived the explosion that killed his platoon, the former Anakin Skywalker entered the Lucky Twi'lek. Hudorra emerged from the shadows to meet him. Clashing blades, Hudorra drew him further into the casino, throwing game machines at him and having sensed the injuries he had received on Mustafar, taunted him about them. Hudorra attempted to press a thermal detonator that would trap both of them under the rubble, if not kill them outright. Vader, however, used the Force to stop the button from being pressed, catching the Jedi Master off guard. Vader used this opportunity to throw his lightsaber at Hudorra, severing his weapon hand. Vader questioned him about Dass Jennir, but Hudorra refused to reveal Jennir's location; Vader then executed him by stabbing him through the chest.[1]

Before he died, Hudorra entrusted Bryti with a holodisc containing his final farewell. A drugged Jennir reawakened on the Uhumele, which had already fled the battle, and was given it by the butler. Jennir opened the message in the presence of the whole crew. In it, Hudorra informed them that he was dead, but had died with hope that the Jedi Order would survive, due to small sparks like Jennir, which had to be preserved. He ended by wishing that the Force be with them all.

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