Kai Zook was the wife of the Imperial Corrections Officer Omar Zook, and lived in Hanna City on the planet Chandrila with their two sons. Her husband was stationed aboard the Imperial prison barge Purge when its passengers contracted an unknown plague. Omar wrote a letter to Kai after almost everyone on the ship had died from the disease, and he had been infected as well. He expressed his condolences for not being there for the boys and told her that he loved all of them. When Zahara Cody, the chief medical officer of the Purge, escaped the prison barge with Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Trig Longo, she managed to recover the letter and bring it with her. Zahara and Trig finished delivering the letter to Kai Zook, who was informed of her husband's death. The letter was later released to the public for academic purposes in relation to the Purge incident.



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