A "pirate": "Kai Zykken?"
Kai Zykken: "Huh? I… uh… no speak Basic. Uh… nee wonna… wonga?"
Tomota: "I don't think it's working, boss."
Kai Zykken: "And neither did Gorro, apparently! This is not my day… hello! Yes, I am indeed Kai Zykken. Though there are probably lots of people with that name. Just saying."
―A "notorious pirate" confronts Kai Zykken and his lieutenant Tomota after Zykken tried to have the Rodian Gorro kill them[src]

Kai Zykken was a male Human who was captain of the Corellian Run Scoundrels, a pirate gang during the Galactic War.[1] A persistent rumor was that Zykken once kidnapped the adult daughter of Viril Shu, a corporate magnate on the planet Denon. Rather than ransom her, Zyyken unsuccessfuly attempted to woo her into marrying him, thus allowing Zykken access to Shu's fortune.[2] Zykken ran the Scoundrels on the planet Rishi with his Bith lieutenant Tomota. Later, he would go on to visit the planet of Odessen following the establishment of the Alliance, whereupon he would celebrate in a cantina along with the members of the organization.

Behind the scenes[]

Kai Zykken first appeared as part of the mission "A Scoundrel's Debt" from Shadow of Revan, a 2014 expansion to the 2011 massively-multiplayer online roleplaying video game Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Zykken made a cameo in the 2015 expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire during a cantina cutscene.[3] With the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic: Onslaught in 2019, Zykken was added to the Republic fleet and the Imperial fleet as a "Merchant of Mystery," selling endgame armor to players.[4]

Players of any gender aligned with either faction may choose to flirt with Kai Zykken during the opening conversations of the "A Scoundrel's Debt" mission. Zykken initially seems interested, but ultimately turns down the player.[1]



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