Kaird was a male Nediji Black Sun assassin who served as a member of the Black Sun. In 20 BBY, he was sent to Drongar during the Clone Wars to investigate the disappearance of fellow operative Mathal, who had been overseeing the smuggling of bota off Drongar.


Kaird was born on Nedij, a world located in the galaxy's outer spirals. He was exiled from his homeworld for crimes that made him an outcast among his people. Traveling offworld, he joined Black Sun and spent several years building a successful career as an assassin for the organization.

During the Clone Wars, his superiors sent him to investigate the unexplained disappearance of Mathal, a Black Sun operative sent to Drongar to pick up a shipment of bota, a miracle plant with adaptogenic properties. Using a variety of disposable disguises, including that of a Kubaz, Human, and a member of The Silent, Kaird was able to infiltrate and move freely about RMSU-7 gathering information. Shortly after his arrival, he murdered corrupt Galactic Republic Admiral Tarnese Bleyd, who had been in league with Rimsoo quartermaster Filba the Hutt and murdered the missing operative Mathal. Upon learning that the bota was mutating and would soon prove worthless, Kaird launched a plan to steal a some of the wonder drug for himself, encase it in carbonite, then sell it in an attempt to amass a small fortune, leave Black Sun and retire to his home world of Nedij.

To assist in his scheme, Kaird employed two grifters, a Falleen female named Thula and an Umbaran male called Squa Tront, who ultimately betrayed him, delivering a carbonite case filled with explosives instead of bota. Kaird narrowly escaped death and went back to work for Black Sun, but vowed revenge against his two traitorous conspirators.


After his adventures on Drongar, Kaird, in competition for a position as a Black Sun Vigo, plotted a way to thwart his competitor Prince Xizor. When Dal Perhi, who knew that Kaird only wanted to return to Nedij, he asked him to kill Xizor, Kaird leapt at the chance, seeing a way out of Black Sun at last. However, Xizor outwitted him and captured him, and then used him as a test subject for seeing the Human replica droid version of Perhi. After that, Xizor took Kaird to his outpost in the Factory District, to be brain-washed. However, when they arrived, they found out that the outpost had been killed by feral droids, and that Xizor was exposed. Jax Pavan and his allies eventually arrived, and Xizor captured them using the droid called Bug-Eyes. After a duel between Xizor and Jax, they discovered that Vader was approaching. Kaird was freed, and they made their escape. Kaird said that he would give the allies his money, as it was of no use on Nedij, and made plans for his return home.



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