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"Kairos has her own challenges. They are classified."
IT-O, to Yrica Quell[src]

Kairos was a female humanoid individual with mauve chitinous plates, deep-set eyes, and thin black lips, who piloted a UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft in the New Republic's Alphabet Squadron. She rarely spoke, and was secretive about both her appearance and most details of her past. After her life was disrupted by the arrival of the Galactic Empire on her homeworld, Kairos eventually came to join the Rebel Alliance, which transitioned into the New Republic following their victory at the Battle of Endor.

Several months after the events at Endor and the Empire's subsequent Operation: Cinder campaign, Kairos was recruited by the New Republic Intelligence agent Caern Adan, joining a working group with a goal of tracking down and eliminating the elite 204th Imperial Fighter Wing. The group, eventually becoming a starfighter squadron nicknamed "Alphabet Squadron," fell under the leadership of former TIE fighter pilot Yrica Quell. At first, the squadron was disorganized and ineffective, but the pilots bonded over time, learning to work with their variety of craft.

The squadron's assignments culminated with an attack on the 204th's forces on the fortified planet Pandem Nai, in which Kairos was tasked with detonating the reactor of the Orbital One space station. While the attack went awry and Alphabet Squadron had to let the 204th's remaining forces escape in lieu of saving innocent lives on Pandem Nai, Kairos and her fellow pilots survived mostly unharmed, and the New Republic nonetheless saw the Empire's loss of Pandem Nai as a victory.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

According to Kairos, she was born on a world far from the Core, living a simple life. The Galactic Empire arrived on her world, and her life was disrupted. Kairos eventually came to join the Alliance to Restore the Republic, who fought to put an end to the Empire.[1]

At some point during the Imperial Era, Kairos met Caern Adan, a journalist who had been imprisoned by the Empire, who carried a debt towards.[1] They were imprisoned together, and along with Ver Iflan and the reprogrammed torture droid IT-O, came up with a plan to escape. However, when they did escape, Iflan was left behind.[2] Kairos also developed a skill at piloting UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft. After the Rebel Alliance victory at the Battle of Endor[1] in 4 ABY[3] and the death of Emperor Palpatine, Kairos became a part of the fledgling New Republic.[1]

Dysfunctional working group[edit | edit source]

Recruiting a team[edit | edit source]

"Kairos. What happened?"
"What about Kairos?"
"Back at the Hive, she went to you. She convinced you to join. I know she did, I'm not stupid, so—what happened?"
―Yrica Quell and Nath Tensent[src]

Kairos collected the Imperial defector Yrica Quell, who she eventually served under.

Several months after the Battle of Endor, Kairos was recruited into a New Republic Intelligence working group under the leadership of Officer Adan, whose goal was to take down the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing, a threatening Imperial fighter wing nicknamed "Shadow Wing" that had managed to survive through the Imperial loss at Endor, fortifying themselves on the planet Pandem Nai. She piloted a U-wing transport to Traitor's Remorse, a shantytown for Imperial defectors, to collect Yrica Quell, a former member of Shadow Wing who had also been recruited by Adan.[1]

Their next stop was the asteroid trading post Entropian Hive, to recruit former Rebel Alliance pilot Nath Tensent, whose previous squadron had been destroyed by Shadow Wing. Adan had assigned Quell to speak with Tensent, and Kairos waited in the U-wing. Tensent refused the offer, but Kairos went to him once Quell had left, showing him a recording from Adan, which promised a monetary reward if he were able to uncover Quell's true Imperial record. The promise of both vengeance on Shadow Wing and money convinced Tensent to join them, following in his Y-wing.[1]

Altercation with Quell[edit | edit source]

"Listen—you're right. You're right about what I'm doing. But I need—I need a chance. I want to make it right."
"Make it right."
―Yrica Quell and Kairos[src]

Aboard the bulk freighter Buried Treasure, on its way to assist the Barma Battle Group in the Barma sector, Quell briefed Adan, Kairos, and Tensent on the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing. Once the briefing was finished, Adan assigned Kairos and Tensent to investigation, while giving Quell data analysis.[1]

Some time later, Kairos encountered Quell attempting to steal an X-wing from the airless cargo bay of the Buried Treasure. Using a metal rod, she threw Quell to the ground, knocking away her oxygen mask. Quell, who had wanted to steal a starfighter to investigate potential Shadow Wing locations on her own, attempted to convince Kairos to give her a chance. Kairos returned Quell's mask, letting her live and continue her mission.[1]

A day later, Quell returned with evidence that Shadow Wing had attacked the New Republic frigate Hellion's Dare above the planet Jiruus and pursued it into the Oridol Cluster. To locate and extract the frigate, Adan and his working group planned to capture Harrikos-Fifteen Research Station, an Imperial space station studying the star cluster. Kairos piloted her U-wing, carrying a New Republic security team led by Corporal Shroi. They successfully captured the station, sending out probe droids to search for the Hellion's Dare.[1]

Eventually, the A-wing pilot Wyl Lark and the B-wing pilot Chass na Chadic, who had barely escaped the destruction of the Hellion's Dare, jumped into the Harrikos system. Adan, who intended to recruit the two survivors, arranged for them to meet with his current working group. When the Buried Treasure joined the Barma Battle Group aboard the cruiser Lodestar, Adan spoke with General Hera Syndulla, who gave Quell leadership of the newly-formed squadron.[1]

Under new management[edit | edit source]

"You saved my life on Abednedo. I got kind of creeped out when I saw you fight. You're intense, and I—okay. I'm grateful for the save."
―Chass na Chadic, to Kairos[src]

Quell tested her squadron with training exercises, such as in the Gobreton minefield, a field of smart mines. The variation in starfighter type and the unfamiliarity between the pilots proved difficult for Quell to handle. Confusion among the squadron ended in damage to Lark's A-wing starfighter, and Quell was left unsure whether Kairos had provided any assistance toward the end of the exercise. Quell also attempted to utilize a simulation of the Battle of Endor, which Tensent managed to break.[1]

After some time, during which the squadron practiced in simulations and tactical analysis of encounters with Shadow Wing, General Syndulla assigned them a mission. They were sent to the planet Abednedo, which had been unsuccessfully attacked during the Empire's Operation: Cinder shortly after the Battle of Endor. The New Republic had received coded transmissions suggesting that Imperial forces survived on Abednedo, and Quell's squadron were chosen to determine whether the transmissions were true.[1]

Chass na Chadic, who Kairos saved while on Abednedo

The squadron arrived above Abednedo, and Quell ordered Kairos and Chadic to follow her to the surface, while Lark and Tensent waited in orbit. They landed in the city of Neshorino, where Kairos remained with her U-wing while Quell and Chadic spoke with the contact. They discovered that their contact had a number of Imperial prisoners, which Quell inspected while Chadic escorted one, a stormtrooper sergeant, back to the U-wing. Before Chadic could return, she came under attack by Imperial forces. Kairos came to her aid, killing several Imperials, both using her bowcaster and by hand. With Kairos's help, Chadic was able to return the prisoner to the U-wing and signal Quell.[1]

Escorting their contact's freighter, containing the Imperial prisoners, the squadron returned into space, where several TIE bombers pursued them. The bombers chased after Kairos's U-wing, and the squadron managed to destroy two of them. The surviving bomber instead headed towards the freighter, colliding into the the starship and destroying it, killing the prisoners inside. Mostly unsuccessful, the squadron returned to the Lodestar, where Quell got into an argument with Adan.[1]

Secrets of the Harkrova system[edit | edit source]

"Wyl Lark. The Emperor's shadow is long."
―Kairos, to Wyl Lark[src]

As Quell's squadron, which had been nicknamed "Alphabet Squadron" by the other New Republic pilots, was using resources that Syndulla wanted to use elsewhere, the general sent them to collect an old Rebel Alliance supply cache on the moon of the planet Harkrova I. The squadron entered the Harkrova system, landing on a mountain on the surface of the moon. As they hiked down to the supply cache, Chadic spoke to Kairos, giving thanks for the assistance in Neshorino, which Kairos silently acknowledged.[1]

Kairos spoke to Wyl Lark during their mission to the moon of Harkrova I.

As night fell, the squadron camped inside a forest, several kilometers from the supply cache. The pilots talked to each other, with Tensent telling stories of his former squadron and Lark speaking of his homeworld, while Kairos merely listened. Once the sun had risen, they continued towards the rebel base, discovering it to be in a temple which Tensent assumed to be built by the Jedi. They began removing the supplies from the base, but had not finished before the day ended, setting up camp outside the temple. As the pilots talked amongst themselves, Kairos stood, illustrating her life story in a series of drawings made of dust and dirt.[1]

During the night, they were awoken by a starship passing overhead. Quell returned to the squadron's ships in case of hostiles, leaving the other pilots to continue collecting the supplies. There were no further sightings, however, but they were woken during the next night by a ringing sound that echoed throughout the forest. Kairos began to enter the temple, waiting for her fellow pilots before stepping inside, witnessing a galactic map made from a display of light, that they also assumed was created by the Jedi.[1]

The squadron finished packing up the supply cache, returning to their ships. The gear they had collected was loaded aboard Kairos's U-wing, taking two hours to do so. When the squadron was ready to depart, Lark went to check on the U-wing, discovering that Kairos was outside, staring back in the direction of the temple. Once Lark had approached, Kairos turned and cryptically spoke to him for the first time, before returning to their ships.[1]

Further missions[edit | edit source]

"Regardless, it looks like you've come out of it in healthy shape. Which is good—because I've got another mission for you, if your squadron is ready."
"We're always ready, ma'am."
―General Hera Syndulla and Yrica Quell[src]

Following the mission to the moon of Harkrova I, the squadron returned to the Lodestar in the Borleias system, where General Syndulla gave them a mission to assist with the New Republic's battle against Imperial forces on Argai Minor. They planned to patrol near the Treinhaus Citadel and allow time for a New Republic salvage team to collect data from the ruins.[1]

The length of their patrol was forcibly adjusted when time estimates of the salvage team and predictions from Vanguard Squadron proved to be incorrect. For the first several hours, there was no major threat that needed to be dealt with, but nightfall brought repeated attacks from both Imperial ground forces and TIE bombers. Kairos successfully destroyed two of the TIE bombers during the following five hours, after which the attacks ceased.[1]

While their teamwork initally faltered, Alphabet Squadron's pilots grew closer during their service together.

The squadron's next mission was to Rentaxius VIII, the location of an Imperial cargo freighter that they believed had been resupplied at Pandem Nai. The vessel initially surrendered to the New Republic forces, until the captain was murdered and replaced by a new commander who refused to surrender, instead opening fire. While attempting to disable the ship, a stray shot hit an oxygen generator, and the squadron was forced to evacuate the survivors in escape pods.[1]

After Rentaxius VIII, the squadron was sent to assist Hail Squadron, who had been targeting a wrecked Star Destroyer in the Haldeen sector when they had been decimated by an Imperial cruiser-carrier. Working together, the two squadrons managed to destroy the capital ship.[1]

Shortly after a mission to raid an Imperial outpost that had been relaying messages to Pandem Nai, Quell called the squadron into their hangar. Quell, in attempt to improve her relationship with her squadron, accepted the "Alphabet Squadron" nickname they had been given, getting the mechanic Ragnell to paint a crest on their respective ships. Kairos was transfixed by the emblem painted onto her U-wing, stepping over to the ship and gently touching the paint.[1]

Attack on Pandem Nai[edit | edit source]

Arrival[edit | edit source]

"Kairos, now! Do it now!"
―Yrica Quell, urging Kairos to activate the signal jammer[src]

Alphabet Squadron continued to prepare for an attack on the forces of Shadow Wing. General Syndulla's battle group managed to secure enough star systems to take control of the Skangravi-Mestun Regional Hyperlane, which led close to Pandem Nai. Quell developed a plan for a starfighter attack on Pandem Nai, which was reviewed and approved by New Republic High Command. Despite Syndulla's doubts about the danger of the plan, Kairos and the other pilots of Alphabet Squadron were willing to attempt it. Quell briefed the squadron on the details of the attack, and they worked over it together. After the briefing, General Syndulla offered the squadron drinks before they began the mission, but Kairos declined, choosing to remain alone.[1]

The 204th Imperial Fighter Wing, whose forces were attacked by Alphabet Squadron at Pandem Nai

The Lodestar exited hyperspace in an empty star system at one end of the Skangravi-Mestun, where the pilots of Alphabet Squadron were to depart. The pilots broke away from the Lodestar, jumping through hyperspace to the edge of the Pandem Nai system. Immediately upon their arrival, Kairos broadcasted a jamming signal from her U-wing, blocking communications between the squadron but also hiding their presence from the 204th. Within an asteroid field, the squadron encountered smart mines placed by Shadow Wing, maneuvering around each one. Kairos followed Quell's X-wing out of the field, heading towards Pandem Nai itself.[1]

Reaching the planet's atmosphere, Kairos deactivated the jammers, allowing the squadron to communicate as they fought off Imperial TIE fighters. Kairos broke off from the rest of her squadron, heading down into Pandem Nai's atmosphere to elude notice before climbing back up to the Orbital One station, where Shadow Wing's forces were based. She landed in one of the station's docking bays, allowing a team of New Republic Special Forces personnel to disembark and infiltrate the station, planting detonators in the station's reactor. To defend the U-wing so that the team could escape, Kairos set up a turret, waiting to see if anything entered the docking bay.[1]

Catastrophe strikes[edit | edit source]

"We failed to take Pandem Nai. This is now a rescue mission."
―Yrica Quell, to Alphabet Squadron[src]

Though several stormtroopers entered the docking bay, Kairos was otherwise unbothered by Imperial forces. The strike team contacted Kairos, confirming that their detonators were in place. Kairos forwarded the message to Quell, whose response ordered Kairos to activate the detonators. The station was not destroyed by the detonation, but began to tilt and fall towards the planet. However, flames caused by destroyed gas containment pods spread, igniting the rest of the station's pods and setting the tibanna atmosphere of Pandem Nai alight.[1]

As the firestorm spread through the atmosphere and Orbital One fell, Kairos assisted Lark in saving an Imperial gas tanker by shooting its gas containment pods from their moorings before they could ignite. Kairos and Lark did the same for the other tankers around Orbital One, helped by the Imperial TIE fighter pilots of Shadow Wing, who ceased their attack in favor of preventing the fire from increasing. Tensent and Chadic also arrived to assist them, and they managed to prevent any of the pods from fueling the fire.[1]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

"How did we survive out there? I mean, we shouldn't have, should we? There were five of us, and we went up against all of Shadow Wing."
―Chass na Chadic, to Kairos[src]

While the surviving forces of Shadow Wing escaped Pandem Nai, having lost their commander, Colonel Shakara Nuress, the New Republic declared the attack a victory, with Pandem Nai no longer an Imperial threat. The pilots of Alphabet Squadron, minus Quell, who had crash-landed on Pandem Nai while attempting to protect the city of Induchron from falling wreckage, returned to the Lodestar, where they were met with celebration.[1]

Chadic encountered Kairos, inviting her to play a game of sabacc. Agreeing to play, Kairos won several rounds. Kairos eventually joined the celebration herself, even briefly dancing with Chadic. Once the pilots of Alphabet Squadron were tired of celebrating, Tensent offered drinks to both them and General Syndulla. As the celebrations continued into the night, Kairos was the first of the pilots to depart.[1]

Sunblocking on Troithe[edit | edit source]

The Lodestar and her battle group were then deployed to the Campaign in the Cerberon system. The fighting stretched on for weeks. At one point during the fighting on Troithe, Kairos held position only 10 meters above Twilight Company troopers to provide air support.[2]

During the fighting for the capital, she piloted her U-wing directly into the battle in order to secure victory. She was wounded, and failed to respond to bacta. She was then evacuated in a medical capsule. Later, after the battle wrapped up, she returned to the squadron, albeit scarred. When she arrived, she greeted Tensent.[2]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"Still be easier if we knew you. You are kind of a freak."
―Chass na Chadic, to Kairos[src]

Kairos's mask and clothing hid her appearance, giving her an air of mystery.

A female humanoid being with a tall figure, Kairos masked her face, keeping her species and appearance unknown to others. Kairos seldom spoke—out of her fellow pilots in Alphabet Squadron, she spoke to Wyl Lark only once, while Yrica Quell thought she heard Kairos speak when facing her in the cargo bay of the Buried Treasure. While in flight, Kairos communicated through computerized tones, which her squadron mates could learn to recognize without requiring an astromech droid to translate. As the pilots of Alphabet Squadron grew closer, Kairos began to open up, revealing her past life through a series of intricate drawings in the dirt.[1]

Kairos rarely displayed any emotion, often merely showing acknowledgement when spoken to. When first meeting with Yrica Quell, who asked if she could help pilot the U-wing, Kairos silently refused to allow her to do so, dispassionately disabling the copilot's station. Despite this, Kairos had occasional moments of emotion. When Quell attempted to disobey orders and escape the Buried Treasure to do her own investigation, Kairos at first did not hesitate to kill the apparent traitor, but let Quell live, giving her a chance to prove herself. During the squadron's mission to the Harkrova system, Kairos seemingly showed amusement to a comment made by squadron mate Nath Tensent. The notion of a trap made Kairos uncomfortable, having had a previous experience that she wished not to relive.[1]

Violent in her service to the New Republic, Kairos wished to have vengeance on the Galactic Empire for the many worlds they destroyed or devastated, including Alderaan, Nacronis, and Hetnagaro. She was aware of her murderous nature, knowing that a part of her craved death, and that she was impatient for the opportunity to kill those who served the Empire, but was able to keep herself under control, and recognized that the Emperor would have been pleased by her violence had she fought for the Empire. Nevertheless, Kairos followed orders while operating for Alphabet Squadron, partially because their plans aligned with her purpose, but also because she was pained by the thought of how Caern Adan had suffered when they met, and was aware she was indebted to him. Kairos wished she could become a better individual, and be freed of the atrocities of her life, but accepted herself for who she was.[1]

Skills and abilities[edit | edit source]

Possessing physical strength, Kairos could fight in combat, both with ranged weaponry, and when unarmed. Upon watching Kairos kill opponents with her bare hands, Chass na Chadic observed the savage, violent nature of her attacks, which left the bodies of her victims severely damaged. When unloading supplies during Alphabet Squadron's mission to the moon of Harkrova I, Kairos carried what Nath Tensent presumed was her own weight in gear. Kairos was able to move inhumanly fast, unaffected even in a cold, nearly airless environment.[1]

Kairos was skilled at piloting her U-wing without the need for a copilot. While training her newly formed squadron, Yrica Quell noted that Kairos flew without excess motion and did not waste any shots.[1]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Keeping her face hidden, Kairos wore a helmet made of riveted metal and complete with a glowing visor. She wrapped herself with strips of graying fabric, over which she wore a cloak. Kairos carried an ornate bowcaster that was slung around her torso, though she sometimes chose not to use it when fighting in hand-to-hand combat. While serving in Alphabet Squadron, Kairos utilized a UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft, which eventually had the squadron's crest painted onto it by the mechanic Ragnell.[1] She abandoned the helmet after her recovery following the Troithe operation.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

"Because Kairos tends to lurk quietly in the background, it means every time she steps into the spotlight it’s immediately clear that she’s up to something important. And, of course, unlike in a film, we can also dip into her head on occasion and get an entirely different perspective on the action."
―Alexander Freed[src]

Kairos first appeared in the 2019 novel Alphabet Squadron, written by Alexander Freed.[1] Prior to the novel's release, publisher Del Rey revealed the character of Kairos, along with the rest of the Alphabet Squadron, through a post on Twitter,[4] with art created by Jeff Langevin.[5]

Despite Kairos having no expressions and almost no voice, Freed stated in an interview on StarWars.com that it was not difficult to integrate her character into the story, as her tendency to lurk in the background meant that it was clear when she was involved in something important.[6]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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