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"Criminal syndicates."
Malik Carr and Nom Anor on Nal Hutta[1]

Kajidic was the name of the Hutt philosophy which guided most of Hutt daily life and politics. It was developed by the Hutt Budhila Hestilic Amura after the Hutts relocated to Nal Hutta, following the Hutt Cataclysms.[2] The Huttese word for kajidic is said to literally mean "Somebody's got to have it. Why not us?"[3]

The banner of the Besadii kajidic.

Kajidic was also a loose Hutt term for their clans, their "business enterprises" and criminal syndicates, and for the archetypal superclan they believed was destined to eventually rule the galaxy. Separate clans would usually run their own kajidic in competition with other clans'. The kajidics were governed by the Hutt Grand Council, which oversaw their operations, and each kajidic had an appointed leader, called a kajidii or lorda.

The Vodrans, as vassals of the Hutts, also organized themselves in kajidics, though these were wholly subservient to Hutt kajidics.

Hutt Kajidics[]

The Hutt Kajidics were criminal/business syndicates run as families by the Hutts and had their hands in all kinds of criminal ventures.[4] Unlike the usual crime syndicate that operated in secret, the Hutt clans operated out in the open, claiming leadership over dozens of worlds.[4] The Kajidics employed those of all species as vassals, such as the Nikto and Gamorreans.[4]

Though once being in constant conflict with each other—such as during the Hutt Cataclysms—the Hutt clans were kept in order by the Hutt Grand Council, the ruling body of the entire Hutt species, Hutt Space, and Hutt clans. However some rivalries could not be contained, as was the case with the prominent Besadiis and Desilijics, who were bitter enemies,[5] and the Nem'ro and Fa'athra clans, both of whom had members that were major rivals.[6]

There had been several Kajidics that produced some very successful Hutts, such as Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo,[5] Jiliac Desilijic Tiron, and Jabba Desilijic Tiure, all from clan Desilijic that proved to be very successful crime lords. Also, clan Besadii also produced some successful crime lords, such as Gardulla the Elder, Aruk Besadii Aora and Durga Besadii Tai. Clan Anjiliac produced some successful crime lords itself, such as Mika Anjiliac Chiera, a force-sensitive crime lord,[7] and Kajidii Vedo Anjiliac Atirue.[8] Also, the Illip clan produced the famous scientist, Dr. Juvard Illip Oggurobb.[9]

Hutt crime lords[]

"I am a kajidic lorda. I have a duty to my people to show that nobody gets away with an outrage like this. If we let such outrages go unpunished, what would happen to our civilization?"
―Jabba Desilijic Tiure[10]

The Hutts were famous for their ruthlessness, and success in the underworld. Many Hutts would ransack ships for their load. As masters of the criminal underworld, they would steal, cheat, and murder without regret. They often hired smugglers such as Han Solo to transport illegal spice. They would often have a fortress of some kind, often on remote planets, such as Jabba's Palace on Tatooine. Hutt fortresses would usually be guarded by selected mercenaries or bounty hunters. Gamorreans and Weequay were common species to fulfill this duty. Leading an organization of crooks and scum meant competition. The Hutts that got involved with criminal activity were often killed, or enslaved. Only the more cunning and clever Hutts, like Jabba, stayed at the top of the food chain. Some Hutts, like Jabba, had such an influence that they actually controlled entire planets. However, there were a few Hutts who didn't follow the lifestyle of a crime lord and stick to their Kajidics' criminal activities, such as Juvard of the Illip clan, who became a droid engineer.[9]

Hutt kingpins often had torture chambers to deal with failures and unwanted guests. Other Hutts had pets which they would watch in enjoyment as the victim was devoured. Gardulla the Hutt had a krayt dragon, which, in irony, opened its jaws to receive her after Jango Fett interrogated her about a mysterious cult. Jabba the Hutt had his own rancor, which would eat anyone who fell into the pit beneath his audience chamber.



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