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Kajin Savaros, nicknamed "Kaj", was a teenage male Human Force-sensitive living on Coruscant during the Great Jedi Purge.


A Force-sensitive Human born to parents on the planet M'haeli, Kajin Savaros was not detected by the Jedi Order and therefore never received formal training in the usage of the Force. When the Order was disbanded at the end of the Clone Wars by the Galactic Empire, the Empire's Inquisitorius began hunting untrained Forceful individuals for conversion or execution. When his parents were murdered by Imperial agents, Savaros escaped to Coruscant where he managed to outrun the Inquisitors in search of him. After some time of pursuit, Inquisitor Probus Tesla was able to run the boy to ground and engaged in an extremely fierce duel which drew the attention of Jedi fugitive Jax Pavan and Gray Paladin Laranth Tarak to the scene. Together the Jedi rescued the boy, whom Pavan began to train as a Padawan.[1]

Suffering from a severe lack of control over his abilities, Savaros' training was slow-going and his frustration often caused the lessons to end abruptly. To help cover-up his vibrant Force-presence, the group sought out a taozin amulet to mute his Force-aura. After walking out on a lesson, Savaros was ambushed by Inquisitors while in the streets of Coruscant with Pavan's companions and fellow Whiplash members Haninum Tyk Rhinann and Dejah Duare, and fought his would-be abductors. He might have been captured by the Inquisitors if not for the intervention of Pavan, Tarak and their droid I-5YQ. Savaros and Tarak were later betrayed by Duare and captured by the Empire. Darth Vader destroyed Savaros's memory and used him and Tarak as a lure for Jax Pavan. Pavan came to their rescue at the Imperial Security Bureau building, saving both Tarak and Savaros, but Savaros's broken mind and spirit would prove more difficult to save. After the confrontation, he was sent by the Whiplash to the Silent and the Togrutan healers on Shili, where Pavan hoped he might recover and relearn the use of the Force.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Torn from a loving family to face life alone on Coruscant, Savaros was understandably frightened of the denizens of the planet-city's underbelly, but more terrified of capture by the Empire. He shied away from notice, using his Force abilities to cloak himself and suggest to anyone who saw him that he was beneath their notice. He was gentle by nature, but filled with despair for his lost life and rage at the Empire for having destroyed it.[1]

Living on pilfered goods from Ploughtekal Market, he turned his natural curiosity and problem-solving abilities to survival. Savaros was highly intelligent and intuitive and used his untrained Force sense by instinct alone -- his wishful thinking could produce results, so could his anger or fear. On the streets of Coruscant, he lived in constant terror of being discovered, but soon found that attempting to muzzle his Force abilities caused them to surface in unpredictable and sometimes violent ways. A sort of self-loathing began to set in; Savaros wanted desperately to learn control of his powers -- and to strike back at the Empire. Under Jax Pavan's tutelage, he was a dedicated and apt student, doggedly working to learn control that his deep hurt and fury seemed to push just out of reach.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Though only a teenager, Savaros was extremely strong in the Force, and was able to do things that Jedi Knight Jax Pavan had thought impossible. This raw talent made the youth an object of intense interest to Darth Vader and the Emperor. Savaros had great difficulty in keeping his powers under control, however, and was subject to random, dangerous rages. He often displayed his greatest feats in times of desperation, such as when he bested Probus Tesla in combat, or when he later used the Force to reduce another Inquisitor to mere ash during the duel at Rainbow Parkway and Gallery Row.[1]



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