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Kal Brigger was a Human male freelance trader who, along with his sister, Dova Brigger, bought the YT-1300 light freighter Millennium Falcon, known at the time as YT 492727ZED, in 48 BBY. Using their newly bought ship, which they named Hardwired, the siblings illegally transported cargo between Corellia and other planets in the Core Worlds. Eventually, the Briggers became involved with the Smugglers' Confederation and its leader, Nirama, who put a price on the siblings' heads due to a broken deal in which Kal was supposed to stop his dealings with slavers. After a bounty hunter captured Dova, Kal took the Hardwired for himself and rechristened the ship as Wayward Son. Kal then went to work for the former smuggler Iaco Stark, who had gotten into an armed conflict with the Galactic Republic, during which Kal was eaten alive by carnivorous insects in an abandoned spice mine on Troiken.



Kal Brigger and his sister, Dova, a pair of freelance traders, worked in the enterprising business during their careers. In 48 BBY, the Briggers came across a YT-1300 light freighter, owned by Corell Industries, which had gone bankrupt due to the Trade Federation, who had been monopolizing various businesses. The siblings bought the ship and named it Hardwired, with the intent of making a profit by transporting cargo between Corellia and other worlds. Successful in his business, Kal used the money they made toward upgrading the ship's hyperdrive, hoping for easier travel in the Corellian system, and eventually used the hyperdrive to enable travel to other Core Worlds.[1]

However, the Briggers' business soon turned illegal, and they began to carry different cargo, including munitions, light arms, and slaves instead of consumer goods. This illegal business caught the attention of the Smugglers' Confederacy of the Cularin system and their leader, Nirama. An Oblee crime lord opposed to slavery, Nirama struck a deal with Kal hoping the Briggers would stop business with slavers. If they complied, Nirama would loan them credits to upgrade the Hardwired in return.[1]

After a standard year, though, Kal and Dova broke the deal, prompting Nirama to put a price on their heads. A famed bounty hunter succeeded in capturing Dova, who in turn was executed by Nirama, though Kal escaped. Alone, Kal rechristened the Hardwired as Wayward Son, and attempted to take a job with Iaco Stark's Commercial Combine. This involvement with Stark, a former smuggler who headed a group of pirates, bounty hunters, and assassins, backfired on Kal when Stark became involved in an armed conflict with the Galactic Republic because of stolen bacta. The Republic forces released carnivorous insects against the smuggler on Troiken, and Kal was eaten alive by them, trapped in an abandoned spice mine.[1]


Brigger's ship, the Wayward Son, would pass down through many owners, including Tobb Jadak, a member of the clandestine Republic Group; Bammy Decree, a mechanic, who, in dating the history of the ship, chronicled Brigger's ownership of it until he had been killed; and eventually Lando Calrissian and Han Solo, heroes of the Rebel Alliance, with whom the ship became famous under the name the Millennium Falcon.[1]

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Kal Brigger was a trader in the enterprising business, whose dealings soon turned illegal after he began to make a profit from his criminal activities. Brigger also broke a deal with Nirama, leading the crime lord to place a bounty on his head due to his dealings with slavers.[1]

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The character of Kal Brigger was first mentioned in Millennium Falcon, a 2008 novel that was written by James Luceno. He later received a further mention in the reference book Millennium Falcon Owner's Workshop Manual.



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