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Kala'uun was a large subterranean city on the planet Ryloth, within the Lonely Five mountain range, and one of the planet's two capitals. Like all cities on Ryloth, it was located along the twilight terminator separating day from night. It had a large spaceport that was the center of interplanetary commerce for the Twi'leks. To protect it from heat storms and the native lylek, a massive portcullis blocks the only accessible underground tunnel to the city.

Portcullis entrance to Kala'uun (including Kala'uun Starport)

The upper layers of the city hosted shops, tourist attractions, schools, and business opportunities that drew visitors from around the galaxy. Two large businesses centered in Kala'uun were Galactic Exotics and SchaumAssoc.

The lower levels were rarely seen by visitors. These levels mainly featured residential areas and shops catering to residents. The largest and most opulent houses were located closest to the surface, spanning for a little more than a kilometer. Below them were more modest housing and excellent restaurants serving authentic Twi'lek food.

At the very bottom and side caverns were where slums were located. Here the poorest Twi'leks tended to Rycrit cattle and raised algae for a living. Visitors were not allowed to enter the lower levels unless they had a special pass or were accompanied by a resident.

Kala'uun also contained ryll dens, where Alema Rar spent her youth dancing. The Star of Kala'unn, a valuable jewel that was important in Twi'lek culture, was named after the city.

One hundred thousand Twi'leks lived in Kala'unn during the rule of the Galactic Empire.

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Twi'lek guards prevent strangers from entering Kala'uun clan warrens.

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