Portcullis entrance

Kala'uun Starport was a Rylothian starport that was under the control of the Shak clan at the height of the New Order.


Kala'uun Starport 1

Kala'uun Starport map

Like all Twi'lek settlements, it was located on the terminator line between dark and light sides of the planet, gaining a measure of warmth from its position. However, due to the crosswinds created as the cold air of the dark side mixes with the hot air on the light side, approaches to the starport needed to be handled with care.

This danger was further compounded by the fact that Kala'uun was dug into the heights of a huge spire of rock, part of the mountain range formation known as the Lonely Five. A Watcher was in place at all times, to ensure that an oncoming heat storm was spotted before it could do any damage to the Starport. Deep in the bowels of the Starport was a huge cistern, that held all the water needed to maintain the facility.



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