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At some point between 7 ABY and 9 ABY,[1] New Republic General Airen Cracken mentioned the Kala sector in an update to the datafile Wanted by Cracken, which served as a compilation of reports on various threats to the New Republic. The Imperial Star Destroyer Crusader, stationed in the Kala sector, was noted in the update as the last location known to that government of the clone stormtrooper colonel TC-1289, whose body was believed by the New Republic to host the personality of the deceased Rebel Alliance undercover agent Zyix K'zzt.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Kala sector was mentioned in "Wanted by Cracken..Update," an article written by Timothy D. Jacques as a supplement for West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game and published in the magazine Inphobia 53 in 1995.[2]


Notes and references[]

  1. "Wanted by Cracken..Update"—Inphobia 53 is set between the publication of the datafile Wanted by Cracken and the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. In addition, Wanted by Cracken, which is presented as the in-universe datafile of the same name, is dated to three years after the Battle of Endor. Since The New Essential Chronology places that battle in 4 ABY and the death of Thrawn in 9 ABY, "Wanted by Cracken..Update" must therefore take place at some point between 7 ABY and 9 ABY.
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