Kalan were furry, quadrupedal, tusked herbivores of Mutanda that grew over three meters tall. They moved in large herds and were hunted for food by Horansi and tourists. Kalan were found in huge herds that roamed the grasslands of Mutanda. They had four limbs, with elongated bodies, short necks and broad heads. Unlike many species of herbivores, kalans would not abandon weak members to predators - instead, the herd acted as a unit in defending itself when attacked, making them very dangerous. They worked in a group, with two or three individuals which tried to lure a predator into the center of the rest of the herd, which then descended on the would-be stalker. As the predator closed in for the kill, the other kalans charged the creature with their tusks, hoping to stampede or gore the attacker. While they were no challenge for powerful ranged weapons, they were deadly in close combat.


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