"I won't pretend to know the deep-rooted sociological or psychological underpinnings of our success. Let's face it. People in our sector just feel lucky."
―Kalasaad Woztu, on the successes of the casinos[src]

Kalasaad Woztu was, in 22 BBY, the Prime Minister of the[1] Outer Rim[2] planet Vorzyd V, which was famous for its gambling. In the same year, the galactic tourism industry declined, decreasing the number of tourists visiting usually crowded vacation spots, including the amusement park Hologram Fun World and the beaches of the[1] Inner Rim[3] planet Amfar. Casinos, including the ones in the Vorzyd sector,[1][2] were not affected by the drop in business. Woztu believed that the beings in the Vorzyd sector felt propitious.[1]

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Woztu did not understand psychology or sociology and preferred not to discuss the reasons for the casinos' successes.[1]

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Kalasaad Woztu's only appearance is in the in-universe HoloNet News article Leisure Industry Suffers Record Losses. This article is part of Vol. 531 52, and was released on April 18, 2002.


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