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The Kaldana Syndicate was a criminal syndicate that operated in the Corellia system. They were composed solely of humans, believing that all aliens were a problem, especially Rodians, who they considered the scourge of the galaxy.[1]

At some point prior to the Clone Wars, the Kaldana had a gang set up on Sullust dealing in weapons. The former Jedi Count Dooku was sent by Darth Sidious to make contact with the group, under the guise of making business arrangements with the SoroSuub Corporation. At the same time, the Jedi Knight Jak'zin was sent by the Jedi Council to investigate the group's foothold in the planet.[2]

Around 13 BBY, an auction was set up by an Imperial defector who called herself The Engineer for a datacube containing the designs for a shield generator. They bid alongside the White Worms and the Droid Gotra, the latter of which won the bid with one billion credits, much to the dissatisfaction of the Kaldana. The representative they sent to retrieve the cube once the auction was complete became hostile when she learned they had lost, swarming the room with her own troops. There, they gunned down the Droid Gotra representative, TD-H4, though the droid managed to give it to White Worms member Han, who managed to escape with the cube.[1]

The Kaldana were later notified that the datacube had been returned to The Engineer, and that a second auction was to take place. This time, they outbid Gotra, winning the cube, though they had to sell their flagship in order to achieve it. The Engineer told them to come to her yacht, the Red Nimbus for the cube, and to bring Han and his fellow scrumrats, Qi'ra and Tsuulo (who, to their disgust, was Rodian) back to Corellia. Once the exchange was made, they turned on the kids, trying to tie up all loose ends, killing Tsuulo, though Han and Qi'ra managed to escape.[1]

They managed to catch up to the escape pod before it reached the planet, though before they could destroy Han and Qi'ra, their ship was blown away by the Red Nimbus, as it turned out The Engineer had been hired by the Droid Gotra to destroy the Kaldana once the exchange was made. Afterward, the droids hunted down the remaining members of the Kaldana Syndicate, wiping them off the face of the galaxy.[1]



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