"We make a good team, you and I. We complement one another. It's not often that I meet a woman who is so intelligent, so—well, let's leave it at 'intelligent.' The information you've provided will make my career!"
―Kale Roshuir, to Deena Shan[2]

Kale Roshuir was a Human male Imperial captain assigned to the garrison on the planet Kalist VI in 0 ABY. Following a Rebel attack on the Imperial tanker Nuna's Twins, Roshuir was charged with leading an assault on the Rebel Alliance's base on Thila. He fell in love with the tanker's science officer, Deena Shan, while the two worked together to pinpoint the base's location. Unbeknownst to Roshuir, however, Shan was a Rebel agent and was feeding him disinformation to lure his troops away from Kalist VI. The Imperials fell into the Rebel trap, and many of Roshuir's troops were killed when the deserted Rebel base exploded. Realizing that he had been set up, Roshuir returned to Kalist VI and confronted Shan, but was incapacitated by one of the Rebels who had infiltrated the base and was unable to prevent them from escaping the planet with a number of rescued prisoners.

Roshuir was later tasked with capturing Rebel officer Luke Skywalker by using Skywalker's old friend Janek Sunber—now an Imperial officer—as bait. Roshuir and his stormtroopers had Skywalker and Shan pinned down aboard a space station in an Imperial junkyard, but Sunber was injured in the crossfire as he prepared to attack Skywalker, and the Rebels escaped.


Kalist VI[]

"You must have felt very clever, warning me so openly—knowing that your warning would be ignored."
"No… I wanted to warn you! I had no choice… I had to follow orders. I never imagined I'd meet someone…"
"Shut up! You wiped out my men. You nearly killed me. Now I'm going to—"
―Kale Roshuir confronts Deena Shan after she led him into a trap[3]

The Human male Kale Roshuir became an officer in the Imperial Army during the Imperial era and, in the months following[1] the Rebel Alliance's shock victory over Imperial forces at the Battle of Yavin[4] of 0 ABY,[5] held the rank of captain and a posting at the Imperial prison colony on the planet Kalist VI[1] in the Deep Core.[6] Following the Empire's victory over insurrectionary forces on Jabiim approximately seven months after the Battle of Yavin, many Imperial survivors were transferred to Kalist VI[7] and placed under Roshuir's command. Soon after their arrival, Roshuir interrupted a fight between one of the new arrivals, Lieutenant Janek Sunber, and Lieutenant Clynn, an officer whose poor disciplinary record was well known to Roshuir. The captain gave both men a double shift supervising prisoners working in the Imperial labor colony as punishment.[1]

Kale Roshuir and Deena Shan

Later that day, Roshuir was summoned to the base's operations center by its commanding officer, General Noils.[1] The Imperial tanker Nuna's Twins had recently arrived at Kalist VI under attack from Rebel starfighters,[7] and Noils wanted Roshuir to plan a counterstrike. The tanker's commander, Captain Harran, briefed the group on the recent attack, informing them that the Nuna's Twins had first encountered their pursuers in the Thila system. Roshuir had heard rumors some time beforehand of a Rebel base in the system, and Noils instructed him to determine if it was to be used as a staging ground for a new offensive. Lieutenant Deena Shan, a science officer aboard the Nuna's Twins, informed Roshuir that she had been part of a geographic survey of the Thila system during her Imperial training and offered to assist him in pinpointing the Rebel base's location. Roshuir agreed, and the two began work in the base's cartography section.[1]

Roshuir and Shan soon located the likely location of the Rebel base on the planet Thila, and Roshuir was chosen to lead a significant portion of Kalist Base's stormtroopers in an attack on the facility the next day. The Imperial captain was impressed by Shan's intelligence and became attracted to her, and the two spent the night together in Roshuir's quarters. The next morning, as Roshuir prepared to leave for Thila, Shan voiced her misgivings that he might be walking into a Rebel trap, but the captain dismissed her concerns. As Roshuir's troops prepared to depart, Clynn informed him that Sunber had turned a blaster on him during a disagreement over disciplining a prisoner. Though Sunber tried to explain that he had prevented Clynn from raping the prisoner, Roshuir ordered him to remain on Kalist VI pending a tribunal upon his return.[2]

After arriving at Thila, Roshuir sent Clynn and the majority of his stormtroopers to investigate the subterranean caverns which were believed to house the Rebel base, while he remained on the surface with the Imperials' Sentinel-class landing craft. Clynn soon confirmed the presence of a Rebel base but reported that it appeared to be deserted. Roshuir instructed him to continue the search and retrieve anything of possible interest to Imperial Intelligence. Moments later, however, Clynn's search party triggered a concealed trap, resulting in an explosion that destroyed the Rebel stronghold and killed most of Roshuir's troops; Roshuir and the others on the surface survived with minor injuries. In the aftermath, Roshuir considered Shan's warning that he could be walking into a trap. Realizing that Shan had led him into the trap on purpose, the captain contacted Kalist VI to warn Noils that Shan and the crew of the Nuna's Twins were Rebel infiltrators.[8]

Roshuir confronts Shan after his mission to Thila.

Roshuir raced back to Kalist VI but arrived to find it under Rebel attack. Directing his pilot to land near the Nuna's Twins, Roshuir disembarked and confronted Shan as she prepared to board. Shan told Roshuir that she had tried to warn him not to go after developing feelings for him, but the furious captain pulled his blaster on her.[3] Before Roshuir could kill Shan,[9] however, he was surprised by a low-flying T-65 X-wing starfighter, allowing Harran to get the jump on him and knock him unconscious. The Rebels escaped Kalist VI, having rescued many prisoners from the Empire, including the Rebel mathematician Jorin Sol.[3]


"I'll have your head, Shan! I'll feed your battered, bleeding body to a malnourished Sarlacc!"
―Kale Roshuir, to Deena Shan, upon seeing her at the Imperial junkyard[10]

Roshuir was persuaded not to pursue charges against Sunber by Imperial Intelligence.[3] Two months after the events on Kalist VI, Sunber revealed to the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader that he was a childhood friend of the Rebel pilot Luke Skywalker.[11] Sunber agreed to act as bait to lure Skywalker into a trap; he sent a message to his friend announcing his intention to defect and instructing Skywalker to meet him at an Imperial junkyard—where Roshuir would be waiting with a squad of stormtroopers. Roshuir remained hidden until Skywalker's transport had docked, only to find Shan waiting in a corridor outside the Rebel ship while Skywalker searched for Sunber.[12] The pair's reunion was cut short when Skywalker returned with Sunber, and a firefight broke out in the corridor between the two Rebels and Roshuir's squad. While Roshuir kept the Rebels occupied, Sunber attempted to seize Skywalker, but a stray shot hit him in the hand and prevented him from capturing the Rebel. Moments later, Skywalker shot the controls to a blast door, causing it to slam shut and split Roshuir's squad in two. Trapped out of the fight on the far side of the blast door, Roshuir ordered his troops to get the door open. By the time they did, however, the Rebels had boarded their ship and fled, leaving the corridor exposed to vacuum. As his men were blown out into space, Roshuir braced himself and ordered the blast door sealed again.[10]

Personality and traits[]

"Captain Roshuir, where do you want me?"
"Right here—where company command can keep an eye on you. Lieutenant Clynn just told me about your actions. Interfering with the lawful discipline of a prisoner is one thing, but drawing a weapon on a fellow officer—"
"Sir, let me explain—you don't have all the facts!"
"You're lucky this mission came up, Sunber. Otherwise you'd be facing a hearing right now!"
"Sir! Sir—I can explain—"
"Save your explanations for the tribunal. It will arrive soon enough."
―Janek Sunber and Kale Roshuir[2]

Kale Roshuir was an ambitious officer and believed that victory over the Rebels at Thila would ensure his promotion to commander.[2] Roshuir demanded discipline from those who served under him and was quick to punish Clynn and Janek Sunber when he found the two fighting.[1] When Clynn later reported Sunber for pulling a weapon on him, Roshuir suspended Sunber from combat duties pending a tribunal. Roshuir was confident in the abilities of the troops under his command and dismissed Deena Shan's warning that Thila might be a trap.[2] When most of his soldiers were killed on Thila, he was devastated and initially blamed himself for not heeding Shan's warning and anticipating a setup.[8]

Roshuir was attracted to Shan upon first meeting her and was eager to work with the woman to locate the Rebel base.[1] Impressed by Shan's intelligence and believing them to work well together,[2] Roshuir quickly fell in love with her.[9] However, after realizing that Shan had led him into a trap, Roshuir was furious and, unwilling to listen to her explanation,[3] attempted to kill her upon his return to Kalist VI.[9] He was still angry with Shan when he encountered her at the Imperial junkyard two months later and once more threatened to kill her.[10] Roshuir had brown hair, green eyes, and fair skin.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Kale Roshuir was created by author Welles Hartley and illustrator Davidé Fabbri for Star Wars: Empire: The Wrong Side of the War, the final story arc of the Dark Horse Comics series Star Wars: Empire, and first appeared in Empire 37,[1] published on November 9, 2005.[13] Roshuir later returned in Star Wars: Rebellion: My Brother, My Enemy (2006), the first story arc of Empire's successor, Star Wars: Rebellion, by Rob Williams[11] and in a flashback in Rebellion 11 (2008) by Jeremy Barlow[14] The character was given a brief biography in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia (2008).[9]


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