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"The Kaleesh are not known for their mercy."

The Kaleesh were a species of red-skinned[1] humanoid[3] reptilians[2] from the planet Kalee,[5] in Wild Space.[6] They had two yellow eyes with slit pupils.[1] Although all of their facial features were reminiscent of bats, such as their elongated ears and flat noses, the Kaleesh usually wore masks.[3] They were digitigrades, walking on their toes rather than their entire feet,[4][7] and they possessed a brain,[8] a heart and lungs.[9] Their internal organs were extremely flammable.[1][10] They were known for their lack of mercy.[11]

At one point before the Clone Wars the Kaleesh fought a war against the insectoid Yam'rii from the planet Huk.[12]

One of the species' most notable members was General Grievous, though his mostly cybernetic body eliminated almost any resemblance to other Kaleesh.[13] The Delphidian pirate Sidon Ithano wore a Kaleesh mask.[14]

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