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"Sadly, Deputy Minister Jerec perished this morning in a Death Watch bombing on Kalevala."
Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine[src]

Kalevala was a planet located in the Mandalore system,[2] which was positioned in the Mandalore sector of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories.[1]


Kalevala was the homeworld of Duchess Satine Kryze, leader of the New Mandalorians, and Senator Tal Merrik,[5] who represented Kalevala[2] in the Senate of the Galactic Republic[7] by the year 21 BBY,[8] up until his death that same year.[7] Shortly afterwards, while Duchess Satine was on the Republic capital of Coruscant arguing against a proposed Republic intervention on Mandalore, the Mandalorian homeworld, to fight the Death Watch, a Mandalorian splinter group that opposed her pacifistic faction, New Mandalorian Deputy Minister Jerec was killed in a Death Watch bombing on Kalevala.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Obi-Wan Kenobi was reunited with an old friend: the Duchess Satine of Kalevala."
―News reel narrator[src]

Kalevala was first mentioned in the opening news reel of "Voyage of Temptation," the thirteenth episode of the canon animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars' second season,[7] which originally aired on February 5, 2010.[9] The planet was originally introduced in the Star Wars Legends continuity in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, a three-volume 2008 reference book edited by Bob Vitas.[10]

There are two known pronunciations of Kalevala. In "Voyage of Temptation," the world's name was pronounced "Kale-vah-lah,"[7] while in the subsequent episode, "Duchess of Mandalore," it was instead pronounced "Kah-lay-vah-lah."[6]



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