This article is about a Twi'lek settlement on Tython. You may be looking for the Kalikori, a Twi'lek family heirloom.

Kalikori village was a Twi'lek settlement located on the Deep Core world Tython during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. An illegal settlement, the village was established by a group of Pilgrims in defiance of the Senate's refusal to allow them to settle on the planet.

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Named after the Twi'leki word for "beginning", the settlement of Kalikori village was established around 3651 BBY, not long after the Jedi Order arrived on their ancestral homeworld of Tython. A group of Twi'lek Pilgrims, their homeworlds devastated in the Great Galactic War, petitioned the Galactic Senate to allow them to establish a colony on the recently rediscovered world. However, the Senate refused their petition, as the planet was largely unexplored and still potentially dangerous. But in defiance of the decree, the Twi'leks established their colony anyway. The colonists landed in a valley in the Tythos Ridge, a mountain range just to the east of the still-under construction Jedi Temple. There, they established a small camp, which over the next decade developed into a large village.

Located on the edge of the native Flesh Raiders' territory, the Twi'leks begrudged the Jedi Order who refused to protect them due to the illegality of their settlement. Despite the Jedi High Council's denouncement on their presence, many Padawan apprentices would visit the camp to meet with the Twi'lek matriarch.

During the Eternal Empire conquest of the galaxy, Jedi Master Gnost-Dural set up a Jedi colony on Ossus to preserve the Jedi order, many Kalikori Twi'Leks joined the Jedi colony.

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