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Kalist Base was an Imperial military base and prison facility located on the planet Kalist VI in the Deep Core. The prison itself consisted of a massive transparisteel dome, with a landing platform and several power fences surrounding the perimeter.


Since the early days of the New Order, the Kalist VI labor colony was used to hold, among others, political dissidents and prisoners of war. Two such political prisoners were the parents of Dak Ralter, children of the Old Republic. Ralter himself was born into captivity inside the complex.

Born inside the prison, Ralter only knew the galaxy as a place of fear, oppression, and the Empire. What little knowledge he had of the outside world came from stories his parents told him, and what little information he could cobble together from the newly imprisoned. He longed for a life of freedom. His opportunity to escape came when he met a new prisoner named Breg, whom Ralter learned was a starfighter pilot of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, downed during a reconnaissance mission. The two managed to escape the prison by first vaulting the inner and outer power fences and stealing two guard uniforms. They then triggered a false reactor alarm, staged a prearranged power outage, and boarded an Imperial prison barge, which they used to blast away from the planet. During the escape, Breg was mortally wounded by an Imperial stormtrooper, but Ralter managed to survive and start a new life with the Rebellion.

Approximately eight months after the Battle of Yavin, the Empire took Jabiimi prisoners, as well as Jorin Sol, to this base where the Jabiimi were used for slave labor and Sol was tortured for information regarding the location of the Alliance Fleet. A Rebel team, including Luke Skywalker, successfully infiltrated the base, posing as the crew of the Imperial tanker Nuna's Twins, with the intention of retrieving Sol. Luring most of the base's troops off-planet and into a trap, the Rebels rescued Sol and the prisoners, causing heavy damage to the base. After the attack, the base was repaired and reinforced quickly.



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