"I avoid Imperial space. I wanna die in a cantina fight, not ticking off some Imperial bureaucrat."
―Kaliyo Djannis[src]

Kaliyo Djannis was a female Rattataki anarchist and revolutionary active in the years from the Cold War to the war against Zakuul. She was a member in the Revolutionary Edge Brigade on Brentaal IV, and associated with underworld individuals of every sort, including pirates, gamblers, arms dealers, bounty hunters and grave robbers. Kaliyo Djannis was a sociopathic hedonist, with no qualms about making people feel special about her, then abandoning or even backstabbing them as soon as she got bored. For a time she settled on Hutta working as an enforcer for Suudaa Nem'ro, until leaving him for Cipher Nine, who recruited her to work for the Imperial Intelligence. Kaliyo accompanied the agent throughout many missions, taking down the Eagle's network, infiltrating the Republic Strategic Information Service and uncovering an ancient conspiracy of the Star Cabal. In retaliation, Star Cabal used its influence to dissolve the Imperial Intelligence, with Kaliyo being arrested for her past crimes. She was sprung from prison by the Minister of the dissolved Intelligence and his few remaining loyalists, running jobs for them in hopes to gain revenge on the Cabal, eventually rejoining Cipher Nine's team. Kaliyo stayed with the agent for years until Cipher went missing early on in the Eternal Empire conquest. Looking for payback for ruining her good life, Kaliyo traveled to Zakuul, the capital of the Eternal Empire, where she resumed her anarchist activities under the moniker Firebrand. Kaliyo waged her personal war against Zakuulan government for two years, before throwing her forces with the Alliance that opposed the tyranny of Zakuul. Personally recruited by the Alliance Commander, Kaliyo led the assault on the Overwatch that left Zakuul's capital city of the Spire in disarray and later participated in the raid on the Hyperwave relay station located ten kilometers beneath it. Even though the mission's primary objective failed, Kaliyo managed to retrieve a datacore with information on the GEMINI droids that determined the Alliance's next course of action and indirectly led to the deposition of the Eternal Emperor Arcann. Kaliyo continued to work with the Alliance on a mission to reclaim the Gravestone, exploration of the forgotten world of Iokath and the defense of the Alliance base during the Assault on Odessen.


Early life[]

"We blew holorelays, robbed banks, kidnapped poilticos and corporate honchos... did a lot of damage."
―Kaliyo Djannis[src]

Kaliyo was born on Rattatak but grew disenchanted with the "backward ways" of her people and escaped her homeworld at a young age. She proceeded to find employment as a freelance enforcer and assassin for major criminal syndicates and individual underworld figures, though she maintained minimal activity within Imperial borders.[2] On Brentaal IV she joined the anarchist group Revolutionary Edge Brigade under a man named The Wheezer, engaging in kidnapping, sabotage and armed robbery, among other activities.[1] Under the alias "Lisha Tetch", she was responsible for the Curovao Bombing in the Brentaal city of Curovao.[3] One of Kaliyo's acquaintances went grave robbing on the Sith homeworld of Korriban and was lucky to only lose his tongue to the Sith.[1]

Kaliyo working for Suudaa Nem'ro on Hutta

A cynical sociopath, Kaliyo had no qualms about getting people to trust her, then turning on them, taking everything they had. Among Kaliyo's long list of associates was Rholl, a Wookiee pirate with a bad temper who hijacked Galactic Republic supply ships. Kaliyo and Rholl were close and the Wookiee considered her somewhat like a daughter but they had a falling out when Kaliyo wanted a bigger cut and tried to steal from him. Kaliyo turned on Rholl and tried to kill him, but only managed to break the Wookiee's arm. Another was Yjal, a Rattataki arms dealer who and hired Kaliyo to provide him with more weapons to sell. Her side deals got Yjal in trouble, leading to him to lose a considerable fortune and almost going to prison. Ta Tigal, a Zabrak gambler fell in love with Kaliyo and remained with her until she deemed him boring and left him, while also swindling him for credits. On Coruscant, she seduced Ona Querit, daughter of a rich Senator Querit to run away with her, letting her father believe she was kidnapped. Kaliyo showed her how to to live a life of adventure among the galaxy's criminal elements, but eventually left her on Ylesia. She had an affair with a man named Jono,[1] and also was once in a relationship with Doctor Archiban Kimble, nicknamed "Doc".[6]

Kaliyo teamed up with Anspi'shel, a Twi'lek with gang connections, who used them to raid ships. Kaliyo operated with Anspi'shel along with Lunya and Marto, at one point raiding an Exchange ship without realizing it. Kaliyo managed to frame the raid on an innocent dock worker and claimed they were there to stop the raid, which improved their relations with the Exchange. Eventually Anspi'shel saved Kaliyo's life on Ord Mantell by getting her to Nal Hutta, but she did so in a way that humiliated the Rattataki. When Kaliyo first arrived on Hutta, Nohn Veyaiko tried to hire her to take Voontara Fa'athra's side in the Hutt rivalry against Suudaa Nem'ro, however his offer was overbid and Kaliyo went to work for Nem'ro as one of his chief enforcers. Kaliyo remained under the employ of Suudaa Nem'ro for over two years by 3643 BBY when the Sith Empire dispatched an undercover operative, under the alias of a known pirate called the Red Blade to secure an alliance with Nem'ro. Kaliyo took interest in the newcomer and after the mysterious murder of Nem'ro's lieutenant Karrels Javis, Kaliyo confronted the "Blade", certain that he was behind the murder and willing to join in on whatever was going in. The agent introduced Kaliyo to the Keeper of Imperial Intelligence, who offered to hire her services.[1]

With the Imperial Intelligence[]

Kaliyo first meets the agent in Nem'ro's palace

"I'm disappointed with you, Kaliyo. You were never a believer, but siding with the Empire?"
"I didn't want to pick a side."
―Kaliyo Djannis and the Wheezer, before Kaliyo kills him[src]

Though Kaliyo refused to be called a "servant" of the Empire, she accepted and escorted the agent to the Fa'athra's Palace in order to frame Fa'athra's and the Galactic Republic for the murder. The pair fought their way through the palace's guards and reached Fa'athra's archives, where they were confronted by Neimoidian Nohn Veyaiko and two of Fa'athra's elite guards confronted them. After dealing with them, the agent planted fake evidence including Republic technology and footage showing Republic agents killing Javis, to which Kaliyo noted that the genuine holodisc would also implicate half of Jiguuna in working with Fa'athra leading to a bloodbath. She suggested to scratch the holodisc, leaving only the data implicating the Republic. The agent agreed and they presented the fake evidence to Nem'ro's other lieutenant Toth'lazhen, which was enough for the furioys Hutt to throw his support behind the Empire. The agent was ordered to return to Dromund Kaas, and Kaliyo choose to go along, disappearing from Nem'ro's service.[1]

On Dromund Kaas, Kaliyo was debriefed by a Minder in the Imperial Citadel, while the agent was assigned to pursue leads on the local terrorists planning an attack against the Empire. Kaliyo accompanied agent through the search of a slave leader at the Unfinished colossus, recovery of data from Theovor Mindak who was working for a rogue Sith Lord Grathan and a mission to the stop the saboteurs from blowing the power conduits inside the Dark Temple. However, the terrorists struck at the Dominator, killing Dark Council member Darth Jadus and leading the agent to go on the Hunt for the Eagle, the terrorist responsible for the attack. The agent was given the codename Cipher Nine and provided with a X-70B Phantom-class prototype, in which Cipher and Kaliyo set to pursue the terrorists throughout the galaxy.[1]

Kaliyo during the travels with the agent

Together, they traveled to Balmorra where the agent infiltrated the Balmorran resistance to take out its leader Gray Star, to Nar Shaddaa where the two infiltrated VerveGen Corporation and took out its leadership, to Tatooine where Cipher located and eradicated the Ghost cell and finally to Alderaan where the agent's team was joined by a Killik Joiner Vector Hyllus. Along the way, Cipher Nine aided Kaliyo in rescuing her old partner Anspi'shel from the Exchange, though Kaliyo still held a grudge for her humiliation and intended to sell the Twi'lek out to a local bounty hunter on Nar Shaddaa, until the agent warned her of Kaliyo's plans and told her to run. Kaliyo also convinced Cipher Nine to aid her in dealing with some of her ex-partners who were seeking her out, such as include Rholl, Yjal, Ta Tigal, and a bounty hunter called "The Menace", who turned out to be none other than Ona Querit, who wanted to show Kaliyo what she had become.[1]

Later on, when Nem'ro became ill, Kaliyo was sent to collect a cure for the Hutt cooked up by her ex-boyfriend Doc, on a Defender-class light corvette he was traveling on. Onboard, she met the Hero of Tython, a Jedi Knight and Doc's partner. While waiting for Doc to return, Kaliyo told the Jedi that she thought of Doc as a "worm" and that she was usually worshiped by men beneath her. After the Hutt was cured and Doc returned, Kaliyo stepped off the ship to take it to Nem'ro, leaving Doc without someone to celebrate with.[6]

As the new Galactic War raged on, Kaliyo continued to travel with Cipher Nine, who went on to infiltrate the Republic Strategic Information Service and later hunt down the ancient conspiracy known as the Star Cabal. Unfortunately, the conspiracy became aware of Cipher Nine's attempts to expose them and used their influence to dissolve the Imperial Intelligence. Cipher Nine's team was drafted into Lord Razer's unit, while Kaliyo was arrested because of her criminal record and despite Cipher Nine's pleads on her behalf. During the Battle of Corellia, the Minister of Intelligence secretly sprung Kaliyo from custody as he gathered the remnants of Intelligence to take down the Star Cabal. Kaliyo performed jobs for the Minister and the new Keeper, formerly Watcher Two. Though she received meager pay, Kaliyo stayed for the purpose of revenge against the conspiracy. She later reunited with Cipher Nine before the agent's final mission to take down the Star Cabal.[1]

Kaliyo Djannis

Kaliyo stayed with Ciper Nine's team, which included Ensign Raina Temple, SCORPIO and Doctor Eckard Lokin for about five years after the Star Cabal conspiracy was exposed. During that time, Lokin discovered that Kaliyo had been in contact with the Revolutionary Edge Brigade in violation of a number of Imperial regulations. Kaliyo claimed that The Wheezer needed her help and that her discretion was only meant to keep Cipher Nine out of trouble. To assuage Cipher Nine's concerns, Kaliyo invited Cipher Nine to come with her to a scheduled meeting with the Revolutionary Edge Brigade on Hutta, where the Wheezer revealed that Kaliyo had been selling the Revolutionary Edge Brigade Imperial secrets ever since she was recruited by the Intelligence, though she claimed to never have revealed anything about Cipher Nine's missions. When the Wheezer revealed his intention to harvest Cipher Nine's organs in order to bypass Imperial security, Kaliyo was forced to pick a side and helped Cipher Nine to fight the Revolutionary Edge Brigade, killing every one of them. After Kaliyo finished off the Wheezer, Cipher Nine agreed to keep Kaliyo as an asset but warned her that her selling Imperial secrets could not continue.[1]

After Zakuul conquest[]

"I pay my debts. Long time ago, I had an anarchist cell on Brentaal. I came to Zakuul to start the work again."
―Kaliyo Djannis[src]

Kaliyo Djannis, the Firebrand

In 3636 BBY the galaxy was invaded by the Eternal Empire of Zakuul and early on in the Eternal Empire conquest Cipher Nine went missing, with the crew going their separate ways. Despite never being able to admit it, Kaliyo was affected by Nine's apparent death, and hungered for vengeance against the assailants. She bounced from place to place, worked odd jobs, owned a club and fell into a relationship with Seb Lorod, whom she eventually duped like she did many times in the past. Eventually Kaliyo became determined to strike against Zakuul for ruining the good thing she had going with the agent and, remembering her anarchist days on Brentaal, she arrived on Zakuul in 3632 BBY and began bombing civilian and military targets. Kaliyo sought to ruin Zakuulan's "perfect society" in an act of vengeance, but for many Zakuulans, sheltered from dangers their entire life, those acts of destruction were less of a terrorism and more a source of thrills, which led to Kaliyo attracting a significant following among the locals. Calling themselves Flamechasers, Kaliyo's idolizing fans called her "Firebrand" and kept up with her exploits, creating elements of art in her honor and trading gray-market holos taken at the bombing sites.[7]

No matter how much damage she caused, the droids that serviced the Spire always repaired the damage and Kaliyo over time eventually became lazy. Eventually Overwatch administrator Tayvor Slen was able to convince Kaliyo to sell out by convincing her to bomb only unmanned targets in exchange for providing her lodgings and protection from skytroopers. Kaliyo, depressed by her inability to truly shock Zakuulans, agreed and even shared a passionate affair with Tayvor, before waking up from her daydream to resume her terrorist activities. After the Commander was released from carbonite in 3631 BBY and caused a mass blackout during the escape, Kaliyo began planting bombs throughout the city, while also obtaining the Overwatch access data though Tayvor's daughter Alianna Slen. She also placed an order for high-yield explosives from the Lady of Sorrows, arranging to pick them up at an abandoned tram station in Zakuul's Old World. However, at the meeting spot Kaliyo was attacked by Skytroopers led by Security Commander Towen Sor and was only rescued by the arrival of the Outlander, accompanied by Theron Shan, who dispatched the attackers and approached Kaliyo with an offer to join the Alliance against the Eternal Empire.[7]

Kaliyo prepares to enact her revenge on Tayvor

Kaliyo agreed to consider the offer if the Outlander would aid her in sabotaging the droids running the Spire. Together, they rigged ion grenades into Power Junctions 353, 754 and K-H82. Along the way, Kaliyo claimed that her only goal was to hit the Overwatch, from which the Outlander could obtain the complete schematics of the Spire. Afterwards, the two went to wait in Kaliyo's apartment, detonating all three junctions at once during the power grid cycle, which knocked down thw Overwatch security. They traveled to Overwatch in Kaliyo's speeder and stormed the facility, eventually reaching the control room where Kaliyo planted her explosives at the droid controls while the Outlander downloaded the Spire's schematics. Tayvor arrived with the skytroopers and attempted to stop them, but was defeated and mortally wounded during the fight. Before he passed away, Kaliyo mocked Tayvor's attempts to manipulate her and revealed that she used his daughter to plant explosives around the city, tormenting him as he expired. Kaliyo then revealed to the Outlander that she intended to not only shut down the droids, but also set off dozens of explosives around the Spire that would cause a mass panic and throw the Spire into chaos. The Outlander convined Kaliyo not to hurt the innocents and destroy only the droid controls, after which the two escaped the Spire and the Knights of Zakuul that arrived to stop them.[7]

Joining the Alliance[]

"You're trusting the fate of the galaxy to a gang of grenade-happy bucketheads? We're only getting one shot at this. Lucky for you, one shot is all I need."
―Kaliyo Djannis[src]

Kaliyo traveled with the Outlander to the Alliance base on the planet Odessen, where she learned that the Lady of Sorrows, the information broker from Zakuul was in fact SCORPIO, her old acquaintance from Cipher Nine's crew. Kaliyo briefly left Odessen to check on her underworld contacts, but promised to participate in any significant missions in the future.[7] When the Alliance and Republic Special Forces Division Havoc Squad made a plan to wiretap a Zakuulan Knight outpost in the Endless Swamp, Kaliyo was summoned, fighting in a diversionary attack alongside Theron Shan, Lana Beniko, and Senya Tirall. The mission was a success, and despite the Alliance taking some casualties, Kaliyo survived unscathed. Combining the information from the wiretap with the Spire' schematics allowed SCORPIO to reveal the existence of the GEMINI frequency, by the means of which Eternal Emperor Arcann controlled the Eternal Fleet.[8]

Kaliyo argues with Aric Jorgan in the aftermath of the mission

The Alliance planned an attack on the Hyperwave relay station hidden ten kilometers beneath the Spire and connecting the Eternal Throne to the Eternal Fleet, sending Kaliyo and the Havoc Squad under Major Aric Jorgan on the mission, one of them providing a diversion for the other's main objective. At the briefing, Kaliyo urged the Alliance Commander to help her take control of the Eternal Fleet by slicing the frequency transmitter, while Jorgan strongly insisted to destroy the relay station and simply sever Arcann's control over the Eternal Fleet. Unfortunately, the Commander went missing and was unable to assist them, so the Alliance had no choice but to proceed with the mission regardless. In the process the contact with the infiltration team was lost, prompting the diversion team to attempt a rescue. At that point, the Spire went into full lockdown with no transmissions coming in or out, making any rescue attempt all but impossible.[4] Kaliyo and Aric Jorgan managed to get out and return to Odessen, but four of Havoc Squad's six members were lost in the process. Kaliyo revealed that she managed to grab a data archive on the GEMINI droids from the relay station, making the mission not a total loss. Hoping to salvage the fiasco, Beniko ordered SCORPIO to analyze the data archive.[9] This led SCORPIO to formulate a plan to rewrite the GEMINI protocols by plugging a GEMINI Prime into a captain's chair on one of the Eternal Fleet warships. She then betrayed the Alliance and claimed the Eternal Throne for herself,[10] informing Arcann about the Alliance's location. During the resulting Battle of Odessen Kaliyo elected to stay behind on the ground and watch over Major Jorgan, though she later lamented having missed the fun after learning that Emperor Arcann had been dethroned and his throne was claimed by his sister Vaylin, who allied with SCORPIO.[11]

Kaliyo later joined a team assembled by Theron Shan to assist Lana Beniko and the Alliance Commander in retaking the Gravestone from Empress Vaylin and her forces. Theron's shuttle with Kaliyo, Torian Cadera, Vette, and Aric Jorgan aboard landed inside the hangar of Gravestone just moments before SCORPIO took control of the vessel and launched it into hyperspace on a locked course. The ship emerged from hyperspace in Iokath system, surrounded by the entirety of the Eternal Fleet. Vaylin attacked the vessel's bridge and overpowered both Kaliyo and Aric Jorgan, but was unable to hurt anyone before a blinding white light engulfed the ship. Alliance members found themselves on the surface of the strange world called Iokath, separated from each other and placed in scenarios that resembled combat simulations. Theron Shan managed to get his cybernetic implant working, contacting everyone and directing them to a structure called the Tributary, as they became aware that not only Vaylin, but every Zakuulan and GEMINI droid from the Eternal Fleet found themselves in a similar situation as well. Kaliyo managed to kill twenty-six Zakuulans on her way, and later noted that she was clearly enjoying the experience. When every Alliance member from onboard the Gravestone got back together, their position in the Tributary came under attack from local hostile droids, forcing them to find another way out of it.[12] Theron realized that even though he was unable to locate the Gravestone, he could still use his implant to remotely pilot the Alliance shuttle that was left in its hangar. With everyone safely onboard, the shuttle that Theron landed on the Tributary roof took off. However, before they could leave, SCORPIO contacted the group and revealed that ARIES, the droid that controlled Iokath, raised an energy shield that would destroy any vessel attempting to escape. With ARIES re-charging the weapon that incapacitated them to begin with and promising to use it again on a lethal setting, the only way out was to stop ARIES. SCORPIO revealed the location of ARIES base and Theron dropped off the Commander and Vette there to deal with ARIES, while the rest went to reclaim the Gravestone. SCORPIO herself arrived to help the Commander defeat ARIES, however the capacitors on ARIES' weapon overloaded, threatening the cover the entire world with a pulse of deadly radiation, which the Gravestone just barely managed to escape to hyperspace to avoid.[13]

Vaylin later launched an assault on Odessen, during which Kaliyo fought Zakuulan forces on the ground. The Commander was able to land a killing blow on Vaylin, though with the Eternal Throne empty the GEMINI captains went rogue, bombarding the capital worlds of Coruscant, Dromund Kaas and Zakuul into rubble.[14] To claim the Eternal Throne and stop the carnage, the Alliance forces departed for Zakuul, Kaliyo among them. There, the Commander claimed the Eternal Throne and proclaimed the age of the Eternal Alliance, which Kaliyo continued to be a part of.[15]

Personality and traits[]

Kaliyo Djannis

Cipher Nine: "Allow me to present Kaliyo Djannis, my loyal and trusted associate."
Peyar Cortess: "Such an exotic young woman…how is it you come to be here?"
Kaliyo: "I slid out of mama's womb and picked up a blaster. Now I'm your new friend's bodyguard. Course, you and me could be friends, too. You've got a nice place here—I could stick around a while."
―Kaliyo displays some of her wit and charm. — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Kaliyo Djannis was playful, but also highly intelligent and extremely manipulative. Watcher X and Anspi'shel claimed that almost everything she said about herself was a lie. Kaliyo herself admitted to telling false stories about her past to Cipher Nine just to keep the agent under her string. Kaliyo was a clear sociopath, having absolutely no regard for her comrades or "friends" whatsoever. She tracked her old partner Anspi'shel just to later sell her to the bounty hunters. Over her life she made multiple men such as Tayvor Slen feel special, before robbing them of everything they had.[1]

Kaliyo learned how to speak in Kaleesh, particularly in profanities, which Eckard Lokin described as a rare and admirable skill. Despite being highly amoral, even Kaliyo was disgusted by cruelty of the Sith such as Darth Jadus. As much as she wanted to see Jadus dead, she preferred watching him being humiliated.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Kaliyo Djannis appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic as a companion character for the Imperial Agent class, voiced by Tasia Valenza. As a male Imperial Agents, player can romance and eventually marry her. Following the completion of Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradise in the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, Kaliyo becomes available as a companion for all character classes.[1]

Gameplay alternatives[]

  • During the original class storyline, player can resolve the confrontations with most of Kaliyo's ex-partners peacefully (except for Rholl) or violently, killing them. A male Imperial Agent can initiate romance with both Kaliyo and Raina Temple, but will eventually be forced to pick between the two.[1]
  • In Fallen Empire Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradise, Kaliyo gives player the option of detonating the bombs in the Spire or letting Kaliyo use the detonator herself for dark side points. These options can have far-reaching consequences, potentially causing Koth Vortena and his crew to abandon the Alliance and later to steal the Gravestone. A significant amount of dialogue in the Chapter plays differently for the Imperial Agents, with Kaliyo referencing their past history and giving male Imperial Agents an opportunity to resume their relationship.[7]
  • In Fallen Empire Chapter XII: Visions in the Dark, the player must choose between sending either Kaliyo or Aric Jorgan to target the GEMINI frequency while the other performs a diversion. Later, when the main infiltration team is discovered, the player can either encourage or forbid the diversion team to assist them, through they do it anyway.[4]
  • In Fallen Empire Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder, if the player had previously sent Jorgan to destroy the GEMINI frequency and forbade Kaliyo from reinforcing him, they have an option to either forgive her and letting her stay as a companion or permanently exile or kill Kaliyo as a punishment for disobeying a direct order. In the two latter cases, Kaliyo will be absent from any subsequent cutscenes during Fallen Empire and Eternal Throne.[9]
  • In Fallen Empire Chapter XIV, Mandalore's Revenge, if the player had killed or exiled Kaliyo in the previous chapter, her punishment will be briefly referenced.[16]
  • In Fallen Empire Chapter XVI: The Battle of Odessen, if Kaliyo remains alive and part of the Alliance, the Imperial Agents who romanced her will share a brief scene with Kaliyo before leaving on the Gravestone.[10]
  • In Eternal Throne Chapter IX: The Eternal Throne, if Kaliyo remains alive and part of the Alliance, the Imperial Agents who romanced her will share a brief scene with her before before descending down to Zakuul's surface.[15]



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