"Not long ago, I was hired as an instructor at an Authority university on Kalla. It is a place for higher education, mostly for Authority scions, a school rooted in technical education, commerce, and administration, with minimal stress on the humanities."

Kalla VII, also simply known as Kalla, was a planet in the Corporate Sector. It was the location of the University of Kalla, an Imperial base, and the headquarters of Unlimited Horizons Inc.


During Operation Skyhook, while the Rebel Alliance was looking for the location of the first Death Star, Alliance Intelligence discovered that Imperial ships were using the base for supplies and repairs on their way to the Death Star. General Jan Dodonna proposed that if the base was destroyed, any passing ships heading for the Death Star would be stranded there, leaving them open to capture.

According to this, Keyan Farlander led three X-wings from Red Squadron to destroy the base. The mission was successful as the Rebels destroyed all supply containers, the defensive minefield and two BFF-1 bulk freighters from Diputs group, though Breth Gart was killed during a freak collision with the Imperial frigate Priam as it emerged from hyperspace. The Rebels later returned to capture the now stranded Priam.

Natives of Kalla included Evir Derricote.[3]



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