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"Our family was torn from greatness, crushed by the treachery of another—a man named Tulak Hord. […] In restoring our bloodline to glory, you must not make the same mistake. Treachery is the Sith's endless game—you must win it."
―Aloysius Kallig, to his descendant[src]

The Kallig family was a line of Force-sensitives that originated with Aloysius Kallig, a powerful Sith Lord who served as the right hand of Tulak Hord before Hord turned on him and killed him. The Kallig line fell into disgrace for centuries until one descendant, a former slave and the Sith apprentice of Darth Zash, encountered the Force ghost of Aloysius Kallig in the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas. With Aloysius's aid, the young Kallig eventually rose to become Darth Nox, a member of the Dark Council.

Their family heirlooms were Kallig's Countenance and Kallig's lightsaber.

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