Kallin Bremen was a Human male who was the father of Colonel Jak Bremen, New Republic Director of Security for the New Republic Council.


Though his early life was unknown, by at least the time of his son's birth, Bremen was living in a small, somewhat primitive village on the world of Shiffrin. He served as the village's chief constable, something young Jak would come to admire, learning much about law and justice. When his son was a teenager, a local farmer discovered a deposit of hfredium on his land, which was an ore used in the production of weapons. Not long after the farmer reported his findings did the Galactic Empire establish a garrison in the village, confiscating the land in the process.

Before long, Imperial authorities discovered that what had once been thought to be a minor deposit was actually much larger, and so, little by little, more and more land was taken from the farmers. Angry about the unjust seizures, Bremen protested, arguing with the local authorities that the ways by which the land was being taken was in opposition to Imperial doctrine—he was ignored. Determined to seek justice, Bremen organized a group of disgruntled landowners and began a peaceful protest in order to make the sector's Moff more aware of their concerns. The garrison commander, possibly wanting to cover his own illegal actions, immediately arrested the group, accusing them of being "Rebel agitators". Without a trial or hearing, the Moff ordered the execution of the entire group, bringing an end to Kallin Bremen's life.


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