Kallon was a male Twi'lek from the planet Ryloth who was a member of the Free Ryloth movement. He helped in the attack on the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Perilous which carried Darth Vader and the Emperor and when they crashed in Ryloth's equatorial forest, he assisted Cham Syndulla, Isval, Goll and his squad when they tracked the two Sith Lords. They discovered the body of Nordon who had failed to kill the duo and was killed in the process. Kallon and the others found Nordon's crew being feasted on by Gutkurrs and had to retreat back to their ship which was piloted by Faylin. They escaped and continued their hunt and soon found their targets in a village in a canyon. They attacked the duo but when V-wings came to help Vader and the Emperor, they were doomed and only Cham and Faylin escaped.[1]

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