"Sulman. Kalo Sulman. But what you mean is not the point. We need nothing from the Republic. This is an independent colony."
―Kalo Sulman[src]

Kalo Sulman[1] was a male[2] Artiodac who lived on the planet Sedri Minor, in a small agricultural colony that grew Vratixia renanicus.[1] As the Speaker of the colony,[2] Sulman met the Jedi Ceret and Sskeer when they arrived on the planet conducting an investigation, informing them that they were not welcome because the Sedri Minor colony was independent of the Galactic Republic.[1]

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Kalo Sulman first appeared in the second issue of the 2021 comic book series Star Wars: The High Republic. Although he introduces himself as "Kalo" in that issue,[1] the third issue has him introduced as "Kal" by Reeta.[2]

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