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Lusankya prepares to carry out a kamikaze attack against the Domain Hul worldship during the Battle of Borleias.

Kamikaze, sometimes known by Imperial TIE Pilots as WBD (short for We Both Die), was a tactic in which one starfighter, capital ship, or other vehicle, often loaded with explosives, would deliberately ram a target, often causing massive damage. Craft outfitted for kamikaze attacks were often, but not always, unmanned or run by a droid crew.

It was a last-ditch course of action that was utilized by the starfighter pilots of the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. If a TIE pilot found themselves unable to destroy an opposing ship while in combat or escape, they would attempt to destroy both vessels at once. There were a number of options for this situation, which included ramming the enemy craft at full speed.


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