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The Kamino system was a star system located above the galactic plane, within a loose unnamed grouping sector of stars at the lower end of the satellite galaxy known as the Rishi Maze. Its aging primary sun was orbited by thirteen planets, out of which the fourth, Faa and the fifth, Kamino were terrestrial.

Kamino had once been a world largely covered with land, but an an abrupt climate change around 19,000 BBY melted its glaciers, submerging the landmasses beneath hundreds of meters of seawater in two centuries. The sentient inhabitants of the planet, the Kaminoans lost their dryland cities and architectural treasures, such as the capital Derem City and the Clock Spires of Harai Nova. However, their technology permitted them to move into stilted cities rising above the global ocean, and their genetic knowledge made the preservation of many drowned species possible through cloning. Such engineering also shaped the Kaminoans themselves into a nearly uniform race.

In 4500 BBY, Galactic Republic scouts made contact with Kamino, whose superiority in the field of cloning brought a number of breeding requests from various locations. More than four millennia later, Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas placed an order for a clone army. The Sith Lord Darth Sidious oversaw the project's completion, ensuring its secrecy by having Kamino deleted from stellar databases. The army eventually participated in the Clone Wars of 2219 BBY on the side of the Republic, fighting against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Three battles took place in the system—one in 21 BBY, another in 21.83 BBY and a third in 19.42 BBY, which devastated the cloning facilities.

After the end of the war, Kamino became a fortress world of the Galactic Empire, dedicated to expand the Stormtrooper Corps, and the clone uprising of 12 BBY—orchestrated by rebellious cloners—was rapidly quelled. In 1 BBY, Starkiller—a renegade clone of the Sith Lord Darth Vader secret apprentice, Galen Marek—and the Alliance to Restore the Republic also assaulted the planet to free Starkiller's lover, Juno Eclipse.

The shattering of the Empire in 4 ABY brought about an economic collapse on Kamino, which was forced to survive on smaller contracts, often with warlords or gangsters—a practice the world was still holding in 43 ABY.


The Kamino system was located outside of the galaxy, above the galactic plane in a loose cluster of stars at the lower end of the satellite galaxy known as the Rishi Maze. Its primary sun, Kamino[3] was an aging star,[5] orbited by thirteen planets—the molten world Kas, the searing rocks Yuka Major and Jomon, terrestrial Faa, oceanic Kamino, barren Mira, Miyuu and Donoa, the gas giants Casna Aure and Casna Besh, the frozen rocks Imoco and Talita and the ice ball Yuka.[3]



The Kaminoan species, long-necked humanoids, evolved on Kamino, the fifth planet in the system. They soon developed the coasts of their largely landlocked world, building cities like Derem City. However, a climate change in 19,000 BBY melted Kamino's glaciers, and two centuries later, all landmasses were submerged beneath several hundred meters of seawater. The Kaminoans moved into stilted cities rising above the ocean, and their knowledge of genetics allowed the preservation of several drowned species through controlled cloning. Genetics also shaped the Kaminoans: their attempts at reaching perfection resulted in a near uniformity of thought, appearance and mannerism.[3]

Contact with the galaxy[]

In 4500 BBY, contact was made with Galactic Republic scouts. Since Kaminoan cloning was superior to contemporary methods, a number of orders were made by both nearby and farther contractors, which resulted in breeds like the shovel-handed miners of Subterrel and the Leech Legion of the Unknown Regions. The Kaminoans also modified[3] the flight-capable cetacean aiwhas of the planet Naboo[6] for themselves.[3]

Clone Wars[]

In 32 BBY, Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas commissioned the Kaminoans to breed an army of clone troopers for the Galactic Republic.[3] The Kaminoans ewith the inhabitants of the nearby Rothana system to build advanced combat machinery so that the army could be supplied with weapons and transportation.[7] The Sith Lord Darth Sidious ensured the project's secrecy by erasing the world from stellar databases.[3] His Sith apprentice, Dooku, also removed the mentions of the planet from the Jedi Archives.[8]

Ten years later,[9] Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi visited the planet while investigating the origins of a Kamino saberdart that was used to kill the assassin Zam Wesell. In a meeting with Lama Su, the incumbent Prime Minister of Kamino, Kenobi learned of the clone army, of which 200,000 units had been completed.[10]



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