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The Kaminoan resistance was a rebellion movement on the planet Kamino in 12 BBY.

History[edit | edit source]

A number of Kaminoans, known only as the Clone Masters, resisted the growing rule of the Galactic Empire and seceded from the Empire, forming an armed rebellion.

The Kaminoans still had vials of Jango Fett's DNA used to grow the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic from the Clone Wars, and grew a new army of clones, which would be known as Anti-troopers. Donning Phase I clone trooper armor, the anti-army comprised Clone jet troopers (who wore green) and Rail-class ARC commandos.

The Battle of Kamino[edit | edit source]

The resistance made an attempt at attacking the Empire. In response, a special detachment of the Imperial 501st Legion stormtroopers were deployed into Tipoca City on Kamino. Darth Vader hired Boba Fett to lead the invasion. Tipoca City was his home city, and he knew the complex very well.

In the ensuing conflict, the cloning program was shut down, and the Clone Masters were shot out of the sky while fleeing in LAAT transports.

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