"These assault shuttles are merely a fraction of our forces, but they are sufficient to cause significant damage to your fortress. The rest of our fleet waits in orbit. Look over these items and decide whether to join us as part of a reunited Imperial force—or whether to be considered renegades like your former master. You have one hour to deliberate. If we don't hear from you, we will come back and destroy you as accomplices."
―Natasi Daala, to Ivan Cronus and his forces[3]

Kampe was a Deep Core planet with a Type II atmosphere and an arid climate. By 12 ABY, Superior General Sander Delvardus, a warlord of the Galactic Empire, maintained a fortress in one of Kampe's labyrinthine canyons. Armed presence was light on the Deep Core world, however, due to nearly all of the warlord's money being funneled into the construction of the Super Star Destroyer Night Hammer elsewhere in the system.

After Admiral Natasi Daala had killed Delvardus in order to unify the Imperial remnant forces, she traveled with her fleet to Kampe to discover what the former warlord had channeled his resources into. At the fortress, the admiral persuaded Delvardus's second-in-command, Ivan Cronus, to join her faction, and he subsequently revealed the Night Hammer's existence to her.


Kampe[4] was a small planet located within[3] the Kampe system[2] of the Deep Core.[1] Orbiting its star at the outer edge of its habitable zone, the planet had lower-than-standard gravity.[3]

Kampe's Type II atmosphere[5] was pale green in color. Although the planet's air was thin enough to render breathing without a breath mask uncomfortable for members of the Human species, cold and dry gusts of wind could still be experienced on the Deep Core world.[3]

In the distant past, floods had washed through Kampe's surface, but by[3] 12 ABY[7] those had dried up, with only labyrinthine canyons left as a result. By that time, Kampe was an arid world of barren rocks and rusty sands, and blistered cracks and fissures on its surface resembled a network of veins.[3]


"I have a message and a gift for Colonel Cronus. Your Superior General has acted in a heinous and traitorous manner, putting his own wishes ahead of the future of the Empire. Delvardus did not act alone, but continued a war of attrition, fighting other warlords to the detriment of us all. I present here a recording of our entire detente council, so that you may see your general's actions, as well as those of the other warlords. Then you will understand why it was necessary to take such a drastic step."
―Natasi Daala, to Ivan Cronus and his forces[3]

Superior General Sander Delvardus maintained a fortress on Kampe.

In 5 ABY,[8] when the self-styled Superior General Sander Delvardus lost the Eriadu Authorityhis splinter faction that had broken away from the Galactic Empire[1]—to a series of attacks by the New Republic military,[8] he relocated his remaining forces to the Deep Core. Delvardus established his capital on Kampe,[1] where he maintained a fortress in one of the planet's canyons,[3] engaging in a war of attrition with other Imperial warlords of the Deep Core.[1]

Seven years later,[7] Admiral Natasi Daala[1] executed Delvardus and twelve other warlords at the Tsoss Beacon planetoid after a failed conference with the goal of unifying the remnants of the Empire. Having learned the secret location of Delvardus's fortress from the files of one of his rivals and curious about the former Superior General's proclamations of large military expenditures, Daala led her newly formed fleet of Star Destroyers to Kampe.[3]

Once there, the admiral and her second-in-command, Vice Admiral[3] Gilad Pellaeon,[1][3] accompanied by a squadron of Gamma assault shuttles and a contingent of stormtroopers, traveled across the planet's surface to Delvardus's fortress. Standing in front of the structure's doors, Daala offered Colonel[3] Ivan Cronus,[1][3] the officer in charge of the former warlord's fortress, to join her forces, giving him a recording of the Tsoss Beacon conference as well as Delvardus's body, preserved in a force field. After an hour of deliberation, Cronus agreed to join Daala's faction and then took her and Pellaeon to the edge of the Kampe system in order to show the admiral[3] the project on which Delvardus had spent all his credits[1]—the Super Star Destroyer Night Hammer.[3]


"We've researched the amount of funding Delvardus funneled into his operations, and I am not impressed with what I saw at his fortress."
―Natasi Daala[3]

By the time Admiral Natasi Daala visited Kampe, there was virtually no armed presence to be seen around the entire planet, with nearly all of Superior General Delvardus's monetary resources having been spent on the construction of the warship Night Hammer, which was being kept at the edge of the Kampe system. However, Delvardus's fortress housed a contingent of armed soldiers under the command of Colonel Ivan Cronus.[3]


Sander Delvardus maintained a fortress in a secret location within one of Kampe's canyons. The structure had an imposing facade and stone doors five times the height of an adult Human. The fortress had hangars on its premises, with at least one armored fast transport being kept there. Nevertheless, Admiral Daala was not impressed by Delvardus's fortress, given his proclaimed extensive military spending.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The planet used as headquarters by Superior General Delvardus went unnamed in its first appearance in Darksaber, a 1995 novel written by Kevin J. Anderson.[3] The 2012 reference book The Essential Reader's Companion was the first to identify Kampe and placed it in grid square L-11.[4]



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