"I never saw a man who could shoot as well as he could. It was uncanny."
―Jaim Helaw[src]

Kan Pojo was a lieutenant in the Republic Navy before the Battle of Naboo. Pojo was an expert marksman, recognized as the fleet shooting champion with several weapons. He was also the arms instructor aboard the training ship Overt. Between 40 and 35 BBY, Pojo was sent to the Vergesso Asteroids on the Overt to take back a moon controlled by pirates. The Republic soldiers landed on the moon in its only city, and Pojo and his troops quickly scattered the pirates throughout. Pojo chased and cornered two unarmed pirates into an alley and, confident in his abilities, offered them a chance to attack him before he could fire on them. Though Pojo shot the first pirate when they charged at him, his blaster malfunctioned, and the other pirate fatally stabbed him.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"Thirty-five, forty years back, Kan Pojo was the range officer and small-arms instructor on the training ship Overt."
―Jaim Helaw[src]

Kan Pojo entered the Republic Navy before 40 BBY, and became a lieutenant. A master rifleman, Pojo was the fleet champion with a variety of weapons, from blaster carbines to sniper rifles, and served as the small-arms teacher aboard the Galactic Republic training vessel Overt. At some point between 40 and 35 BBY, Pojo and the Overt were sent to the Vergesso Asteroids to deal with a pirate gang that had taken control of a moon in the system.[1]

A group of about 120 pirates were stationed in the moon's domed city. Because of the risk of destroying the dome and exposing the moon to vacuum, only small weapons the size of a blaster could be used. Pojo, alongside naval adjunct Jaim Helaw, encountered a group of about two dozens pirates, and began shooting them down with his blaster. Half of the pirates were killed in seconds, and the pirate group broke and ran.[1]

Pojo and Helaw followed a group of four, and after the pirates split up, the two split up also. Helaw killed the two he was chasing, and Pojo had the other two cornered. Their blasters' power packs were drained, leaving the pirates helpless. However, Pojo holstered his blaster and offered the pirates a deal. He would allow them to charge him, knowing full well that if he missed, they would kill him. The pirates attacked Pojo, but he shot one dead almost instantly.[1]

However, when he fired at the second, his blaster shorted out. Pojo immediately reached for his second gun, but the pirate was on him before he could draw it. The pirate stabbed Pojo with a knife, killing him. Helaw shot the pirate, but Pojo was already dead. Decades later, Helaw would tell this story to Admiral Conan Antonio Motti as a way to illustrate the possible flaws in machinery, and that the more complex a machine was, the more likely its failure.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"Kan Pojo was the best pistoleer I ever saw…"
―Jaim Helaw[src]

Jaim Helaw considered Kan Pojo the best shooter he had ever seen, and Pojo was said to have been able to pick flies off a wall from ten meters. Pojo's shooting skill was recognized by the fact that he was the Republic fleet champion with a wide variety of weapons. However, Pojo's shooting ability was rendered moot when his blaster malfunctioned, and he was killed. His arrogance in thinking that he was invincible led to this fate, as Pojo was so confident in his ability that he allowed the pirates a chance to kill him.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Kan Pojo was created for the 2007 novel Death Star. Pojo is only mentioned within the story, serving to illustrate a point: that the more complex technology is, the more possible flaws it possesses.

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