Kanan 10 is the tenth issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars: Kanan. The issue was written by Greg Weisman, illustrated by Pepe Larraz, and published on January 27, 2016 by Marvel Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

Caleb Dume's first days in The Clone Wars continue…Master Billaba brings her Padawan and their clones to the Battle of Mygeeto. Separatist Generals Sear and Grievous lay in wait…

Plot summary[]

Part IV
It is a period of discontent. Fifteen years after the
defeat of the Jedi Order, Emperor Palpatine now
rules the galaxy with an iron fist. Rebels have
banded together to fight back.

Among them is former Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume,
who now goes by Kanan Jarrus. While searching
for his ex-partner, Kanan is wounded and falls
unconscious, recalling his first missions as
Padawan under Jedi Master Depa Billaba.

The Jedi joined a group of clone troopers to
search for a Separatist presence on the planet
Kaller when the command finds themselves under
attack from a Separatist army. Caleb is eager to
join the fray; however, he falls when struck by
enemy blasts, and a brave clone called Stance
stands guard. After defeating the Separatists,
the group moves to Mygeeto for their next
mission. Little do they know that General
Grievous is waiting for them....

The Present[]

At the Plateau City medcenter on the planet Kaller, the Spectres are attacked and cornered by stormtroopers, who descend through the roof and windows. Garazeb Orrelios fights stormtroopers with his bo-rifle, while muttering that his grandmother was a better fighter. Despite their efforts, Hera Syndulla realizes they are outnumbered and have little room to move. Kanan Jarrus is still unconscious in the bacta tank, experiencing flashbacks of his life as the Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume.

Kanan's flashbacks[]

During the Clone Wars, Caleb Dume is awoken by Stance, who remarks that Clone Captain Styles says that he has been "lazing 'round in their long enough." Later, Caleb chats with Stance who tell tells him that he is responsible for looking after the Jedi Padawan. Caleb is grateful but tells Stance not to call him a "kid" because he is older than the clone.

Caleb describes his first mission on Kardoa as a qualified success. Despite getting shot, he managed to bond with the Clone troopers under Master Depa Billaba's command. Caleb accompanies his Master and her battalion to wartorn Mygeeto. They land in LAAT/i gunships to clear the Southern Mesas of Separatist battle droids.

Clone Commander Grey informs General Billaba that he is deploying most of the squad and has assigned Remo, Soot, Big-Mouth, Mixx, and Kaylon to lead the squads. Commander Grey says that he will take the rest of the men with him while Clone Captain Styles accompanies Master Billaba and the "kids." Caleb and Stance take offense but Styles jokingly tells them not to get mad because bacta is expensive.

Caleb, Master Billaba, and the Clones take part in the Third Battle of Mygeeto, battling Separatist B1-series battle droids and tank droids. The fighting proves to be a steep learning curve for Caleb who also learns to duck when necessary. Caleb uses his lightsaber to slice through battle droids. Following the skirmish, Caleb is surprised that his Master has "sacrificed" her Jedi robes. Master Billaba tells him that they will experience painful loss but that it should not prevent them from taking risks or surrendering themselves to a higher purpose.

Caleb encounters a brief Force vision of Master Billaba being killed by Clone troopers. Caleb is shocked but his Master tells him that he will one day understand. While walking along a stony bridge, explosives blow much of the bridge away, leaving them, Styles, and Stance stranded on top of a pillar. As battle droids climb up the pillar, Master Billaba calls Commander Grey for an evacuation while the Clones fight off the advancing droids. Master Billaba uses the Force to throw the droids down but they are outnumbered.

Fortunately for Caleb, the Jedi and clones are aided by the Mandalorian Protector Fenn Rau and his Skull Squadron, who strafe the battle droids. Master Billaba thanks Fenn Rau for his support. The warrior responds that he is happy to demonstrate that not all Mandalorians have forgotten their honor and obligations. Fenn Rau's aid allows Commander Grey to evacuate the four in his LAAT gunship. Caleb is grateful to Fenn Rau and can't believe that they survived.

Aboard the gunship, Commander Grey and Master Billaba think that the Separatists had launched an elaborate attack. They return to the Republic base camp only to be attacked by Separatist forces, who blow up their gunship. As Separatist battle droids advance, Stance tells Caleb to take cover and shields him. However, the Clone trooper is shot dead and dies in Caleb's arms.

A Kage Warrior looms over Caleb and tells the Jedi that he is next. Master Billaba tells the Kage Warrior to leave her Padawan alone but General Grievous responds that she has problems of her own.



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