Kanan 5 is the fifth issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars: Kanan. The issue was written by Greg Weisman, illustrated by Pepe Larraz, and published on August 19, 2015 by Marvel Comics.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

Caleb has been captured by Clone Troopers Grey & Styles! Can he turn his back on his Jedi training completely? The final chapter of the secret origin of Star Wars Rebels' Kanan Jarrus!

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

Book I, Part V
It is a period of betrayal. The evil Emperor
Palpatine has taken control of the galaxy
and commanded Imperial clone troopers
to purge the peacekeeping JEDI ORDER
throughout the new Galactic Empire.

After losing his Master, former Jedi
Padawan CALEB DUME teamed up with a
Kalleran smuggler named Janus Kasmir,
and exchanged his braid for a ponytail
and his lightsaber for a blaster in order to
hide from the Imperials.

Now, Caleb once again finds himself
hunted and captured by his former allies-
turned-Imperials Commander Grey and
Captain Styles, with no available means
of escape....

Facing his pursuers[edit | edit source]

On Lahn, Captain Styles informs Commander Grey that he has captured Caleb Dume. The stormtroopers release Janus Kasmir and Kleeve before heading back to the freighter. When Kasmir asks Commander Grey if he is satisfied now he has murdered the "kid", Grey replies that it is not about satisfaction but rather executing a traitor to the Galactic Republic, before correcting as Galactic Empire. Kasmir responds that the stormtrooper does not know what he is fighting for anymore but Grey says that he does not have to know because he is just following orders.

Grey and Styles depart for Kaller with the captive Caleb aboard a Gozanti-class cruiser. Captain Styles reveals that he did not kill Caleb but brought him back alive. As the ship departs into space, Grey reminds Styles that their orders were to kill the Jedi and to take no prisoners. Styles responds that he wanted to give Grey the honor of finishing Caleb off after what he put them through. Grey says he does not enjoy killing but regards it as a matter of duty.

Styles says that he will take pleasure in executing the traitor. Caleb disputes that he is a traitor and counters that the Clones betrayed his master Depa Billaba by killing her. Styles claims the Jedi are traitors but Dume reminds him that they fought side by side. Dume opines that the Jedi died with the Republic and tells the Clones that they were all betrayed by Palpatine. Dume argues that Palpatine used the Clones to destroy the Jedi so that he could have his Empire.

Kasmir and Kleeve to the rescue[edit | edit source]

Just then, they receive word from the bridge that the cruiser has entered Kalleran space. Before Styles can kill Dume, he uses the Force to hurl the stormtroopers away. Just then, the Gozanti cruiser is pursued by two ships: Kasmir's Kasmiri and Kleeve in the Escape. Taking advantage of the distraction, Caleb uses the Force to open the chamber, exposing them to zero gravity space. Dume is swept out into space but the Clone troopers managed to cling on and restore the gravity field.

Dume is rescued by Kasmir, who is amazed that his friend is still alive despite the ordeal. While the Clone officers think that Dume is dead, they decide not to take chances and to attack the enemy ships. Kleeve warns Kasmir that the Imperial freighter has raised its deflector shields and is powering its weapons. He offers to jam their communications and ponders why adults like them are wanting to risk their lives for a child. Kasmir responds that he doesn't pretend to understand while Kleeve adds that as long as it is not him. The two attack the freighter, blasting its hull.

Styles is determined to hunt down and destroy the freighters. However, Grey is starting to bout the Empire and tells Styles that Caleb was right that Billaba was their hero. Grey recalls following Order 66 as if he was under a spell that robbed him of his will. Styles dismisses Grey's concerns, claiming that when soldiers question orders, people die. Grey retorts that people died anyway and expresses guilt at his role in killing Master Billaba.

Styles warns Grey that he is talking like a Jedi "traitor" and reiterates that they had to do what they had to do. Styles demands to know why the enemy ships are still flying. Kleeve's ship hyperdrive takes a hit with its aft deflector shields down to eight percent. Meanwhile, the Kasmiri's shields are down to ten percent. Dume convinces Kasmir and Kleeve to do a coordinated strike in order to create breathing room for them to escape.

As the Kasmiri and Escape charge at the Gozanti freighter, Grey opens fire on the bridge crew in an effort to atone for his betrayal of Billaba and Dume. His actions deactivate the freighter's shields, allowing Kasmir and Kleeve's ships to destroy the freighter with one swoop. Kleeve and Kasmir are amazed at their victory with Kasmir thinking their shields must have been more damaged that they thought. Meanwhile, Dume struggles with the realization that his former friends Grey and Styles are dead.

Separate paths[edit | edit source]

Returning to the planet Kaller, Kasmir proposed making a few repairs and then returning to work. Dume then tells Kasmir that he is planning to leave their partnership, adding that he has learned everything he could from Kasmir. Kasmir thinks that Dume is protecting himself from another loss. Dume responds that they are better off on their own but Kasmir disagrees, calling him "kid."

An incensed Dume tells Kasmir to stop calling him "kid" and tackles him to the ground. He tells Kasmir that he is taking the second ship Escape. He suggests that Kasmir partner up with Kleeve or pay him from Dume's share. Dume reiterates that the two of them are done. Kasmire acquiesces to Dume's demand and allows him to retrieve his master's holocron and lightsaber.

As Caleb departs on the Escape, Kasmir wishes Caleb good luck. However, Dume responds that Caleb died with Depa Billaba before flying away. Adopting the name Kanan Jarrus, he travels to the planet Moraga where he meets Morfizo.

Return to Kaller[edit | edit source]

Returning to the present in the Imperial Era, Hera Syndulla asks Kanan if he is there and asks what she was saying. Hera reminds him that they are about to land on Kaller to pick up supplies. The other Spectres including Ezra Bridger, Garazeb Orrelios, Chopper, and Sabine Wren are also present in the cockpit. When Hera asks Kanan if he has ever been to Kaller, Kanan lies and claims that he has never been to the planet before.

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