Kanan 6 is the sixth issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars: Kanan. The issue was written by Greg Weisman, illustrated by Jacopo Camagni, and published on September 23, 2015 by Marvel Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

A tale from the time of Rebels! No longer a Padawan, the adult Kanan finds himself back on the planet Kaller… Will his past as Caleb Dume return to haunt him?

Plot summary[]

Book I, Epilogue
It is a period of unrest. It's been years
since the fall of the Republic, when
Chancellor Palpatine gave ORDER 66,
wiping out the peacekeeping JEDI ORDER,
and rose to the position of Emperor.

Since then, the Emperor has ruled the
galaxy with an iron fist and small clusters
of rebels have begun fighting for freedom.
One such rebel group is home to KANAN
JARRUS, the mysterious former Jedi
named Caleb Dume who lost his Master on
the planet KALLER.

Now, back on Kaller with his rebel
companions, the ghosts from Kanan's past
are beginning to catch up with his

Lost cargo[]

Haunted by his memories of the events on Kaller, a reluctant Kanan Jarrus accompanies the other Spectres to Kaller for a milk run to pick up supplies to feed the Tarkintown refugees on Lothal. They land the Ghost at the coordinates where Fulcrum had said that the crates would be; the site of Jedi Master Depa Billaba's last stand during Order 66. However, the rebels find that somebody has already helped themselves to the crate's contents.

Shortly later, they are confronted by an armed party led by the Kalleran Governor Gamut Key, the provincial governor of the planet who serves the Galactic Empire. He and his guards have received a tip that smugglers have been using the location as a drop point. Hera Syndulla denies that they are smugglers and claim that they found the empty crates when they arrived.

Key asks them to consent to their ship being searched for the contents. Syndulla obliges. While the search takes place, Kanan bids his luck that the Governor does not recognize him as the Padawan Caleb Dume. Following the search, Governor Key is satisfied that the Spectres are not smugglers and departs with his men. Kanan is relieved that the Governor did not recognize him since it has been 14 years since they last met.

Hera decides that they will track down the shipment themselves. Kanan is taken by surprise while Garazeb Orrelios asks if it is a good idea since none of them knows the planet. Kanan opines that Zeb has a point but Sabine Wren points out that Tarkintown is counting on them. Kanan says they will find another away but Chopper supports Hera and Sabine. When Kanan says that they don't know where to start, Ezra Bridger responds that thieves like to get lost in a crow and asks where is the nearest biggest city.

Return to Plateau City[]

The Spectres travel on the Ghost to Plateau City. Hera asks Kanan if he is alright, noticing his jumpiness. Kanan reassures himself that nobody will recognize him after all these years. Kanan convinces the Spectres to split up in order to cover more ground but does not allow Hera to accompany him. He tells Hera to accompany Ezra since he was a thief. Ezra quips that a loth-rat like himself will be able to "see which way the wind blows." Kanan sends Zeb to accompany Sabine but allows Chopper to accompany him.

Kanan visits his old haunts where he hid during the Great Jedi Purge. He meets an Aqualish who tells him that his old partner Janus Kasmir is the best smuggler operating for years. Since Kasmir's ship Kasmiri is not at the Plateau City spaceport, Kanan visits his old friend's secret den. However, he instead encounters Tápusk in the office typing on several holoscreens.

After Tápusk does not recognize him, Kanan pretends that they haven't met and claims that Kasmir mentioned him, describing Tápusk as a "tuft sucker." Tápusk's henchmen, which include two humans, a Rodian, and an Ithorian surround Kanan and Chopper. Seeing the missing crates in a warehouse, he tells Tápusk and his henchmen that the supplies they took belonged to his operation. Taking them was bad enough but tipping Gamut Key to cover their tracks was worse. Tápusk responds that tipping off Key keeps him on the good side and claims the supplies as his own.

Kanan disagrees and headbutts the Kalleran. Kanan then fights Tápusk's henchmen, knocking a Rodian and a bald human's heads together. Using his Force powers and reflexes, Kanan then takes down the Rodian, second human, and Ithorian, knocking out Tápusk and his men. Kanan tells Hera that he has recovered the stolen supplies. Just then, Chopper waves his appendages frantically.

Reunion with Gamut Key[]

Despite Chopper's warnings, Kanan is stabbed in the back by Tápusk. However, Kanan hurls Tápusk aside. As Kanan attends to his bleeding shoulder, Governor Key arrives and greets Kanan, treating him as someone he can do "business" with. Key explains that Tápusk has been using him to further his ends for the past fourteen years.

When Kanan asks why Key is alone, Key replies that certain members of his "constabulary" have grown to fond of bowing to the Empire. Key tells Kanan that he is weary of bowing to many masters including the Galactic Republic, Separatists, and the Empire. Realizing that Kanan's crew are not ordinary smugglers, Key offers his help. He thanks Kanan for finding those smuggled supplies before leaving.

Having found a potential ally, Kanan contacts Hera, who is on her way. As he is chatting with Hera, Chopper starts to wave his appendages frantically. As the wound on his shoulder bleeds, Kanan collapses to the floor. A hologram of his younger self, Master Billaba, Janus Kasmir, Captain Styles, and Commander Grey loom over him and Chopper.



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