Kanan 7 is the seventh issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars: Kanan. The issue was written by Greg Weisman, illustrated by Pepe Larraz, and published on October 28, 2015 by Marvel Comics. Kanan 7 began the story arc First Blood, which is set before the previous arc and shows Caleb Dume's earliest adventure during the Clone Wars.

Publisher's summary[]

We've seen Kanan's LAST adventure as a Padawan…now we go back to his FIRST adventure! See Caleb Dume's first steps in the Clone Wars!

Plot summary[]

Part I
It is an era of betrayal. The Republic has fallen
after the elimination of the JEDI KNIGHTS by
Chancellor Palpatine's ORDER 66. Now, as
Emperor, Palpatine firmly commands the
galaxy by his own rules.

Rebels have banded together to fight back.
Among them is former Jedi Padawan Caleb
Dume, who now calls himself KANAN JARRUS.
He and his rebel companions are back on
planet KALLER, where Kanan lost his Master
years ago.

Kanan's past haunts him as he searches for
his ex-partner Janus Kasmir, who he suspects
smuggled supplies the rebels need. In his
search, he is wounded by Tapusk [sic] before
falling unconscious while the ghosts of his
Padawan past zero in on him....

The present[]

At a Kaller Medcenter, the wounded Kanan Jarrus is recovering from a knife stab wound to his back inside a bacta tank. The Spectres wait grimly. A 2-1B-series medical droid reports that Kanan lost a considerable amount of blood before arriving at the medcenter. When Garazeb Orrelios asks how Kanan got stabbed, Hera Syndulla tells him to be quiet. Hera replies that they don't know what happened and says that all they can do is hope that Kanan wakes up and tells them what happened.

Kanan's flashbacks[]

Parallel trials[]

Kanan experiences a flashback to his days at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Caleb Dume is one day away from the Initiate Trials and practicing with other Padawans under the tutelage of Jedi Master Yoda. Yoda counsels Caleb to maintain form. As Caleb asks Yoda to explain, he is ambushed by Tai Uzuma and Sammo Quid.

Caleb sustains a wound to his head and is sent to the infirmary. The 2-1B surgical droid tells him that the wound on his skin has clotted and tells him to leave because his injuries are not serious. Before he leaves, Caleb sees a human woman recuperating inside a bacta tank. The surgical droid ushers him out and tells him not to return unless he is bleeding internally. Shortly later, the woman wakes up and alerts the surgical droid.

Later, Masters Yoda, Mace Windu, and Obi-Wan Kenobi speak with the surgical droid, who tells her that Master Depa Billaba has made a full recovery. Billaba responds that her mental state is fine and that she has spent six months in a coma resting. Windu comments that she is being glib, which Yoda adds is not a most attractive quality in a Jedi Master. Billaba apologizes and Kenobi tells her that he is glad to see her alive. Yoda and Kenobi decide to proceed with a full physical, mental, and emotional assessment.

While the Padawans undergo the initiate trials which involve meditation and lightsaber sparring, Master Billaba spars blindfolded against Kenobi, Windu, and a training droid. Billaba also meditates on the Jedi Code.

At the Jedi High Council, Master Windu congratulates Billaba for passing her tests. Yoda observes that she is fit but remarks that she still hides from her fear. Billaba apologizes for her failure but Kenobi responds that a lack of failure has never been a prerequisite for service. He bows and welcomes her back to the Council. Master Ki-Adi-Mundi informs the Council that three Padawans have passed their initiate trials: Caleb, Tai Uzuma, and Sammo Quid.

The next stage and gossip[]

Later, Caleb, Tai, and Sammo study at the Jedi Archives under the tutelage of Master Jocasta Nu, who briefs them about how Jedi Masters select their Padawans. Caleb asks why the Jedi Order prefers that method and whether it was based on trial and error. He ponders whether the Force revealed the way through a vision and whether they should question the Force. Jocasta is impressed by Caleb's question but suggests that they need to take a leap of faith. The Padawans are being watched by several Masters including Windu and an impressed Billaba.

Master Billaba takes the Padawans in a sparring session, teaching them to assume defensive pose Form III. During the lesson, Caleb destroys a training remote with his lightsaber despite wearing a blast helmet that covers his eyes. Later, Caleb chats about Master Billaba with Tai and Sammo. The three walk past Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his astromech droid R2-D2.

Tai asks Caleb why Master Billaba would choose him and dismisses him as a kid. Caleb responds that he is young for a Padawan but that he also passed the Initiate Trials and longs to see action before the Clone Wars end. Tai responds that Caleb would be so scared that he would be running back to his homeworld.

Just then, Sammo Quid pulls them aside and tells them rumors from the Clone troopers that Billaba is damaged goods. He explains that Billaba's battalion suffered 90 percent casualties during their last mission. He adds that they were fighting against General Grievous. Sammo thinks that Grievous either defeated her or that she is cursed with bad luck. Tai thinks it is doubtful that Billaba will be getting another command.

Meeting Master Billaba[]

Caleb decides to investigate the matter further and meets with Master Billaba in an indoor garden which has a pond. In response to Caleb's query if she is "damaged goods", Billaba takes responsibility for the soldiers who died under her command. She questions her own usefulness as a commander. Meanwhile, a masked figure climbs up a tower of the Jedi Temple and enters an air duct. He hurls several mini-drone explosives through the ventilation shaft, causing explosives. Caleb and Billaba hear the sound of mini-drone explosives rolling and exploding.



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