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"Look… I tried to live that way once. Told myself the galaxy would go on with or without me. But when I saw innocents harmed and knew I had the power to do something about it, I couldn't just watch it all burn down around me! Some things are worth fighting for."
―Kanan Jarrus, to Bendu[15]

Kanan Jarrus, born Caleb Dume, was a Force-sensitive human male Jedi Knight who survived Order 66 during the Clone Wars. Living on thanks to the sacrifice of his Master, Depa Billaba, on Kaller, he met the smuggler Janus Kasmir, who taught him how to survive as a fugitive. Going into hiding, he forsook the Jedi ways for some time, swapping his blue-bladed lightsaber for a blaster. After working with the Twi'lek rebel operative Hera Syndulla during the Gorse Conflict, Jarrus decided to join her nascent rebel cell.

As Syndulla's second-in-command, the two came to develop a romantic relationship. After the Force-sensitive teenager Ezra Bridger joined the Spectres, Jarrus became his Jedi mentor despite still being a Padawan. After defeating the Grand Inquisitor in combat, Jarrus and his fellow rebels learned they were part of a larger rebellion and joined Phoenix Cell. During a mission to Malachor, Jarrus was blinded by the former Sith Lord Maul. After months of retreat, Jarrus restored his connection to the Force and repaired his frayed relationship with Bridger with the help of a mysterious being called Bendu, who taught him to see things through the Force.

The reinvigorated Jarrus and his fellow rebels continued to fight various adversaries including Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn and Maul, who sought to corrupt Bridger and destroy Obi-Wan Kenobi, the key to destroying the Sith. Regaining his confidence, Jarrus also taught the Mandalorian rebel Sabine Wren how to wield the Darksaber and helped her to rally the Mandalorians over to the rebel cause. As the Rebel Alliance escalated its struggle with the Empire, Kanan and his fellow rebels returned to free Lothal, a world which they had a special connection with.

Jarrus eventually met his death on Lothal in 1 BBY, during the rescue of Hera Syndulla after Governor Arihnda Pryce ordered her walker to fire on the fuel pod they were on, sacrificing himself to allow his fellow rebels to escape. Following Jarrus' death, he became a part of the Cosmic Force, manifesting as a huge loth-wolf named Dume, which appeared to Ezra several times. Later, Hera gave birth to their son, whom she named Jacen.

Over three and a half decades after his death, the voices of Jarrus and many other great Jedi, including his friend Ahsoka Tano, were heard by and encouraged the last living Jedi, the young aspirant Rey, to use their power to destroy Darth Sidious, the returned Emperor and her grandfather, during the Battle of Exegol.


Early life[]

"I might be young for a Padawan, but I passed my trials, same as you two. Besides, I want to see some action before the Clone Wars end!"
―Caleb Dume, to Tai Uzuma and Sammo Quid[16]
Caleb Dume lightsaber training

Caleb Dume trains at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

A human male, Caleb Dume[7] was born in 33 BBY,[2] during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. As he was integrated into the Jedi Order at a very young age,[7] he would never know his parents,[17] for he went straight from his homeworld to the Jedi Temple[18] on Coruscant, where he would be raised as a Jedi.[1]

As a youngling, Dume met Jedi Master Luminara Unduli once, remembering her as "brave, compassionate and disciplined." He often heard Grand Master Yoda say "Do, or do not. There is no try," although he did not fully comprehend what Yoda meant.[19]

Dume later constructed his own lightsaber thanks to the help of Huyang.[20] Dume would practice duels with fellow initiates such as Sammo Quid and Tai Uzuma.[16]

The Clone Wars[]

Early period[]

Caleb Dume and Master Depa at the Jedi Temple

Caleb Dume and Depa Billaba watching Ahsoka Tano's training session

In 22 BBY,[21] Dume was present with Jedi Master Depa Billaba at a training test conducted by Padawan Ahsoka Tano in the Jedi Temple's dojo. When Tano destroyed a battle droid remote by deflecting its blaster bolt, Dume[22] gasped in amazement.[23] He then stood up in awe upon seeing Tano slice the last two remotes with her lightsaber. After the training session, Dume and Billaba left the dojo while conversing with each other.[22]

Bombing at the Jedi Temple[]

"It seems I am in desperate need of a Padawan in order to continue my journey."
"I'd be be honored, Mast—"
"Unfortunately, Caleb Dume, you are too young for such a role."
"I...I understand, Mast—"
"But times being what they are, the Republic needs you nevertheless."
―Depa Billaba takes Caleb Dume as her Padawan[24]
Bacta Tank Billaba

Dume feels a connection with the comatose Depa Billaba at the Jedi Temple's infirmary.

One day away from the Initiate Trials, Dume was in a practice duel with Uzuma and Quid under Yoda's instructions, when he tripped and hit his head against the floor, injuring himself in the process. The Grand Master then told him to go to the infirmary: by the time he reached it he was no longer bleeding, and the 2-1B-series medical droid told him to leave as the cut would heal on its own. It was then Dume saw Master Billaba when she was recovering in a bacta tank and felt a connection with her, feeling as though he recognized her. Just as he left, Billaba awoke.[16]

The next day, he underwent the trials and passed, much like Uzuma and Quid. He also attended a class by Madame Jocasta Nu on how Padawans were chosen by Jedi Knights, and Dume asked about how it came to be, much to Mace Windu's disapproval and Billaba's amusement. Later on, Billaba herself would instruct them on Form III.[16] In time, Dume realized that Billaba was interested in making him her Padawan learner. On another occasion, he attended a lecture by Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Jedi Temple's central security station learning about the Jedi recall signal, during which he inadvertently gave Kenobi the idea to use the beacon to warn Jedi away.[7]

After the lesson, Dume was hoping Billaba would choose him, so he checked if she had a Padawan (she did not) and asked his two peers what they thought about it; Quid told him that word had it she was "damaged goods" after her disastrous defeat[16] on Haruun Kal.[25] As he did not know what to think, Dume went to Billaba and asked about what had happened to her, and she saw his choice as not political, but wise.[16] Before they could finish the conversation, Dume and Billaba then heard an intruder at the Temple, Rackham Sear, a Captain of Confederacy of Independent Systems who was setting bombs off at the Temple.[16] Dume was then saved by Billaba from the initial explosion. They then hid, for Billaba wanted more information about the situation, but despite her hesitation, Dume followed the attacker to the roof and attempted to stop him.[24]

Sear then subdued Dume and tried to kill him, but Billaba intervened and saved him. She also destroyed the timer with Sear's own bombs, prompting Sear to attack her in an escape attempt. However, when Sear saw that they would not let go of him, he committed suicide. Avoiding the explosion, Billaba then asked Dume to become her apprentice.[24] Before the end of the Clone Wars,[1] Dume became Billaba's Padawan and was taken by her to get a kyber crystal for his new lightsaber. Soon enough, Dume accompanied Billaba on her duty to lead the Grand Army of the Republic as General.[24]


"Kid's doin' not-bad."
"He's reckless, but reckless may be exactly what we need right now."
―CT-1157 and Depa Billaba, while watching Caleb Dume fight on Kardoa[25]
Skirmish on Kardoa

Dume is saved by CT-1157, whose act earned him the name "Stance"

Three weeks after the attack on the Temple, they went to planet Kardoa, for Dume's first mission, and where they were to rendezvous with Billaba's newly assigned battalion, led by the survivors of her last command.[24] Dume met Commander Grey and Captain Styles, as well as Sergeant Soot and Corporal Big-Mouth and others. As he and Billaba familiarized themselves with the new battalion, they were to do a simple reconnaissance mission to refute or confirm reports of a Separatist presence on the planet. The morning after their arrival, Billaba split the battalion into five squads to reconnoiter five canyons, with Dume accompanying Billaba. During the walk, Dume befriended CT-1157, who had not yet received a nickname. Unbeknownst to them, they were observed by a probe droid and promptly ambushed by the Separatist Droid Army, which destroyed their trail, leaving them no option but to resist before reinforcements arrived.[25]

As their signal was jammed (leaving them unable to contact the other squads), Billaba left Dume and other troopers to keep the Separatist forces occupied, while she located the Separatist's ship. However, during the skirmish, Dume got too far out front and disobeyed a trooper's order that he pull back, and received two shots from the enemy droids. Left vulnerable to three B1 battle droids, CT-1157 went to his rescue and destroyed the three droids, for which he would earn the name "Stance." Fortunately for the two, General Coburn Sear ordered his troops to pull back to secure their ship, and Billaba managed to make them depart Kardoa. Their first battle being a success, Dume underwent bacta treatment for his injuries, and before long, the battalion received its next assignment: Mygeeto.[25]


"My master, Depa Billaba, and I were pinned down, trapped by droids. You and your Skull Squadron flew into the Separatist fire over and over to cover us. You saved our lives."
―Kanan Jarrus to Fenn Rau, sixteen years after the Third Battle of Mygeeto[26]
Dume vs Sear

Dume fighting Coburn Sear.

Dume then took part in the third Battle of Mygeeto to take one of the mesas occupied by the Confederate forces. Dume, Billaba, Grey, and Stance were able to hold off the battle droids until Skull Squadron helped them. Dume and the others then returned to their base camp. They were then confronted by Confederate forces under General Grievous and Colonel Coburn Sear. There he watched as Sear killed Stance.[27]

Dume then fought Sear to avenge Stance. During their fight, Dume was able to destroy Sear's electro sword and cut the fuel to his flamethrower. Dume gave him the chance to surrender, but Sear refused. Dume then watched as Sear burned himself alive and continue trying to kill until he moved away. Dume watched as Sear leapt to his death, acknowledge Sear as his first kill. Dume, Grey and Styles then rushed to find rescue Billaba from Grievous. They saved Billaba, but Grievous and his forces retreated. Dume and the others then gave Stance a burial and placed Billaba in a bacta tank. They eventually went to join the Republic efforts on the planet Kaller.[28]


Dume & Billaba attending a holo-conference with the Jedi Council.

Dume and Billaba later attended a briefing with the Jedi Council via hologram during the Outer Rim Sieges.[29]


During the last few days of the war, at age 14,[1] Dume took part in the battle of Kaller, in which Billaba led the Republic forces to victory during the last day of the Clone Wars against the Separatist forces under Devaronian General Kleeve, whose departure meant the end of the battle and the surrender of the planet to the Republic. Though the meeting with Gamut Key and other Kallerans and was marked by the discussion of Dume, Grey and Styles with Janus Kasmir who expressed little gratitude to the Jedi General, the three were silenced by Billaba, who moved her troops to rest in the field under the stars.[10]

Caleb Dume Depa Billaba training

Dume training under his master, Billaba, on Kaller.

While the two were alone, Billaba told Dume she had been neglecting his training and the two went onto practicing Form III until nighttime. She also asked Dume how he felt, and Dume told her that his heart was at peace, having found his place in the galaxy. Billaba told him, however, that he mustn't grow too attached to life as it was then, and though valuable, he had to learn to rule his emotions. Afterwards, he shared a moment of rapport with his master, Grey and Styles (with whom Dume had developed a sense of camaraderie) at a bonfire. Though they teased him about his inquisitive nature, Billaba gave him a holocron so that he could "study the role of questions" and "peaceful dissent" in the Order.[10]

In the aftermath of the Battle of Coruscant, General Grievous ordered the remaining Separatist forces to launch an offensive across several star systems, leading to Kaller again being besieged. Dume was sent by Billaba to find reinforcements during a battle against a group of Separatist forces in a snowy region of the planet away from the capital. He found the clone commandos of Clone Force 99 and rejoined his master. Together they watched the commandos take the battle droids and their AATs. Once the skirmish ended, Billaba ordered Grey to begin a counterattack, and allowed Caleb to advance ahead of the main force to fight alongside Clone Force 99.[30]

Rise of the Empire[]

Order 66[]

"Run, Caleb!"
―Depa Billaba's last words to Caleb Dume[30]

Dume with his lightsaber drawn.

Moments later, the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious issued Order 66, which branded all Jedi as traitors to the state and called for their immediate execution,[31] to Captain Grey. He along with other members of the battalion started to fire on the surprised general, which Dume noticed as he left with Clone Force 99.[32]

Seeing that the clones would soon cut off any escape, Billaba told Dume to run as she was killed by the clones. As he reluctantly fled, he ran into Clone Force 99, and told them to stay away from him, unaware that they were not being affected by Order 66, and ran off to the forest. He was chased by Clone Force 99 members Hunter and Crosshair, who learned that Order 66 was meant to assassinate all Jedi. Hunter tried to help Dume, while Crosshair tried to eliminate him, claiming that he was "following orders." Dume hid in a tree as the two clones searched for him, with Crosshair eventually discovering him and firing on him again. Hunter tried to talk it out with Dume, but Dume fled until he was trapped by a gorge. Hunter arrived and put down his weapon and advancing slowly towards him. Dume yelled for him to stay back, but Hunter kept advancing. Then, Dume leapt over the gorge, with Hunter letting him go and instead lying, telling Crosshair that he had killed the Jedi.[32]


Having lost his master to the clones, Dume was terrified when Sergeant Hunter tried to speak with him.

Having regained his cloak, Dume evaded the clones all night, and by sunrise he reached an outlying public transport station with a transport going into Plateau City.[18] While Dume was originally reported as killed, as per Hunter's lie, Crosshair saw through the sergeant's claim and reported that Dume was alive,[32] resulting in the clones on Kaller resuming the hunt for the Padawan. When he got to the city, Dume spotted a clone using a holoimage of him and giving the order to kill on sight. So, for several days, Dume evaded clone patrols, not sleeping out of fear of being caught in one spot too long, and due to not having any credits, was forced to search dumpsters for food.[18]

Partner to Kasmir[]

"You lie. You cheat. You steal. You survive. Didn't they teach you anything useful at that temple of yours?"
―Janus Kasmir's advice to Kanan Jarrus[18]

Dume, however, was discovered by Kasmir, who tossed Dume some food, and was about to walk away when Dume begged for a safe spot to sleep. Kasmir gave in and allowed him to borrow the spare bunk in his ship, the Kasmiri. After a bath, Dume slept for a full planetary rotation, and Kasmir gave Dume some clothes so that he would not be running around in Jedi robes. Wondering what he should do, Kasmir told him he had to lie, cheat, steal, and survive, just before he received the Jedi emergency signal recalling him to the Temple.[18] Unaware of Emperor Palpatine's trap,[31] Dume pleaded with Kasmir to take him to Coruscant, but the Kalleran refused. He then told him to finish his meal and leave his ship when he did so.[18]

When Kasmir walked outside, Dume took the chance to steal the Kasmiri and jump to lightspeed to Coruscant. However, while in hyperspace,[18] he received Obi-Wan Kenobi's message in which he instructed all Jedi to go into hiding from the Empire,[1] only to come out in realspace above Coruscant's orbit and be surrounded by ARC-170 starfighters due to a HoloNet alert about the stolen ship.[18] Dume managed to find an opening and escaped back to Kaller, where upon landing, he was confronted by Kasmir, who wanted nothing to do with him.[11]

However, Dume continued to follow Kasmir around, watching him from afar for some time, until he rescued Kasmir from Tápusk and his colleagues, who ran away. Kasmir then brought Dume back to the Kasmiri, where he chastised him for ruining the negotiations to hire them for a job. So he had Dume take their place and told him to abandon his Jedi apparel. Thus, Dume severed his Padawan braid, destroyed his Jedi comlink after uploading Kenobi's message into the holocron, and hid it and his lightsaber away. He put on different clothes and took a blaster, and realized from Kasmir that he needed a new name before accompanying Kasmir to steal IG-RM droids to sell on the black market. However, the pair were caught by the guards, and Kasmir betrayed Dume in exchange for the IG-RM droids.[11] Imprisoned in a cell and awaiting his execution, Dume heard as Key contacted Grey and Styles to inform him of Dume's capture. However, he was rescued by Kasmir and an IG-RM droid before long, and they escaped from Kaller aboard the Kasmiri and formed a partnership.[33]

Caleb and Kasmir

Dume and Kasmir working together.

Together, they pulled off many jobs, in which Dume learned how to be a thief and smuggler, and ultimately became friends with Kasmir. All the while they were tracked down to be eliminated by Grey and Styles,[33] faithful soldiers of the recently established Galactic Empire.[31] Eventually, they would go to Lahn, where during a job, Dume would meet Kasmir's trading partner, Jondo—actually, the former Separatist general, Kleeve. At first, Dume threatened to kill him, but stood down when he accepted that the Clone Wars were truly over and went to meet up with Kasmir, who had been arrested by Styles and Grey. Instead of helping him, Dume abandoned Kasmir and met with Kleeve, whom he convinced to let him take it. Kleeve agreed and took him to the Escape, where the pair were captured by clone troopers.[33]

Grey and Styles placed the unconscious Dume aboard their Gozanti-class cruiser to return to Kaller, deciding what to do before they executed him. Despite Dume telling them that it was really Palpatine who had betrayed the Galactic Republic and not him and the Jedi Order, the clones were unconvinced. Pushing the two clones away, Dume then and put his trust in the Force one last time opened the airlock. Sucked into space, he was rescued by Kasmir and Kleeve (aboard the Kasmiri and the Escape, respectively), whose ships were unable to hold the Imperial for long. At the same time, Grey realized the mistake he had made earlier during the execution of Order 66 and destroyed their ship's controls, taking down its shields. In turn, Dume, Kasmir and Kleeve fired at the ship, destroying it and killing Grey, Styles and other troopers in the process. Afterwards, they landed on Kaller, where he suggested to Kasmir that he and Kleeve work together, while he would go away. Kasmir, however, knew he was protecting himself from suffering another loss, but Dume hit him to get his point across. Taking his lightsaber and holocron with him aboard the Escape, Kasmir bid Dume farewell, as the former Padawan departed for Moraga, where he started to call himself Kanan Jarrus.[34]

Forced to hide his Force-sensitivity, Jarrus kept his lightsaber locked away and forsook the Jedi ways for a long time,[7] disguising himself as a freighter pilot, a bounty hunter, and a frontier ranger.[1] Drinking away his problems and attempting to woo university girls, Kanan drifted from planet to planet in order to avoid the watchful eye of the Empire, never staying too long in any one place, and never distinguishing himself from others.[7] Over time, he also found and collected spare lightsaber parts.[35] Eventually, Jarrus emigrated to Gorse, where he met Okadiah Garson at his bar, The Asteroid Belt, when he broke up a brawl there. Through Garson, Jarrus got a job as freighter pilot carrying baradium bisulfate for Moonglow Polychemical between Gorse and its moon, Cynda. For five months, he lived in a flophouse next door to the cantina, worked as a bartender from time to time, drove Garson's hoverbus, and piloted Expedient with a flight clearance seven.[7]

Age of the Empire[]


"But—but you're—"
"Shh. Don't tell anyone."
―Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus[7]

Jarrus and Rae Sloane meet face to face.

During one of his work shifts on Cynda, Jarrus met with Lal Grallik and Skelly, but refused to support Skelly's conspiracy theories over the Empire's mining operations on the moon. Later, he met Count Denetrius Vidian and convinced him to let Garson live after a tense meeting. Jarrus, then, continued to Zone Forty-Two, where he was forced to use the Force to survive an explosion set up by Skelly, and save Yelkin's life. Afraid to have revealed his true nature, he decided to leave Cynda—and Gorse—at once. On his return in Expedient, he handed his stowaway, Skelly, to Gord Grallik in Gorse City.[7]

It was then that he met Hera Syndulla when they got involved in a street fight with Charko's gang, but she disappeared before he could find out more about her. He returned to The Asteroid Belt, where he met Zaluna Myder, and Jarrus took part of her secret reunion with Syndulla until Skelly's interruption, when the Twi'lek revealed she was investigating Count Vidian, hoping to know what he was doing on Gorse.[7]

On Syndulla's insistence, Jarrus agreed to take her to Moonglow in the next work shift, where he met Imperial Navy Captain Rae Sloane face to face during her search for the dissident miner Skelly, who had tried to convince Vidian to halt mining operations on Cynda. However, the Imperial soon departed to their spaceport after another of Skelly's bombings. Their borrowing of Garson's bus, however, prompted Jarrus to chase after them. After recovering the bus, escaping with Syndulla and Skelly and finding Myder trapped in the restroom, they discarded the now-useless vessel in a junkyard.[7]

After some rest, Jarrus agreed to guide them through town only, unwilling to attract Imperial attention and wanting to leave the system once and for all. Nevertheless, the Imperial-provoked explosion on Cynda prompted him to take Expedient and ask Syndulla to retrieve Garson's team, who were on a work shift at the time—only to discover their demise. Willing to stop Vidian's machinations, Jarrus, Syndulla, Skelly, and Myder headed to Calcoraan Depot, where the former Padawan had the idea to intercept Vidian's report to the Emperor. They infiltrated the cyborg's private room, and later confronted him; the Count's cybernetics allowed them to uncover most of his plans. On Jarrus' suggestion, they also warned Sloane about Vidian's plans, with Jarrus claiming to Sloane that he himself was a deep-undercover agent for the Emperor.[7]


Jarrus saves Syndulla on Gorse.

Then, they headed back to the Gorse system, where they tried to delay Cynda's destruction by targeting the TIE fighters escorting baradium haulers, and later infiltrating Vidian's Forager so that Myder could tap into its Transcept systems and send a warning to Gorse. Once inside, Jarrus and Myder faced Count Vidian in his chamber, a few minutes before Sloane issued his arrest. Vidian's determination forced Sloane to order the destruction of Forager's transmission tower.[7]

During the Ultimatum's attack, Jarrus saved Syndulla, making use of the Force and revealing his true nature to her. They, along with Myder, escaped the ship's destruction in one of its life pods. Landing on Gorse, it allowed Jarrus time to leave a trail placing him on Gorse during the conflict. After they parted, Jarrus bade farewell to Myder in her new home, and Syndulla accepted his proposal to become a crew member of her ship, the Ghost.[7]

Rescuing Graysom[]

"The holocron's empty. Whatever secrets it once held are gone. I hoped...well, I hoped it would lead me to other Jedi survivors."
―Kanan Jarrus[36]

Kanan and Hera encounter strange energy discharge.

Kanan eventually found a blank Jedi holocron. He worked with Hera in searching for Graysom. They found the informant Graysom's ship, the Hoopaloo Nest, on an asteroid. Kanan and Hera searched the Hoopaloo Nest, but found no trace of him. Kanan then saw some residual energy going off near Hera. After that incident, Kanan and Hera returned to the Ghost and found Graysom's escape pod. When they found Graysom, he claimed that the Hoopaloo Nest was haunted.[36]

Kanan and Hera did not believe Graysom's claims until the light went out and they heard laughter. Kanan then saw an electrical discharge aimed at Hera. The Ghost's bay doors opened, and Kanan was about to be sucked into space. He was saved by Chopper. Kanan watched Graysom and took him to his cabin. However, the voice sealed Graysom and Kanan in his quarters without his lightsaber. Kanan used the Force to levitate his lightsaber and cut through his cabin's door. Kanan then went to the cockpit, where he used the blank holocron to imprison the entity.[36]


"How about a little less attitude and a little more altitude?"
―Kanan Jarrus[37]

Kanan Jarrus served as a leader of the Spectres.

By the age of 28,[1] Jarrus had become a leader of the motley crew of the Ghost,[7] whose members resisted the Empire to help those in need.[38] Jarrus recruited the former Lasat warrior Captain Garazeb Orrelios, otherwise known as "Zeb," into their crew, which the warrior believed gave him a new purpose after the Siege of Lasan.[39] Besides Syndulla and Zeb, his other companions included Syndulla's astromech droid C1-10P—or "Chopper"—and the Mandalorian weapons expert and artist Sabine Wren.[40] Unknown to Kanan, this rebel cell known as the Spectres was actually part of a larger rebel network that was fighting against the Galactic Empire.[41]

Kanan would go by the code-name Spectre-1 when communicating with his crew using his comlink.[37] The rebel band launched numerous raids and incursions against Imperial forces around the Outer Rim planet of Lothal. One such stand was a raid on an Imperial supply convoy. After the raid, Jarrus, Syndulla, and Chopper found themselves under attack by Imperial TIE fighters. After the attack disabled both the Ghost's shields and internal comm system, Jarrus and Syndulla began giving Chopper conflicting orders over which system to fix first. It was Chopper who ultimately destroyed the final TIE, and his efforts were recognized by the two organics before the ship blasted into hyperspace.[4]

On another occasion, Jarrus was supposed to rendezvous with Orrelios. The Lasat had shown up at the wrong alleyway and, against Jarrus' protestations via comlink, picked a fight with several stormtroopers, which culminated in the destruction of a TIE fighter. Jarrus was nevertheless pleased and set out to meet Orrelios.[42]

Finding a Padawan[]

"You can keep the lightsaber you stole, let it become just another dusty souvenir, or you can give it back and come with us—come with me, and be trained in the ways of the Force. You can learn what it truly means to be a Jedi."
―Jarrus offers Bridger the opportunity to train as a Jedi — (audio) Listen (file info)[37]
Kanan Jedi Reveal

To save the rebels and the Wookiees, Jarrus revealed himself as a Jedi.

During an operation on Lothal's Capital City to steal several Imperial supply and blaster crates, Jarrus sensed the presence of a 14-year-old boy, Ezra Bridger, but continued his mission by intercepting the Imperial speeders, until Bridger stole one of the speeders. Forced to pursue him, Jarrus finally recovered the crate by offering the boy a chance to escape in the Ghost. Jarrus witnessed Bridger as he unknowingly used the Force to leap into the hovering ship with his crate. With Bridger safely on board, the Ghost left the planet and jumped into hyperspace, losing the TIE fighters pursuing them. Jarrus and Syndulla received their payment from Cikatro Vizago and information about a group of Wookiees enslaved by the Empire. Alerted by Chopper, Jarrus went into his quarters only to spot Bridger with his lightsaber in hand. He demanded that he hand over it, but knowingly allowed the boy to steal his holocron as a secret test.[37]

Determined to save the Wookiees, Jarrus, Wren, Orrelios and Chopper entered a Gozanti-class cruiser, but were soon driven off the ship by the arrival of Agent Kallus on the Lawbringer.[43] Bridger's resulting capture, however, led the crew to argue about whether to rescue the boy. Left as the deciding vote, Jarrus chose to mount a rescue—only to find Bridger waiting near the Star Destroyer's docking bay. Once inside the Ghost, Bridger revealed to them that he had learned of the Wookiees' location in the spice mines of Kessel. Soon enough, they reached the planet and fought stormtroopers so that Bridger could release the Wookiees from captivity. Cornered by Kallus and his men, Jarrus ignited his lightsaber and publicly revealed himself to be a Jedi, giving everyone time to escape. After being picked up via cargo container, Jarrus and the Ghost arrived in time to save Bridger and Kitwarr from Kallus and escaped from Kessel.[37]

Soon after the Wookiees' departure, Bridger stole Jarrus' lightsaber from his belt, and kept it until they returned to Lothal. During his farewell, however, the boy returned the holocron to the former Jedi. Jarrus, aware of his Force-sensitivity, met up with Bridger at his tower and gave the boy two choices—to keep the lightsaber as a useless relic and remain on Lothal, or return to the ship and become Jarrus' Padawan, and a member of the crew. Awaiting for his answer on the Ghost, Jarrus opened the holocron and played Obi-Wan Kenobi's full message. As it ended, Bridger returned the Jedi's lightsaber, and Jarrus ended up taking the boy under his wing to teach him how to control his powers.[37]


Cikatro Vizago Weapons

Jarrus trying to sell E-11 blaster rifles to Cikatro Vizago.

After taking on Ezra as his apprentice, Jarrus took part in a mission to steal Imperial weapons from the planet Garel. The rebels were short of funds and planned to sell them to the crime lord Vizago. During the mission, Jarrus along with Wren, Bridger, Chopper, and Orrelios boarded the same star commuter shuttle carrying Amda Wabo, Minister Maketh Tua, and the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO to Garel. During the journey, Jarrus, Bridger, and Chopper staged an argument which got Chopper along with R2-D2 and C-3PO sent to the storage compartment. This enabled Sabine to offer her services as an Aqualish translator for Wabo and Tua.[44]

Wren discovered that the weapons were located in Bay 7. After arranging with Syndulla to rendezvous with them, the rebels stole the weapons and fought off Tua's stormtroopers. During the confusion, R2-D2 and C-3PO stowed aboard the Ghost; unknown to the rebels, the two droids were on a secret mission to prevent the Imperials from taking the weapons. Returning to Lothal, the rebels attempted to sell the T-7 ion disruptor rifles to Vizago, but before they could complete the transaction, the rebels were interrupted by the arrival of ISB Agent Kallus, who brought two AT-DP walkers and several stormtroopers. During the skirmish, Jarrus stopped a walker with a disruptor rifle. Orrelios was defeated by Agent Kallus but Bridger used the Force to save the Lasat before Kallus could deliver the finishing blow. Meanwhile, R2-D2 helped Wren and the other rebels to destroy the remaining disruptors. After defeating the Imperials, Jarrus personally returned the droids to their rightful owner, Bail Organa. The Senator never revealed his identity, but paid Jarrus generously before he left on the Ghost.[44]

Later on Lothal, Bridger and Orrelios got into a fight aboard the Ghost. As punishment, Syndulla sent them to buy some groceries including a meiloorun fruit. However, the two rebels ran into trouble and stole a TIE fighter. After learning of their predicament, Jarrus ordered the two to destroy the vessel.[45] Despite this, Bridger and Orrelios refused, but kept it a secret so as to preserve it.[41]

Fool's Run[]

"If you flew a little bit better we wouldn't have gotten damaged in the first place."
"Really? So says the guy whose idea it was to raid an Imperial supply yard and who couldn't hit a TIE fighter ten meters away."
"Hey, I got them all…eventually.
―Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla discuss the raid[46]

Sometime later, after a raid on an Imperial supply yard during which Jarrus had trouble to hit its TIE fighters, the crew was in need of parts to repair the Ghost and so, went to Osisis Station in the Regani sector. Hoping to obtain the parts from long-time "associate" Galus Vez's black-market operation, Jarrus and his team then met with the Besalisk. However, as the Empire had been doubling their inspections since their last visit, he refused to the transaction and challenged Syndulla to a race in Fool's Run, which, much to Jarrus' dismay, Syndulla accepted. During the race, when Vez started to play unfair, Jarrus and Bridger noticed it and helped Syndulla. By concentrating, they used the Force and pushed two asteroids to impede Vez's passage and help Syndulla win the race. When Vez was angered, he tried to retaliate by handing them over to the Empire, but Jarrus, Bridger and Syndulla resisted, and threatened to destroy Vez's cargo ships. Forced to cooperate, Vez gave them the parts, and the Ghost departed.[46]

Stygeon Prime[]

"There've always been rumors she survived the Clone Wars, but they never came with a specific location before. We can't pass this up."
"Was hoping you'd say that. I'll set course for the Stygeon system."
―Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla[19]
Inquisitor Fights Kanan

Jarrus facing the Grand Inquisitor on Stygeon Prime.

Due to his incomplete training, Jarrus had little confidence in his own ability to train Bridger, further compounded by the Bridger's lack of focus and discipline. On one occasion, Jarrus was forced to rescue Bridger during a training lesson above Lothal's atmosphere. Later, Jarrus learned from one of Gall Trayvis's broadcasts that Jedi Master Luminara Unduli was still alive but imprisoned in the Stygeon system. Jarrus immediately resolved to rescue her, hoping to deliver Bridger to a full-fledged Master for training. Together with the whole crew, Jarrus devised a plan to enter the Spire and rescue Unduli.[19]

While Chopper waited aboard the Ghost, Jarrus and the other rebels descended to the Spire in the Phantom. After landing on the prison's landing platform, Jarrus along with Bridger, Wren, and Orrelios entered the prison complex. While latter two guarded the turbolift terminal, Jarrus and Bridger took a lift to reach the prisoner's cell. After using the Force to play mind tricks on the stormtroopers guarding her cell, the pair entered Unduli's cell only to discover her corpse, just before being cornered by the Grand Inquisitor, who revealed that he had used Unduli's remains to lure Jedi survivors to their deaths. Confronted by the Jedi hunter, Jarrus was forced to engage in a lightsaber duel, which continued into the Spire's corridors. The Inquisitor proved more than a match for Jarrus and taunted him for being a "poor student." Jarrus and Bridger fled the Inquisitor and were rejoined by Wren and Orrelios to escape into a sealed hangar bay.[19]

With the Inquisitor temporarily held back, Jarrus convinced his apprentice to use the Force to unlock the outer hangar doors only to be surrounded by more stormtroopers. Fortunately for the rebels, Syndulla arrived in the Phantom accompanied by a large swarm of tibidees, which proceeded to harass the Imperials, and Jarrus's team took advantage of the chaos to flee. Following their adventure on Stygeon Prime, Bridger told Jarrus he did not need to continue training him if he did not want to, but Jarrus explained that he only wanted the best teacher for Bridger, and recalled Master Yoda's words and vowed to continue training Ezra with a newfound resolve. He explained to Bridger that he would stop trying to train him and would actually train him properly, and Bridger agreed to continue training under him.[19]

Further missions[]

During one of Bridger's lesson on telekinesis, his Padawan was frustrated with his slow learning, but Jarrus tried to teach him that patience was one of the most valuable skills a Jedi had to learn. The next day, he and Orrelios took the Phantom to destroy an Imperial transmission center, during which the rest of the Ghost crew engaged Imperials in a skirmish near an ion storm.[47]

During a mission to destroy a massive kyber crystal in possession of the Empire, Jarrus sent Bridger into the Academy for Young Imperials on Lothal to steal a decoder containing information about their target. When Bridger, with the assistance of fellow Imperial cadet Zare Leonis, stole the decoder and got Wren to transmit the information to Jarrus and Syndulla, he also opted to prolong his stay at the academy to rescue a Force-sensitive cadet named Jai Kell from being abducted by the Inquisitor. Despite his misgivings about Bridger's safety, Jarrus and Syndulla continued their mission and intercepted the Imperial convoy carrying the kyber crystal; using the Force, Jarrus located the crystal in the middle Gozanti-class cruiser. While Jarrus piloted the Phantom and distracted the escorting TIE fighters, Syndulla attacked the middle cruiser and successfully destroyed the crystal. The pair narrowly escaped a great explosion, which wiped out the rest of the convoy. They then returned to Lothal to rendezvous with Bridger and the other Spectres.[48]

Kanan cheetah people

Kanan with Vyndal's natives.

During a solo mission on the Phantom, he was fleeing from the Inquisitor's forces when he was attacked by TIE fighters. The VCX-series auxiliary starfighter was severely damaged while Jarrus was injured. Though he managed to land the craft mostly intact on Vyndal, he passed out and was rescued by a native and her son. The two brought to their home to protect him from the forest's night creatures, and when he awoke, the woman took him to see their village leader, Yeleb "the Protector." Jarrus realized almost immediately Yeleb's deception (posing as a Jedi and in possession of a lightsaber) and asked for a private audience. After some initial animosity, Yeleb revealed how he had come to obtain the weapon, only for the Grand Inquisitor and his men to arrive at the village. Refusing to let the Imperials raze the village, both Jarrus and Yeleb fought the Inquisitor; during the skirmish, Yeleb was mortally wounded, and Jarrus was forced to trick the Inquisitor into believing he had left the planet aboard one of their own ships. With the Imperials driven off, Jarrus returned and recognized Yeleb's courage before he died, and encouraged the villagers that they could defend themselves as they had done during the skirmish before leaving the planet.[49]

On another mission, Jarrus piloted the Ghost to rescue Syndulla and Wren from Fort Anaxes, an abandoned Republic base on the asteroid PM-1203 that was infested with fyrnocks. Syndulla and Wren's predicament had arisen when Bridger, Orrelios, and Chopper neglected to check a fuel leak on the Phantom. Unable to escape, the two women contacted the Ghost for help. Jarrus was meditating in his chambers when he heard Bridger and Orrelios panicking outside. After reprimanding the two, Jarrus flew the Ghost to Fort Anaxes and rescued Syndulla and Wren.[50]

Return to Kaller[]

"What's the matter, luv? You miss me?"
"Always... and more than you'll ever know."
―Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus[51]
Kanan stabbed by Tapusk

Jarrus being stabbed by Tápusk.

Contacted by "Fulcrum," the Ghost crew was to pick up supplies on Kaller for the Tarkintown refugees,[10] which he had avoided for years,[51] where crates were ready and waiting for them.[10] Jarrus and his team arrived at the coordinates where the crates had been waiting for them, but found them empty. Furthermore, the provincial governor, Gamut Key, and his constabularies arrived at the scene, for they had received a tip that smugglers were using the area as a drop point and demanded that they let him search the ship. With nothing to hide, Syndulla allowed them; before long, Key and his men left them to their devices. Instead of leaving, much to Jarrus' reluctance, the team decided to track the ship themselves.[51]

Once they reached Plateau City, Jarrus decided to split the team up to cover more ground, and refused to let Syndulla accompany him, saying he would go with Chopper. Eventually, he followed the intel he thought led to his old former friend and ex-partner, Janus Kasmir, but instead, he found Tápusk. Almost giving away his identity, he said that the supplies belonged to his operation, but Tápusk refused to give them back, for which Jarrus started a confrontation with them, taking out all of Tápusk's men single-handedly and unarmed. Once he was finished, Jarrus contacted the team to tell them he had recovered the supplies. Then, although Chopper tried to alert him of Tápusk, Jarrus' senses were clouded by his memories of Kaller, and the Kalleran stabbed him in the back.[51]

Injured, Jarrus immediately knocked him out, and Gamut Key appeared to thank Jarrus for taking down Tápusk's operations and tell him that perhaps, the rebellion could use his help as an old politician on occasion, before leaving him alone. Not too long afterward, Jarrus passed out from blood loss.[51] The team arrived then and took him to a medcenter, where he was placed in a bacta tank, under the careful eye of his teammates,[16] who were told he needed to be in there for a few weeks or until he regained consciousness. However, Imperial forces surrounded the building to capture them.[24] Kanan then awoke and used the Force to break the bacta tank, taking the stormtroopers by surprise. He then grabbed his lightsaber and killed the troopers.[28]

Jarrus and Bridger stayed behind on Kaller because of a coded message he received from his old friend, Morfizo of Moraga. Jarrus and Bridger then went with Governor Key to Moraga to speak with Morfizo's wife Morfizia and her children. There, Jarrus was told that Morfizo had been taken to Lahn by the Empire for joining a rebel cell. After sending Mofizia and her family to Kaller with Key, Jarrus and Bridger then took the Escape to Lahn. Once there, they went to the Imperial outpost at Illmek Island Spaceport. While Bridger distracted the two guards outside, Jarrus made his way to the roof. There, he cut into the ceiling with his lightsaber and then got a drop on the guards. Jarrus then met with Morfizo.[52]

However, the officer in charge shot at Jarrus. The officer, Vice Admiral Sloane, ordered Jarrus to drop his blaster. Jarrus was told by Sloane that after their encounter with each other on Gorse,[7] she knew he was more than just a "mouthy pilot." In her spare time, Sloane looked up Jarrus's history that led her to Moraga and Morfizo. She learned that "Kanan Jarrus" never existed before he went to Moraga. Jarrus then asked if Morfizo was imprisoned just to capture him. Sloane told Jarrus that when she discovered Morfizo was a rebel, she hoped that his arrest would lead Jarrus back to her. Jarrus then Force-pushed her into the force field, knocking her out.[52]

Jarrus then took his blaster back and then freed Morfizo. Together, they made their way back to the Escape to meet up with Bridger. They returned to Kaller, where Jarrus and Bridger reunited Morfizo with his family.[52]

Empire Day[]

"I am ready. Wait. Ready for what?"
"For a test, a real challenge one that could determine if you're meant to be a Jedi or not."
―Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus[35]

During Empire Day, Jarrus began training Bridger to use the Force to influence animals, starting with a loth-cat, but they soon went to Old Jho's Pit Stop to learn of the Empire's search for a Rodian called Tseebo. Following Senator Trayvis's broadcast, the Spectres ruined the Imperial parade by detonating a bomb in the recently-unveiled TIE Advanced v1. During their escape, Bridger guided Jarrus and Wren into his old residence, where they met Tseebo and found about Bridger's painful past.[53]

Considering the valuable information the Rodian possessed, the three rebels decided to smuggle him out of Lothal in a stolen Imperial Troop Transport. Despite Kallus's intervention, Jarrus managed to board the Ghost along with the rest of the crew. However, they were soon followed by the Inquisitor, who managed to place a XX-23 S-thread tracker in the Phantom. Aware of this, Jarrus devised a plan to lure the Inquisitor to Fort Anaxes by detaching the shuttle while the Ghost was still on hyperspace.[53]

Gathering Forces 06

Kanan faces the Grand Inquisitor on PM-1203.

Once there, he removed the tracking device off the Phantom and prompted Bridger to let go of his fear, so that he could connect with the fyrnocks. Both master and apprentice, then, awaited for the Inquisitor's coming, and Jarrus engaged in combat with the Pau'an once again. However, the Inquisitor managed to knock him out with a powerful Force push. He only regained consciousness just as Bridger tapped into the dark side of the Force and controlled an enormous fyrnock to attack the Inquisitor, who was also wielding Jarrus's lightsaber at the time. The creature kept the Inquisitor busy enough that Jarrus was able to bring the now-unconscious Bridger to the Phantom, recover his blaster and lightsaber, Jarrus pilots the Phantom and destroy the Imperial shuttle. As they returned to the Ghost, Jarrus told Bridger that he had made a dangerous connection to the Force, and apologized for not teaching him what he needed to know.[54]

Rescuing Sabine Wren[]

During a mission to swipe the Lothal Imperial Academy's new recruits, Wren let herself be captured and taken to the Zygerrian slaver MaDall, prompting Jarrus and the rest of the team to look for clues of her whereabouts. When they found one of her graffiti stencils leading them to the planet Oon, Jarrus and his team followed the clue and, upon their encounter, Jarrus chastised her for not warning them beforehand. Not wanting to bring themselves to her level, they let MaDall free and returned, with Wren, to the Ghost.[55]

Dealing with Bounty hunters[]

When Bridger left to practice his Jedi training alone and was captured by the bounty hunters Gowski and Fissol, Jarrus felt something was amiss and rode his personal Joben T-85 speeder bike to their encounter. To rescue his Padawan, Jarrus defeated the two bounty hunters and freed Bridger, and at the prospect of letting Gowski and Fissol with the knowledge of their existence, Jarrus did a mind trick on them so that they thought there were no Jedi on Lothal and duo left Lothal.[56]

Lothal Jedi Temple[]

"Now I have to know if you are ready."
"I am ready. Wait. Ready for what?"
"For a test, a real challenge, one that could determine if you're meant to be a Jedi... or not."
―Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger discussing Bridger's future[35]
Opening the Temple Entrance

Master and apprentice opening a passage to the Jedi temple on Lothal.

A few days later, Jarrus decided to put Bridger through a test to determine if the boy was meant to be a Jedi or not. Consulting the star maps in his holocron, he located a temple on Lothal, but prompted his apprentice to locate the temple by himself. Once he did, they landed the Phantom and entered the temple. Inside, Jarrus remained behind, waiting for Bridger to come back to the entryway, his life depending on his apprentice's return. Though initially surprised, Jarrus conferred with Yoda about his insecurities as a master. Nevertheless, Bridger returned with a kyber crystal in hand, and Jarrus explained that they were used to construct lightsabers.[35]

Over the course of several weeks, he helped—along with the rest of the crew—Bridger to build his own lightsaber. Jarrus provided his Padawan with some of the spare lightsaber parts he had found during his years in hiding. With all of the rebels assembled, the boy presented the weapon to Jarrus, who thought the design fit his apprentice, and returned it so that Bridger could ignite his lightsaber for the first time.[35]

Other missions[]

During a relief mission for Tarkintown, the Ghost delivered several crates of foodstuff to the settlers; unbeknownst to them, the food had been poisoned by Kallus, prompting those who had eaten to become ill, amongst them Mindiz, for whom Orrelios had a soft spot. Although they were planning to obtain the medicine from Capital City, Orrelios (thinking he had made a mistake) left on his own and prompted the others to go to his help at a medical facility. As they found Orrelios at Kallus' mercy, they intervened (after obtaining an antidote for the Tarkintown settlers) and engaged in a firefight with Kallus' men. When Kallus tried to attack the weakened Orrelios, Jarrus Force-pushed him and helped Orrelios board the Ghost. Afterwards, they distributed the medicine to the sick and saved them, including Mindiz.[57]

Dealing with Lando Calrissian[]

Sometime later, Jarrus accompanied Orrelios and Chopper to Old Jho's Pit Stop, where the Lasat engaged Lando Calrissian in a game of sabacc. Believing Orrelios would win, Jarrus allowed him to bet the droid, only to see Calrissian win the game. Because of it, Jarrus made a deal with Calrissian to smuggle some cargo past the Imperial blockade of Lothal. Along with Syndulla, he escorted Calrissian to make a deal with Azmorigan aboard the Merchant One, where he reluctantly agreed with Syndulla's decision to stay on Azmorigan's ship. Once she returned, but unable to get past the puffer pig blocking her way to the cockpit, Jarrus had to pilot the Ghost through the Imperial blockade and land in Calrissian's estate. Following a confrontation with Azmorigan's forces, they bid farewell to Calrissian, who had returned Chopper to them.[58]

Rescuing Gall Trayvis[]

Vision of Hope thumb

Jarrus, Bridger, and Syndulla protecting Gall Trayvis.

Jarrus later instructed Bridger in an exercise when the boy had a vision revolving around Senator Trayvis. Warning Bridger not to blindly trust his vision, he accompanied the rest of the crew to see the senator's transmission. Though Jarrus suspected something was amiss, he agreed to accompany the crew to the Lothal City Capitol Building to meet with the senator. They were soon ambushed, however, and had to retreat to the sewers, where they split up—Jarrus going with Orrelios and Wren, while Bridger, Syndulla and Trayvis went another way. Once they met up, Jarrus used the Force to stop the fan blocking their exit, and the rebels escaped from the Imperials as Trayvis (revealed to be an Imperial spy) regained consciousness. Once the rebels returned to the Ghost, Jarrus explained that Bridger interpreted his vision wrong by allowing his emotions to cloud it.[59]

Clawdite troubles[]

After Bridger had a vision of himself attacking Orrelios with his lightsaber three times, he came for advice to Jarrus, but he told him that he did not dwell too much on the vision. Then, Orrelios returned from a meeting with a contact to exchange information, and had learned that the Empire had put a bounty on their heads. However, Bridger soon discovered that a Clawdite had infiltrated the ship, prompting a small firefight against the intruder until being stunned by Bridger. In the end, they dropped off the Clawdite on a moon and left.[60]

Tarkin Arrives[]

"Whatever you want from me, you won't get it."
―Kanan Jarrus, to Wilhuff Tarkin[61]

After a raid near Jalath, Jarrus, Wren, and Bridger returned to the Ghost while Syndulla watched as Trayvis publicly proclaimed his loyalty to the Empire on the HoloNet. This, however, gave Jarrus the idea of broadcasting messages through Lothal's Imperial Communications Center. On their reconnaissance mission to the tower, Jarrus devised a plan with Wren's help, but unbeknownst to them, a dwarf probe droid warned the recently-arrived Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin of their presence.[61]

Gunships fire on comm tower

Jarrus watching as Tarkin's orders to destroy the tower are carried out.

Though Bridger voiced his concerns, Jarrus told him he now understood what Billaba had once tried to teach him about sacrifice, and continued with their self-imposed operation. As the crew infiltrated the tower, Jarrus realized the reinforcements were already closing in and made contact with Syndulla to meet them at the top. Despite Bridger's initial refusal to follow Jarrus's orders, he complied when Jarrus told him he would be right behind him, and locked the tower's door once both Agent Kallus and the Inquisitor appeared. At the prospect of losing his crew, Jarrus destroyed the entrance controls with his lightsaber and engaged in a duel with the Pau'an. Unable to reach the Phantom, he ordered Syndulla to leave without him, leading to his capture by Imperial forces. At sunrise, during his crew's broadcast, he met Tarkin and witnessed as the Empire destroyed the tower to end the rebels' message.[61]

Jarrus was then taken to the Sovereign, where he was tortured by the Inquisitor,[62] who wanted to know the location of other Rebel cells and the real identity of "Fulcrum," but Jarrus revealed nothing before his crew rescued him. During the interrogation, the Inquisitor taunted Jarrus by asking him how he survived Order 66, and saying that Billaba had given her life for his. When he asked him what his Master's last word was, Jarrus replied that she had told him to run. The Inquisitor then ignited Jarrus' lightsaber and told him that he had the right to be afraid, and that he would be unable to save his crew just as he couldn't save Billaba.[41]

Defeating the Grand Inquisitor[]

"That was a mistake."
"Why? Because you have no one left to die for you?"
"No. Because I have nothing left to fear."
―Kanan Jarrus and the Grand Inquisitor, after the latter incapacitates Ezra Bridger[41]
Fire Across the Galaxy thumb

Jarrus and the Inquisitor's final duel.

Separated from the others, Bridger freed Jarrus from his cell and helped the former Jedi walk until they reached the Star Destroyer's reactor, where the Inquisitor faced them. A fierce duel ensued, then, between Jarrus—who wielded Bridger's lightsaber—and the darksider. During one of their clashes, Bridger pulled Jarrus' lightsaber from the Inquisitor's belt and attempted to help, but his skill was no match for the Inquisitor's level. The Pau'an knocked the young apprentice off the platform, who then dropped his master's lightsaber.[41]

Initially shocked and dismayed, Jarrus quickly recovered and dueled the Inquisitor with renewed focus as he remembered his Jedi training and confronted his fear, using both his and Bridger's lightsaber. He managed to destroy the Grand Inquisitor's lightsaber, forcing him to hang on the ledge of the platform, while the pieces of the broken lightsaber fell into the reactor and irreparably damaged it. The darksider then warned Jarrus of things worse than death, before letting go and falling to the ship's exploding reactor. Relieved to discover that Bridger was still alive, the master-Padawan pair left Sovereign on board the Inquisitor's TIE fighter, which Jarrus used to shoot the Rebels' TIE-fighter pursuers.[41]

In the ensuing space battle, the rebels had to wait for Chopper to appear with the Ghost and, to their surprise, a small fleet. Docking the TIE fighters with Chopper's transport, Jarrus and the others made the jump to hyperspace, escaping the Mustafar system and the Imperial fleet. Once inside the transport, Jarrus embraced Syndulla, and together with the rest of the crew, boarded the Ghost. Syndulla then revealed Bail Organa's identity and the existence of other Rebel cells, just before "Fulcrum" identified herself as Ahsoka Tano, a former Padawan of the Jedi Order, and mentioned a change of protocol thanks to their message.[41]

Jarrus' rescue would be the one of the earliest rebel victories in the Galactic Civil War.[63]

More adventures[]


Jarrus, Syndulla, and Bridger see as Senator Tural leaves.

After stealing food from an Imperial ship, Syndulla responded to a distress call and rescued Thrad Senator Nadea Tural and brought her aboard the Ghost to treat her injuries, much to Jarrus' dismay. Nevertheless, Jarrus did provide some help when Syndulla tried to make the senator see the truth about the Imperial Senate's ineffectiveness, but before long, they were attacked by TIE fighters that took out the Ghost's shields and hyperdrive. They were promptly boarded by Commander Earll's forces, who intended to retrieve Senator Tural; they stunned Wren and Orrelios, and Earll herself took Bridger hostage. With no other option, Jarrus, Syndulla, and Chopper surrendered, and Earll gave the order to execute them. Tural intervened and impeded Earll from executing them, giving Jarrus time to Force push the stormtroopers around them, knocking them out. While Chopper fixed the hyperdrive and Syndulla prepared to make the jump to lightspeed, Jarrus and Bridger cleared the ship from troopers. The Ghost escaped then and they managed to drop the Senator off at Camson.[64]

The rebellion[]

Siege of Lothal[]

"We are fighting a bigger fight, but it's still the right fight."
"I survived one war. I'm not ready for another one. I saw what it did. "
"To the Jedi?"
"To everyone."
―Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus[38]
The Siege of Lothal Vader Kanan

Jarrus confronting Darth Vader.

Following the events over Mustafar, the Ghost crew joined the Phoenix Cell under Commander Jun Sato, which frequently raided Imperial shipping. However, due to his experiences with the Clone Wars and the Jedi Purge, Jarrus remained apprehensive and disdainful about their involvement with military; following a mission, he even allowed Chopper to relay a message to the Phoenix Home from the defecting Minister Tua, who offered Imperial secrets in exchange of passage off Lothal. Following some discussion, they agreed to rescue Tua. As he left the bridge, Syndulla confronted Jarrus about his breach of protocol earlier, but Jarrus expressed his concern with their involvement in a military operation and suggested that the crew leave the rebellion.[38]

Afterwards, the Ghost crew traveled to Lothal in a Star Commuter 2000 to avoid detection and headed to rescue her before she boarded the Sentinel-class landing craft that would take her to Grand Moff Tarkin. While Chopper and Orrelios stayed with the commuter, which served as their get-away transport, Jarrus accosted a Stormtrooper Commander, stole his armor and infiltrated the Imperials, whereas Syndulla, Bridger and Wren hid to provide covering fire from the surroundings rooftops. As planned, Tua arrived in a landspeeder, but the Ghost crew was forced to a skirmish, during which they succeeded in freeing Minister Tua, who entered the Sentinel-class shuttle. However, as arranged by Kallus, the shuttle exploded, causing Tua's death, to be used against the rebels.[38]

With the failure of their mission (and their commuter being disabled by an AT-DP walker), the Ghost crew was forced to retreat into hiding in Bridger's former residence. When it was attacked by stormtroopers, they decided to go to the Imperial Complex where they deduced Imperial forces were stretched thin due to the manhunt. Jarrus and Bridger, using his disguise as Imperials, transported the other four on crates and infiltrated the Imperial Armory Complex. Before they could make their escape, Darth Vader and his forces attacked them, and Jarrus and Bridger were forced to duel him. The Sith Lord proved to be more than a match for the two Jedi, but the rebels managed to escape the complex by stealing an Imperial shuttle. However, Vader had staged the entire affair, hoping to track the rebels back to their base of operations. To that end, he had ordered a homing beacon to be placed in the shuttle prior to the confrontation, knowing that the Rebels would have no option but to steal it.[38]

The fall of Tarkintown

Tarkintown destroyed.

Unable to leave Lothal with the shuttle alone, they contacted Calrissian for help, and he agreed to help them in exchange of three of their stolen 49-v99 Deflectors. When they reached his estate so that Calrissian's droid W1-LE could help them, Bridger and Jarrus visited Tarkintown, which had been burned and its settlers imprisoned on Vader's orders. When they returned, they found that Wren had programmed several masking transponders to replicate their stolen shuttle's signal and to pass through the blockade safely (a journey during which the crew decided to support the wider rebellion) and rendezvous with the Phoenix rebel fleet. However, Vader alone attacked with his TIE Advanced x1, causing extensive damage to Phoenix Squadron and the Phoenix Home, forcing Sato to abandon the ship.[38]

During the space battle, Tano—who accompanied the Ghost on its attack against Vader—sensed Vader's strength in the Force and asked Jarrus to help her in probing their opponent, but she passed out when she realized it could be her old master, Anakin Skywalker. With the fleet defeated, the Ghost made the jump to hyperspace and escaped,[38] to use the planet Garel as its new base of operations.[65]


"It was at the end, the end of the war. Our fellow soldiers, the clones, the ones we Jedi fought side by side with, suddenly turned and betrayed us. I watched them kill my master. She fought beside them for years and they gunned her down in a second! They came for me. Later they said they had chips in their heads that made them do it. Said they had no choice."
―Kanan Jarrus to Ezra Bridger, on Order 66[66]
Rex confronts Kanan

Rex tells a distrustful Jarrus that he didn't kill any Jedi.

When the Phoenix cell faced a shortage of bases and facilities, Tano suggested that they find an old friend who could have knowledge of abandoned bases left from the Clone Wars, a mission the Ghost crew accepted. Aboard their ship, they arrived in the Seelos system. While Syndulla and Chopper stayed behind to repair the freighter, Jarrus and the others flew down on the Phantom to Seelos, where they spotted an antiquated AT-TE walker and approached it, from where they were greeted by three veteran clones—Rex, Wolffe, and Gregor. While Bridger told Rex that they had been sent by Tano, he was reluctant to join the fight against the Empire, but agreed to put together a list of coordinates of bases and facilities for the rebellion. Meanwhile, Gregor convinced the Ghost team to help in a joopa hunt. Before they did so, Bridger told him he thought they could trust the clones, but Jarrus told him of Order 66; however, Rex intervened and countered he and his fellow clones had removed their inhibitor chips and disobeyed the order.[66]

Afterwards, even though they captured "Big Bongo" as a team effort, Jarrus was still uncomfortable and contacted Syndulla to discuss his concerns; she encouraged him to give the clones a second chance, pointing out that they had saved millions of lives, including her own. However, Wren discovered that Wolffe had secretly alerted the Empire to their presence and hidden Tano's messages; when confronted, Wolffe admitted his wrongdoing and asserted that he had wanted to protect his fellow clones from the Empire. With the Imperials approaching, Jarrus ordered Wren to contact Syndulla to scan for incoming Imperial vessels. An Imperial probe droid also damaged the Phantom before being destroyed by Rex.[66]

Kanan directs the AT-TE

Jarrus directs the clones through a sandstorm with the Force.

After Wren repaired the Phantom, and they had destroyed a TIE fighter during the Imperial assault, Jarrus and the others made preparations to leave, as Rex had supplied Bridger with the datachip he had promised them. However, three Imperial All Terrain Armored Transports led by Kallus threatened to shoot them down if the Phantom took flight and so, Rex directed their AT-TE into the approaching sandstorm—believing a Jedi would still be able to see through it with the Force. Guided by Jarrus, the clones outmaneuvered the Imperial walkers, while Bridger managed to destroy one of them by shooting at his weak point, the neck, giving them an opening to escape Kallus and the sandstorm. Jarrus and his team then escaped, but Bridger convinced Jarrus to help the clones against the Imperials.[67]

While Wren handled the controls of the Phantom, Jarrus, Bridger, and Orrelios hijacked one of the AT-AT walkers and used it to immobilize Kallus's walker before it could deliver a final blow against the crippled AT-TE walker. After Kallus and the surviving Imperials fled, the three clones saluted the Jedi for saving them, whereas Rex agreed to join the rebellion and to accompany the rebels back to the Phoenix fleet (while Wolffe and Gregor stayed on Seelos and made the AT-AT their new home).[67]

Phoenix fleet[]

During a mission to steal intel on Sienar Fleet Systems' new bombs and updates to their most recent TIE prototypes, Jarrus and Orrelios traveled to the planet Absanz and infiltrated one of the company's factories. In the dark, they made their way through a hangar when Dron Ryall appeared and told them that security would arrive shortly, but Jarrus and Orrelios forced Ryall to accompany them. However, despite Syndulla's disagreement, they attempted to continue with the kidnapping. As they were attacked, Ryall attempted to escape, prompting Orrelios to grab him once again, while Jarrus cleared the path to an Imperial shuttle. Manning the controls, he took off, with Orrelios and Ryall barely making it to the boarding ramp, until a Gozanti cruiser attacked. In the ensuing attack, Orrelios was forced to let go of Ryall and had to return to the Ghost.[68]

However, Rex's presence would be the cause of many arguments between him and Jarrus, eventually becoming so frequent that the others would try to avoid the two when they happened. One such was when Jarrus attempted to give Bridger a lesson on how to levitate objects by using Chopper, but the astromech and Wren had decided to play a prank on Bridger by locking Chopper's feet to the Ghost's metallic floor. The prank prompted the two to argue about discipline—for which Bridger sneaked with Wren, Chopper, and Orrelios on a mission—and to play a game of dejarik that Jarrus won just before they arrived and informed him about the two new Inquisitors sent to hunt them: the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother.[69]

On another occasion, Jarrus got into another argument with Captain Rex after Bridger had skipped a Jedi lesson to attend one of the Rex's blaster practice. When Jarrus and Rex began to argue about Bridger being a soldier or a Jedi, an exasperated Bridger then responded that he might not wish to be either, much to Jarrus' surprise. Before they could continue the conversation, Jarrus and the rest of the crew (except for Bridger and Chopper) participated in a mission to obtain fuel cells for the people of Rinn, who were experiencing an energy crisis. Later on, Jarrus met Hondo Ohnaka, after he had an adventure with Bridger, who told him he wasn't like Ohnaka anymore.[65]


"We can't beat that blockade, not without a better ship, with better firepower, and the best pilot at the controls."
―Kanan Jarrus, to Hera Syndulla[70]
Jun Sato and Quarrie

Jarrus and his comrades with Quarrie following the blockade run on Ibaar.

When a mission to bring relief supplies to Ibaar, blockaded by an Imperial fleet commanded by Kallus, ended up on loss of a CR90 corvette and Phoenix Leader, Rex suggested that they contact with an Mon Calamari engineer, Quarrie, who lived on Shantipole and had developed a prototype blockade buster. During the conference, Jarrus volunteered Syndulla against her will for the mission. While Syndulla was gone with the Phantom, Jarrus would pick up the last of the supplies with the Ghost, but when she was delayed, Jarrus decided to pilot the freighter himself in the second attempt to break the Imperial blockade at Ibaar.[70]

Helming the Ghost, Jarrus and the rest of the Phoenix fleet converged on Ibaar, where they were quickly joined by the Phantom, which carried the Prototype B6 to be piloted by Syndulla on its underside. Using the Blade Wing's composite-beam laser, Syndulla destroyed an Arquitens-class light cruiser. This enabled Jarrus to pilot the Ghost through the opening in the Imperial blockade and drop the supplies down to the Ibaarians. Following the successful relief of Ibaar, Syndulla was promoted as the new Phoenix Leader by Sato, at the recommendation of Jarrus.[70]

Interdictor infiltration[]

"Well, nice to know you care."
"Don't ruin this."
―Captain Rex and Kanan Jarrus[71]
Stealth Strike ep guide

Jarrus and Rex, undercover as stormtroopers to rescue Bridger, Jun Sato, and his crew.

Following Bridger and Sato's capture by the Imperial Interdictor in the Del Zennis system, the Ghost received Sato's distress call; Syndulla then decided that Jarrus and Captain Rex would infiltrate the Interdictor disguised as stormtroopers, with Chopper as company, while she and Phoenix Squadron would wait for their signal to help their escape. Aboard the stolen Shuttle S257, Rex used emergency protocols (much to Jarrus' annoyance) to trick the Interdictor's crew into letting their shuttle board, whereas Jarrus used a mind trick to let them further into the ship. When Chopper learned that Bridger was being transferred to a secure cell, Jarrus and Rex raced to his encounter.[71]

When they arrived, Bridger mistook them for stormtroopers and shot at them with his lightsaber, stunning Jarrus and Rex. When the two recovered, they broke into an argument over how to proceed with their mission, and an exasperated Bridger departed with Chopper to sabotage the ship's gravity well projectors. Jarrus and Rex, in turn, made it to the detention cell where Commander Sato and his crew were being held. While Rex held off their pursuers, Jarrus entered the cell and freed their comrades, and made their way to Sato's CR90 corvette Liberator. However, they were cornered by more stormtroopers. Despite Jarrus's opposition, Rex decided to hold back the Imperials while Jarrus and the other rebels escaped, and Rex was taken prisoner.[71]

Sensing Rex's distress, Jarrus realized he thought of the clone as a friend and instructed Bridger and Chopper to head back to the corvette while he went back and rescued Rex. Using his disguise, Jarrus infiltrated the Interdictor's command bridge and intervened in Rex's torture by Admiral Brom Titus. As Titus escaped, Jarrus and Rex fled the Interdictor aboard an escape pod and linked it to Sato's corvette. Before long, the Imperial Interdictor's gravity well projectors began to malfunction due to Chopper's sabotage and began pull everything towards itself, including its two escort Arquitens-class command cruisers. When the Imperial Interdictor and its escorts were destroyed in the ensuing explosion, the rebels managed to escape, and as a result of their joint mission, Jarrus had a newfound respect for Rex, who thanked the Jedi for rescuing him.[71]


"They're Force sensitive. I've seen this before. A Sith Lord attempted the same thing back in the Clone Wars, but the Jedi Order stopped him."
"And now there's no Jedi Order to protect them. Okay, I guess that task falls to us now."
―Ahsoka Tano and Kanan Jarrus[72]
Surrounded by Inquisitors

Jarrus, Orrelios, and Bridger besieged by the Inquisitors.

Following the kidnapping of Alora over Chandel by the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister, Jarrus accepted a mission from Tano to help her investigate two sets of coordinates, saying they needed to obtain whatever the Inquisitors were after before them, and advising him to take Bridger and Orrelios. The three, plus Chopper, traveled on the Phantom to Takobo; there, their coordinates led them to a housing unit in the settlement of Hammertown. While Orrelios and Chopper scanned the spaceport for any sign of the Inquisitors, the master and Padawan traveled to the housing unit, where they an an Ithorian mother named Oora, whose home had been ransacked by the Inquisitors.[72]

Jarrus and Bridger promised Oora, who had sent her infant son Pypey away with a decoy droid, that they would find Pypey before the Inquisitors; he also informed Orrelios of their discovery, and Jarrus was in turn told of the other baby, Alora, and that they had discovered and sabotaged the Inquisitors' TIEs. Then, Jarrus instructed Orrelios to pick Pypey up while Chopper took care of Alora. When the Lasat found Pypey and was cornered by the Inquisitors, Jarrus and Bridger traveled to the apartment complex where Orrelios was hiding and met with him. However, Pypey began to cry after sensing Bridger's fear, and the Inquisitors quickly located them and stabbed their lightsabers through their room's floor and door. Eluding the Inquisitors, the rebels decided to split up—while Bridger would head into a ventilation shaft with Pypey, Jarrus and Orrelios would hold off the two Inquisitors. When they detected and almost killed Bridger, Jarrus and Orrelios intervened and took on the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother respectively, but were quickly bested by them.[72]

Left with no other choice, they escaped by jumping out of a window and landing on a speeder by chance, but were promptly followed by the inquisitors who commandeered another speeder. During the chase, Jarrus disabled their ship, but their too was taken down by the Brother's lightsaber. Forced to flee on foot, Jarrus and Orrelios met with Bridger outside the spaceport and, unable to open the gates, they had to face the Inquisitors once again. The Jedi hunters quickly overpowered them, but before they could take the baby, Tano appeared and dueled them; under her orders, Jarrus and the other fled aboard the Phantom with Pypey. Tano managed to defeat them, but she was forced to flee when Imperial reinforcements arrived at the airport. While in hyperspace, they reunited Pypey with his mother, Oora. Tano also revealed to Jarrus that a a similar attempt to abduct Force-sensitive children had occurred during the Clone Wars. Yet, unbeknownst to them, Bridger had been recorded mentioning their current location on Garel by one of the Seventh Sister's ID9 seeker droids.[72]

Return to Lothal[]

"Thank you for everything you've done for me. You're always there when I need you most."
"Hey. I know what it's like to lose someone close and not have anyone. When I lost my master, I was alone. Regardless of how this turns out, I didn't want you to be."
―Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus[17]
Leia and the Ghost crew

Jarrus and his crew working alongside Princess Leia Organa.

During a discussion to find a viable base for the rebellion, Jarrus and Syndulla were interrupted by Bridger, who had received a vision of his parents Ephraim and Mira Bridger. Seeing his apprehension, the two disclosed what Tseebo had shared about the fate of the Bridgers: they had been imprisoned within a network of Imperial prisons scattered throughout the galaxy, but the rebels were unable to determine which one. Thanks to Commander Sato, they received word that there had been a mass breakout from an Imperial prison on Lothal, and provided a list of prisoners. Jarrus instructed Bridger to locate the truth on the list, and Bridger let the Force single out "Prisoner X-10." Jarrus then offered to accompany him to Lothal.[17]

Shortly thereafter, Imperial forces launched an attack on the Phoenix rebel presence on Garel, prompting Jarrus and Bridger to help Orrelios and Chopper escape a squad of stormtroopers under Kallus' command. However, when the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother arrived and goaded Bridger into a fight, Jarrus shot the blast doors close and reminded his apprentice that they had to focus on their mission to get to Lothal. Once the Ghost had departed to save Sato's command ship Liberator, Jarrus, Bridger and Chopper departed on the Phantom for Lothal. They managed to find a gap in the Imperial fleet and jumped into hyperspace.[17]

Upon their arrival at Lothal, the master-Padawan pair landed in Capital City and visited the latter's former home, which had been razed to the ground by the Empire. Jarrus then advised Bridger to follow the Force, for which they encountered a white loth-cat that led them to the wilderness. Eventually, they found the loth-cat and a speeder bike, as well as a hooded figure that fired at them. After Bridger managed to placate the stranger by revealing that he was the son of Ephraim and Mira, "Prisoner X-10" identified himself as Ryder Azadi. He explained that the Bridgers had been killed during the escape attempt and Bridger told him that he had another vision of his parents, Jarrus taught his Padawan that the Jedi believed that life did not end with death but merely changed form. To comfort Bridger, he told him that his parents would always be with him.[17]

Giving Bridger some time off, Jarrus contacted Syndulla and told her what had happened; in turn, she informed him that Bail Organa had sent reinforcements: three Sphyrna-class Hammerhead corvettes for the fleet. Before leaving, Jarrus tried to convince Azadi to fight the Empire, but when Azadi refused, Jarrus continued with their assignment. They left Chopper behind with the Phantom to meet with the Alderaanian delegation at the depot near Jalath. Upon the cruisers' landing, Jarrus and Bridger (disguised again as a stormtrooper and cadet, respectively) received Organa's delegate and daughter, Princess Leia Organa, whom they escorted and who intended for the Spectres to steal her ships.[73]

As Organa spoke to Lieutenant Yogar Lyste, and saw that gravity lock were clamped to the relief cruisers to prevent the robbery by Rebel forces, Organa, Jarrus and Bridger used Lyste's shuttle to leave the depot. Chopper then informed that stormtroopers had found him and Azadi, for which Jarrus decided to intervene and save Azadi from execution. So did the Ghost, prompting Jarrus to make it look as if the rebels were taking the princess, himself and the cadet prisoners. When they escaped aboard the Ghost, Jarrus advised Organa (who found herself in a similar position of responsibility as Bridger) to talk with him. Afterwards, when they formulated a plan to recover the cruisers, Jarrus and Bridger escorted Organa to the depot to distract Lyste while Azadi, Wren and Chopper unlocked the gravity locks and took control of P1, and Syndulla provided air support.[73]

However, when the walkers proved resilient to the Ghost's armament, Jarrus ordered Bridger to secure P2 while he handled the walker. Jarrus then charged at the tank, ignited his lightsaber and leapt, slicing the walker's left legs. As it fell, he took off in the second cruiser, P3, while Azadi escaped in P2 and Bridger boarded P1 (piloted by Wren). With the ships secure, they met with the Phoenix fleet.[73]

Trouble at Concord Dawn[]

Fenn Rau captured

Kanan captures Fenn Rau and takes him back to the Rebellion.

With the Empire continuing to hunt down the fledgling rebellion in the Outer Rim, Kanan and several other rebels including Hera, Sabine, Rex, and Commander Sato attended a meeting to discuss opening a new hyperspace route to the Lothal sector. During the meeting, Sabine suggested the Concord Dawn system, which was home to a Mandalorian colony known as the Mandalorian Protectors. While Commander Sato advocated sending a military force to deal with the Mandalorians, Kanan and Hera suggested negotiating for safe passage with the Protectors. Despite his reservations, Sato consented to Hera's diplomatic approach.[26]

Unfortunately, Hera's diplomatic mission to the Protectors failed since their leader Fenn Rau had aligned his warriors with the Empire. Several RZ-1 A-wing interceptors were destroyed during a dogfight above Concord Dawn. Hera survived but was seriously wounded during the dogfight. Kanan comforted Sabine who blamed herself for Hera's injuries. At a later briefing, Kanan and the other crew of the Ghost including Ezra, Zeb, and Chopper were present when Sabine recommended a retaliatory military action against the Protectors. Sabine had managed to track down the Protectors' Fang fighters to a base on the third moon of Concord Dawn. Kanan suggested infiltrating the base and destroying the starfighters. While Commander Sato approved the mission, Kanan insisted on going solo since he did not want to risk the lives of his crew. Instead, he asked Chopper to come along.[26]

Kanan and Chopper traveled to the Concord Dawn system in the Phantom, the Ghost's auxiliary ship. Upon arriving, the two discovered that Sabine had stowed aboard, intent on revenge against Fenn Rau. As they approached the third moon, Kanan informed Sabine that he still wanted to negotiate with the Protectors. Upon approaching the moon, Chopper dropped them off near the Protectors camp before flying the Phantom away from the base. While performing reconnaissance on the outskirts of the camp, Jarrus and Wren discovered that the base housed eight fighters in total, including the ones that attacked Phoenix Squadron. Kanan allowed Sabine to plant explosives on each of them but ordered her to only activate them if diplomacy failed.[26]

Later, Kanan and Sabine witnessed the arrival of an Imperial landing ship carrying supplies for the Protectors. The two rebels also saw Rau conversing with an Imperial officer and informing him of his encounter with the rebels. Having realized that the Protectors were working for the Empire, Sabine expressed doubts about the success of Kanan's plans. Nonetheless, they proceeded with Kanan's plan to seek diplomacy and only use hostilities as a last resort. While Sabine began planting her explosives, Kanan made his way into Rau's personal quarters and introduced himself to the Protectors' leader.[26]

In an attempt to win the Clone Wars veteran over, Kanan introduced himself as a Jedi and explained that he too had fought in the Third Battle of Mygeeto, where he and his master, Depa Billaba, were saved by Rau and Skull Squadron from a Separatist attack. While Rau recalled the battle, he still demanded to know why Kanan was infiltrating his base. Kanan then asked the Mandalorian warrior to join the rebellion but Rau was unwilling to fight against the Empire. In Rau's view, the rebellion had no chance of victory and thus he saw no reason to join a losing side. Despite Kanan's arguments, Rau refused to commit to fighting what he regarded as another losing war with the Jedi.[26]

Kanan's conversation with Rau was interrupted when several Protectors entered the room, reporting that they had captured Sabine and that she had invoked the Mandalorian code to seek justice through combat. Rau accepted Sabine's challenge since her clan was part of House Vizsla, which had sided with the Death Watch, the adversaries of the Protectors during the Clone Wars. Kanan disagreed with Sabine's plan and tried unsuccessfully to convince her to stand down. Sabine responded by telling the Jedi to trust her. During the duel, Sabine shot Rau's blaster pistol out of his hand and triggered her explosives, destroying seven of the eight Fang fighters.[26]

However, Rau's fighter remained intact and he took it into space to attack the rebel fleet. Using his Force powers, Kanan jumped onto the Fang fighter and managed to hang on to it despite Rau's best efforts to shake him off. Using his lightsaber, Kanan was able to damaged Rau's starfighter and breach the Mandalorian warrior's cockpit. After knocking Rau out, he grabbed the Mandalorian and jumped into the rear entrance of the Phantom, where he was joined by Chopper and Sabine. Having completed their mission to destroy the Protectors' starfighters, the three rebels traveled back on the Phantom to rejoin the Phoenix fleet.[26]

While traveling back to the rebel fleet, Rau stirred. Kanan then ordered his captive to contact the Protectors and order them to stand down and to keep his capture a secret from the Empire. Rau also granted the rebels safe passage through the Concord Dawn system. The rebels returned to the fleet with Rau in tow where he was taken into custody. Following their mission, Kanan and Sabine visited Hera, who was pleased with its outcome.[26]

Journey to Lira San[]

Fight in Nixus Hub 218

Kanan and Hera fighting Imperial forces at Nixus Hub 218.

Kanan and the other crew of the Ghost accompanied Ezra to Nixus Hub 218. Ezra had received a tip about two refugees from his former "business partner" Hondo Ohnaka. After arriving in the spaceport, they discovered that the two refugees were Lasat. Imperial troops had also been alerted to their arrival and arrested the refugees. Kanan and his rebel companions quickly intervened to save the Lasat prisoners. During the ensuing melee, Kanan shot one stormtrooper and then held pointed his blaster at the commanding officer. Ezra then knocked out the officer by stunning him with his lightsaber.[39]

The rebels discovered that the two Lasat refugees were the former Lasan High Honor Guardsman Gron and the mystic Chava the Wise, who had survived the Fall of Lasan. Both of them recognized Zeb as a former Captain in the Lasan Honor Guard, something which he had withheld from the other rebels. They were searching for the legendary world of Lira San, which was purported to be a safe refuge for the Lasat. After freeing Gron and Chava, Kanan and his companions made their way back to the Ghost's hangar bay but were pursued by stormtrooper reinforcements. During the ensuing blaster battle, Kanan and Hera exchanged fire with the stormtroopers. The rebels managed to make their way back to the Ghost with the help of Hondo, who sealed several exits which prevented the stormtroopers from apprehending them.[39]

The Ghost then escaped Nixus and fled into hyperspace. While traveling through space, Chava and Gron began a Lasat ritual designed to reveal Lira San's location since the planet was considered uncharted. Chava believed that Lira San would only be revealed after the "child of Lasan" had saved the "warrior" and the "fool." Kanan and Chopper watched as the ceremony unfolded while Ezra took part. Disbelieving the prophecy and feeling guilt about his failure to stop the Fall of Lasan, Zeb temporarily withdrew but was persuaded to return by Ezra, who convinced him that he had a second chance to save his people.[39]

After Zeb and Ezra returned, Kanan and the other crew of the Ghost including Hera and Sabine watched the ceremony's proceedings. While Chopper activated a holographic map of the galaxy, Zeb activated his bo-rifle while Chava ignited her staff. This created an electrical reaction that pointed Lira San's location to a set of coordinates in Wild Space, a region beyond the Outer Rim Territories. The rebels then traveled to Lira San's coordinates but discovered their path blocked by an imploded star cluster. Their problems were further compounded when Agent Kallus' Imperial light cruiser caught up with them. Kallus issued an ultimatum that the rebels had one minute to surrender before he destroyed the Ghost.[39]

Fulfilling the ancient Lasat prophecy, Zeb used his bo-rifle to guide the Ghost through the maelstrom into the star cluster, a feat that was considered suicidal and dangerous. The Imperial light cruiser attempted to follow the rebels but was forced back by the gravitational pull of the star cluster. Believing that the rebels were doomed, Kallus ordered a full retreat. Kanan and Ezra supported Zeb by holding their hands on his back and arms as he guided the Ghost through the maelstrom. Shortly the ship's hyperdrive kicked in, and the Ghost jumped to hyperspace. Kanan and the other rebels were knocked out by the bright blast of the star cluster.[39]

Upon awakening, Kanan and his companions found themselves in unknown space and sighted Lira San in the horizon. Kanan and the other rebels stayed aboard the Ghost while Zeb, Gron, and Chava traveled down to Lira San in the Phantom. When Zeb returned, Kanan and the other rebels learned that Lira San was the original homeworld of the Lasat species and that it was already home to millions of Lasat. While Gron and Chava had decided to settle on their new homeworld, Zeb returned to his rebel comrades and vowed to bring more Lasat to Lira San. Having discovered a safe route through the star cluster, the crew of the Ghost then returned into the known galaxy.[39]

Raid on the Asteroid Belt Gas Refinery[]

Asteroid Belt Gas Refinery

Kanan, the crew and a group of purrgil prepare to attack the Asteroid Belt Gas Refinery.

Later, Kanan and his fellow rebels took part in a raid on a Mining Guild Asteroid Belt Gas Refinery to obtain fuel supplies for the Ghost and the Phoenix rebels. On the way, the Ghost ran into a herd of purrgil. While Hera wanted to fire on the purrgil, Kanan urged caution while Ezra counselled them to fly the ship in the direction that the purrgil were traveling in. This had the effect of calming the purrgil. Later, Kanan and his fellow rebels came to the aid of the purrgil when two TIE/mg Mining Guild starfighters strafed the herd. Kanan managed to shoot down the first fighter while his apprentice Ezra shot down the second.[74]

As the Ghost approached the gas refinery, Kanan and his fellow rebels realized that the purrgil were traveling to the same destination. They landed on an asteroid overlooking the Mining Guild refinery. Kanan attended a cockpit briefing where Hera and Sabine outlined their plans to steal several Clouzon-36 canisters from the refinery and destroy the facility in order to deny the Empire access to it. As part of the raid, Kanan along with Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper would jump from the Ghost into the facility. Prior to the jump, Kanan and the other sentients donned helmets. For this mission, Kanan wore a stormtrooper helmet which had been painted over by Sabine.[74]

While Kanan and the other rebels successfully landed on the bridge, Ezra miscalculated his jump and plummeted into the gassy atmosphere in the planetoid below. However, Kanan used the Force to lift Ezra out. Shortly thereafter, they were attacked by several Rodian Mining Guild guards. Under Kanan's orders, Sabine activated the detonators, but Ezra convinced her not to do it because the purrgil depended on the gas to survive. Changing their plans, Kanan ordered Ezra to man one of the gun emplacements while the other rebels secured the landing zone for the Ghost to land.[74]

After the Ghost landed on the landing zone, Kanan and his companions did their best to hold back the Mining Guild Boss Yushyn and his security forces. While the other rebels loaded the fuel canisters onto the Ghost, Kanan leapt on top of the ship and used his lightsaber to deflect laser blasts. A short time later, Ezra was knocked into the abyss below by laser fire. By that stage, Yushyn had managed to surround the rebels with cannons and more guards. Kanan himself was cornered by two more Mining Guild TIE fighters. Yushyn then demanded that the rebels, whom he denounced as thieves, surrender.[74]

Fortunately for Kanan and his companions, they were relieved by Ezra and the purrgil herd. Ezra had managed to make contact with the Purrgil King and convinced them to work together to defeat the Mining Guild. The purrgil quickly overwhelmed the Mining Guild forces, allowing Kanan and his rebel companions to finish refueling the Ghost and to flee offworld with the stolen canisters. Before leaving, the Ghost destroyed the gas refinery, causing it to collapse into the planetoid below. Later in space, Kanan and the other rebels reunited with Ezra, who revealed that the purrgil depended on the gas as nourishment and to travel through hyperspace. The rebels then followed the purrgil on their journey through hyperspace.[74]

Mission to Ryloth[]

The crew of the Ghost

Kanan (third from the right) and his fellow rebels bid farewell to their new Twi'lek allies.

Following a raid that ended with the death of the starfighter pilot Phoenix Two, Kanan and Hera contacted Commander Jun Sato. With the rebels losing starfighters and pilots to the Empire at a faster rate than they could replace, Sato advised the rebels to steal an Imperial fighter carrier seen orbiting above Ryloth. Realizing that they needed help, Hera contacted Cham Syndulla, Syndulla's estranged father and the leader of the Ryloth rebels. Cham agreed to help the Spectres and rendezvoused with the Ghost in deep space.[75]

Prior to the meeting, Kanan was tense about meeting his lover's father and took it out on Ezra. When Cham and his companions Numa and Gobi Glie entered the Ghost, Kanan introduced his rebel companions except Chopper. Cham was impressed by the crew of the Ghost, whom he described as a "fine band" of rebels. Kanan was present when Hera briefed the two rebel cells about her plan to use a stolen TIE/sa bomber to infiltrate and hijack the Imperial fighter carrier. However, Cham disagreed with her plan and advocated destroying the ship to demonstrate the Ryloth rebels' strength. In response, Kanan backed up Hera by telling Cham that they needed to put aside their differences and work together to achieve a win-win situation for all.[75]

Cham reluctantly agreed to the plan and the two rebel cells departed on Cham's Nu-class attack shuttle. During the journey, Cham regaled Kanan and his fellow rebels with stories about his exploits during the Clone Wars and the Battle of Lessu. Cham's companions, Numa and Gobi, also befriended the rebels, and Kanan seemed taken in by Cham. However, Hera warned him that her father could not be fully trusted. Upon exiting hyperspace, the rebels put their plans into action and departed on their stolen TIE bomber for the fighter-carrier. To get aboard the ship, Hera arranged for two rebel A-wing starfighters to attack their bomber. This fooled the Imperial crew into believing that they were Imperials who had come under attack from rebel forces.[75]

Kanan and the rebels managed to land in one of the fighter carrier's hangar bay. However, Cham and his companions then turned on the Spectres and stunned them. After knocking out Kanan and his companions, the three Ryloth rebels proceeded with their original plan to blow up the fighter-carrier with detonators. When Kanan and his fellow rebels awoke, they realized that Cham had betrayed them. Kanan commented that he had been foolish to be taken in by Hera's father. While Zeb and Sabine made their way to the munitions racket to stop Numa and Gobi, Kanan and the other three rebels made their way to the command bridge.[75]

After fighting through stormtroopers and dodging blast doors, the four rebels entered the command bridge. There, Ezra used a Jedi mind trick to force the Imperial commander to order a general evacuation of his ship. Soon Kanan and his comrades encountered Cham, who had already sabotaged the ship's hyperdrive. However, Zeb and Sabine had managed to knock out and capture his companions Numa and Gobi. Following a lengthy argument, Hera won over her father and convinced Cham to help them steal the fighter carrier. Putting aside their differences, the two rebel cells rebuffed an attempt by Imperial reinforcements to retake the fighter carrier.[75]

After Chopper repaired the hyperdrive and the rebels managed to destroy an Imperial light cruiser, Kanan and the other rebels were able to escape with the stolen fighter carrier into hyperspace. Later, Kanan was present with the other crew when they bid farewell to Cham and his companions. By that time, Hera and Cham had reconciled and come to respect each other.[75]

Mission to Geonosis[]

Kanan stands his ground

Kanan holds off a group of stormtroopers aboard the station while Chopper reopens the blast door.

After rebel intelligence discovered that the Empire was building something above the planet Geonosis, Kanan and his fellow rebels undertook a mission to acquire any information they could find aboard an Imperial construction module. While Hera, Rex, and Chopper stayed aboard the Ghost, Kanan along with Ezra, Zeb, and Sabine ventured into the structure. Shortly, they discovered that they had stumbled into a trap set by the Imperial Security Bureau Agent Kallus, a perennial foe of the Spectres. Following a struggle, Kanan and his rebel comrades with the exception of Zeb managed to flee aboard the Ghost into space.[76]

Meanwhile, Zeb and his pursuer Kallus ended up in an escape pod which landed on the icy moon of Bahryn. There, the two nominal adversaries struck an unlikely friendship in order to survive the cold and several bonzami predators. Back in space, Kanan and his fellow rebels were pursued by several TIE fighters. In an attempt to shake off the Imperials, Hera flew the Ghost through an Imperial construction module. Kanan then used one of the ship's turret cannons to shoot down a TIE fighter, causing it to collide with an AT-DP walker.[76]

After failing to locate Zeb's trajectory, Kanan and Ezra took the Phantom for a sweep of the planet Geonosis but were unable to pick up Zeb's transponder. The following day, Zeb managed to repair his transponder and the crew of the Ghost were able to home in on his location on Bahryn. Kanan and his fellow rebels greeted the Lasat on the Ghost gangplank before returning to space.[76]

Return to Lothal's temple[]

"By the right of the Council, by the will of the Force, Kanan Jarrus, you may rise."
"Wait, what does this mean?"
"You are what I once was: a Knight of the Jedi Order.
―Kanan Jarrus and The Sentinel[77]
Kanan vs the Sentinel

Kanan fights a Sentinel in his vision at the Lothal Jedi Temple.

While searching for a suitable planet to house the rebellion's base, Kanan and Ezra had another encounter with the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother. After a brief duel, Kanan and Ezra escaped on a tibidee that Ezra was controlling through the Force and once the pair boarded the Phantom, they escaped into space with Chopper. Once in hyperspace, Kanan instructed Hera to rendezvous with them in deep space to avoid exposing the fleet to the Inquisitors. Upon returning to the Ghost, Kanan and Ezra decided to return to the temple on Lothal in order to seek out Master Yoda and find a way to defeat the Empire, due to their previous encounter with the Grand Master in the same location. The two Jedi arrived on Lothal in the Phantom accompanied by Ahsoka Tano, who was conducting her own investigation into the Sith Lord Darth Vader.[77]

While meditating in the temple, Kanan entered a vision in which he saw a Jedi Temple Guard known as the Sentinel within a dojo. The Sentinel warned Jarrus that Bridger would fall to the dark side of the Force and that the boy had to be eliminated. Grabbing another lightsaber off the wall, Jarrus refused and engaged him in a lightsaber duel, holding off the Sentinel and two other guards. By the end of the duel, Jarrus refused to fight any further and admitted that while he may not be able to protect Bridger forever, he would continue to do his best to train him. The Sentinel looked as if he was about to strike Jarrus down, but instead knighted him and removed his mask to reveal the face of the Grand Inquisitor.[77]

Knighthood AoN

The Sentinel knights Kanan a Jedi Knight before revealing himself to be the Grand Inquisitor.

Jarrus asked what everything that had happened meant, and the Sentinel said that it meant Jarrus was now a Jedi Knight, as he himself used to be. As the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother entered the temple, the Sentinel told Jarrus to flee and said he would hold off the enemy. Jarrus, Bridger, and Tano managed to escape the temple and return to the Phantom. Safe for the moment, Ezra revealed he had spoken to Yoda and that he had been told to find Malachor. Ahsoka explained that Malachor was not a person, as Ezra assumed, but a place.[77]

Heist at Horizon Base[]

With the Phoenix Squadron's former Imperial fighter carrier lacking sufficient fuel supplies to travel to the Yost system to set up a base, Kanan and his companions instead took part in a mission to steal fuel from the Imperial fuel depot at Horizon Base. Upon landing, Kanan and his fellow rebels headed to the fuel depot while Chopper stayed behind to guard the Ghost. As they approached the depot, the rebels found it heavily guarded. Kanan told his rebel companions to get the fuel "quietly with no complications." Despite Kanan's warning, the rebel heist attracted the attention of Imperial forces, who chased them back to the Ghost. Despite making it back safely, they were forced to leave Chopper behind since the droid had become distracted by an droid leg on sale at a nearby stall.[78]

Kanan and his fellow rebels traveled back to the fleet only to find it under attack from Imperial forces under Admiral Kassius Konstantine, who gave orders that the Ghost not be allowed to reach the fighter carrier. Fortunately for Kanan and his team, Sabine's friend Ketsu Onyo used her starship Shadow Caster to shield the rebels from enemy fire. This allowed the rebels to unload refuel the fighter carrier. The rebels aborted their trip to the Yost system after receiving information from Chopper and the former Imperial inventory droid AP-5 that the Empire had set a trap there. Instead, AP-5 and Chopper relayed the coordinates for Atollon, a world lacking an Imperial presence. Kanan and the rest of the rebel fleet managed to flee there.[78]

After arriving above Atollon, Kanan and Hera checked the coordinates and found that the world was indeed devoid of any Imperial presence. The rebels were also rejoined by Chopper and AP-5, who had stolen an Imperial cargo ship. Kanan and the other rebels were present when Sabine repaired AP-5, who had been shot by an Imperial officer during the heist of the fighter carrier. Chopper sacrificed his stolen droid leg to provide Sabine with the necessary parts to repair AP-5. Kanan and the other rebels watched in shock and bemusement when AP-5 chided Chopper for the "illogical act" of sacrificing his stolen droid leg. When Chopper responded with a string of expletives, AP-5 replied in turn.[78]

Preparing for the journey[]

Kanan and Ezra lightsaber practice

Kanan and Ezra sparring with their lightsabers on a low-power setting.

Following the discovery of Atollon, the Phoenix rebels established a base on the planet called Chopper Base. The crew of the Ghost assisted with the establishment of the base by ferrying supplies. During one such supply run, Kanan took the opportunity to have a lightsaber training session with Ezra. The lightsaber session ended in a draw with Ezra pointing his blade at Kanan's neck and Kanan pointing his blade at Ezra's chest. When Ezra remarked that they won by killing Inquisitors, Kanan replied that they won by surviving. Shortly, Hera and Sabine arrived from the cockpit to watch the session. After a brief chat, the two Jedi continued their sparring.[79]

After landing at Chopper Base, Kanan tried to make conversation with Hera, but she was still upset about his and Ezra's plans to depart with Ahsoka for the planet Malachor. Later that day, Kanan managed to talk with Hera. While she was still uneasy about their travel plans, Kanan stressed that the Jedi had to visit Malachor in order for the rebellion to succeed. Kanan and the other Spectres subsequently responded to a distress call from Sabine and Rex, who had come under attack from several spider-like predators called krykna. Earlier, Sabine and Rex had visited the northern perimeter to search for Lieutenant Dicer, who had disappeared while planting a sensor beacon there.[79]

The rebels managed to save Sabine from the krykna, but Rex was taken captive by the creatures. Kanan and his fellow rebels entered the krykna's underground lair to rescue their rebel comrade. Under Hera's orders, Kanan and Ezra split up from the main group and searched a different part of the tunnels. Hera wanted the other rebels to get used to working without their Jedi comrades. Shortly, Kanan and Ezra encountered a krykna. After Ezra failed to establish a Force connection with the creature, Kanan slew the spidery creature with his lightsaber. When Ezra protested, Kanan chided his apprentice for his lack of common sense.[79]

Kanan and Hera farewell

Kanan sees Hera for the last time, as he bids her farewell before the journey to Malachor.

Kanan and Ezra subsequently managed to reunite with their rebel comrades, who had freed Rex. Following a skirmish with the krykna, they managed to flee back to the Ghost. The rebels attempted to flee on the Ghost but the krykna spun a large web around the starship, preventing their escape. When the krykna tried to storm the ship, Kanan along with Ezra and Zeb used the ship's laser cannons to blaste the intruders. Kanan and Ezra later assisted Sabine's escape plan which involved recovering the sensor marker and slashing through the krykna's web. As part of the plan, Kanan and Ezra used their Force powers to hurl Sabine towards the sensor marker. While Sabine distracted the krykna with the sensor marker, Kanan and Ezra managed to free the ship from the krykna's web with their lightsabers.[79]

After escaping the krykna, Kanan supported Hera's call to maintain the rebel base on Atollon and came up with a plan to hold the krykna at bay by constructing a fence consisting of several sensor markers. The following day, Sabine told Kanan that Hera wanted to speak to him. She explained that Hera was supportive of their mission to Malachor but feared that she would never see him or Ezra again. When Kanan tried to reassured Hera, she told him that she preferred that they face their challenges together. Before leaving for Malachor, Kanan promised Hera that they would see each other again before hugging her.[79]

Mission to Malachor[]

The temple

Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka find a Sith Temple in the depths of Malachor.

Arriving on Malachor, Kanan, Ezra and Ahsoka explored the ruins surrounding a Sith temple beneath the planet's surface when they were attacked by the Eighth Brother. The fight caused Ezra to fall to another level of the ruins, and he told the others to pursue the Inquisitor, claiming he would find them. Kanan and Ahsoka pursued the Eighth Brother to his TIE fighter when Chopper, defying orders to stay at the Phantom, appeared and commandeered the vehicle, forcing him to surrender. The temple soon began to light up, and Kanan, deducing Ezra was responsible, escorted the handcuffed Inquisitor to the temple's entrance.[80]

There, the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother attacked Kanan and freed their comrade. During the duel, Ezra emerged from the temple with none other than Maul, the one whom the Eighth Brother had been hunting. Maul activated his double-bladed lightsaber and demonstrated his prowess against the Inquisitors, forcing them to retreat. Revealing they had recovered a Sith holocron, Ezra convinced Kanan and Ahsoka to trust Maul, who was no longer a Sith Lord and had a mutual enemy in the Empire. As they climbed the temple, Maul advised they split up to divide the Inquisitors' attention, and Kanan reluctantly agreed Ezra go with Maul to help him ascend the pyramid.[80]

Kanan and Ahsoka fought the Fifth and Eighth Brothers, while Maul and Ezra engaged and killed the Seventh Sister. Maul descended and killed the Fifth Brother, while Kanan damaged the Eighth Brother's lightsaber, causing him to be killed when he attempted to use its rotor function to flee. Kanan asked where Ezra was, which prompted Maul to reply by burning out the Jedi's eyes with his lightsaber. As he dueled Ahsoka, Maul revealed he had sent Ezra up to activate the temple, which was actually a battle station that he would strike with at all his enemies. As Ezra unwittingly used the holocron to activate the temple's superweapon, Kanan found his dropped lightsaber and donned an ancient Jedi Temple Guard helmet, and ordered Ahsoka to leave and find Ezra. Relying on the Force and his other senses, the blind Jedi grabbed Maul's arm and, coupled with the surrounding statues, threw him off the pyramid.[80]


Together, Ezra and Kanan remove the holocron from the obelisk.

Chopper came and helped Kanan reach the top of the pyramid, where Ahsoka was engaged in combat with Vader. He and Ezra used the Force to remove the holocron, causing the pyramid to seal itself. Vader tried to pull Ezra towards him, but Ahsoka struck at his helmet and pushed Kanan's apprentice into the Phantom. As Chopper flew the shuttle out, the temple's pyramid sealed itself and the superweapon overloaded and exploded. Kanan embraced Ezra, who mourned the loss of Ahsoka. When they returned to Atollon, Hera examined Kanan's eyes, now concealed by a white wrap, and hugged him.[80]

Rescuing the Argora[]

"The Force is known by many names across the galaxy. Some people are more attuned to the Force than others. Why not some animals, too?"
―Kanan Jarrus[81]

Kanan and the Spectres took the Phantom and boarded a Class four Imperial transport bound for the Emperor's personal zoo. Their mission was to retrieve the Argora and return it to Xendek. Kanan and the others were able to board the transport and fought the stormtroopers. Kanan found out that they got their information from Hondo. Kanan told Hondo that the bird was leaving with the Spectres, not Hondo. Unfortunately, Hondo released the other creatures aboard the transport.[82]

Kanan and the Spectres were confronted by the creatures. After evading the creatures, Kanan, Sabine, and Zeb fought more stormtroopers as they pursued Hondo and the Argora. Kanan protected both the other Spectres and the creatures from Captain Zarda and Dr. Hazlekk's stormtroopers blaster fire. After defeating the troopers, Kanan was able to use the Force to calm the creatures. Kanan had the creatures attack Zarda, Hazlekk and their remaining stormtroopers. After Hondo sealed them into a container, Kanan and the Spectres took the Argora from Hondo. Kanan, and the Spectres returned the Argora to Xendek.[81]

Encountering Bendu[]

Bendu and the blind man

Kanan meets Bendu.

While his apprentice Ezra and the other rebels attended a briefing on the upcoming mission to Reklam Station, Kanan went to meditate at the outskirts of Chopper Base. He then heard a voice crying out to him from the wilderness. Hera then came up from behind and told Kanan that she had expected to see him at the briefing. When Hera told Kanan that Ezra blamed himself for the events of the previous mission to Malachor, Kanan reassured her that he held no ill will towards Ezra. Later, Kanan entered Ezra's room aboard the Ghost and caught his apprentice dabbling with the Sith holocron he had obtained on Malachor. An argument broke out with Kanan chastising his apprentice for dabbling with the dark side. When Ezra insisted that he was using the Sith holocron for good, Kanan responded that acting out of anger led to the dark side. After Kanan confiscated the holocron, Ezra stormed out the room but not before telling him that he did not need him or the holocron.[5]

After Ezra and his team had left, Kanan was led into the wilderness by the voice. He soon discovered that the voice belonged to a mysterious Force wielder called Bendu, who characterized himself as standing in the middle of the Ashla and the Bogan, the light side and the dark side. After identifying himself as a Jedi Knight, Kanan confided his fears that his apprentice was turning to the dark side. After Kanan showed him the Sith holocron, Bendu explained that an object could be used for both good and evil but that the person had the power to choose for themselves. Bendu then took an interest in Kanan's sensor beacon and destroyed the machine. When Kanan protested, Bendu explained that he would never regain his sight but that he could teach him to use his other senses.[5]

Bendu then instructed Kanan to empty his mind and to turn around and walk forwards. Kanan was soon surrounded by two krykna, who did not attack him. When Kanan confided that his first encounter with the creatures had been influenced by their smell, the Bendu counseled him that he was not looking at the krykna for what they were. Kanan began making peace with the krykna but he then sensed that Ezra was in danger and ignited his lightsaber, startling the creatures. At that point, Kanan realized that the krykna had been hostile because they had been feeding of his fears and anxieties. When Kanan concluded that he had isolated himself from everyone and the Force, Bendu told him that he had regained his connection to the Force. Before leaving, Kanan left the Sith holocron with Bendu as a gift.[5]

Kanan later joined Hera in the Ghost. Together, they traveled to Reklam Station, where they rescued Ezra from falling into the depths of the gassy planet of Yarma. After evacuating the rest of the team and the stolen Y-wings, Kanan and the Spectres returned to Chopper Base. Following the debriefing, Ezra apologized to his master for using the Sith holocron. When Ezra asked Kanan what he did with it, the older Jedi told him that it was in safe hands but did not mention the Bendu. When Ezra thanked his master for saving him, Kanan replied that he would always come back and the two reconciled.[5]

The two holocrons[]

Kanan Jarrus sucked into space

Kanan being sucked out through the airlock.

While traveling with Ezra on a Phoenix rebel corvette, Kanan and his apprentice debated the merit she of using the Sith holocron and the recent events on Malachor. Upon exiting hyperspace, the rebels discovered one of their Hammerhead corvettes. After receiving no response, Ezra and Kanan boarded the ship. They quickly discovered that the ship had been attacked by a red blade, which they initially assumed belonged to another Inquisitor. One of the surviving crew informed the Jedi that the Ghost was in danger.[83]

Kanan and Ezra made contact with the Ghost only to discover that Hera, Chopper, Zeb, and Sabine had been taken prisoner by Maul and his repurposed tour-guide droids. Maul demanded that the two Jedi hand over the Sith holocron and Kanan's Jedi holocron. If they refused, he threatened to kill their friends. Kanan expressed annoyance that his apprentice had told Maul about his Jedi holocron during his earlier encounter on Malachor. When Ezra asked him about the Jedi holocron, Kanan explained that the holocron was safe but that retrieving it would not be straight forward.[83]

Kanan and Ezra returned to Atollon and traveled on a speeder bike to the lair of Bendu. The two did not find Bendu but found themselves surrounded by several krykna. Despite Kanan's attempts to calm Ezra, the apprentice ignited his green lightsaber. Before further trouble could arise, Bendu intervened and startled the krykna. When Bendu asked why they had come, Kanan apologized that they could not stay long and nudged Ezra to tell Bendu the purpose of their meeting. Ezra explained their predicament with Maul and the Sith holocron while Kanan added that the former Sith also wanted his Jedi holocron.[83]

Bendu warned that the convergence of the holocrons would provide clarity but could also lead to chaos. After some discussion, he allowed Ezra to recover the holocron but told the apprentice that he needed to travel into a cave full of krykna to retrieve it. Knowing Ezra's dislike of the creatures, Kanan instructed Ezra to leave behind his lightsaber and to keep in touch by comlink. When Bendu asked Kanan why, the Jedi Knight explained that Ezra needed to learn how to resolve problems without resorting to violence.[83]

Kanan used the comlink to guide Ezra but lost contact with him. The master entered the cave to help his apprentice. Kanan managed to use the Force to reason with the krykna and convince them that he and his apprentice were not threats. After reuniting with Ezra, the two reconciled with Kanan reassuring Ezra that he was not to blame for the recent events. He also counselled Ezra to forgive himself and the two embraced. Under Kanan's guidance, Ezra used the Force to levitate the Sith holocron from a chamber full of krykna. After returning, Bendu commended the master and apprentice for restoring balance to their relationship. However, he warned them that Maul would force one of them to open the Jedi holocron.[83]

Together, Kanan and Ezra traveled on an A-wing starfighter to their prearranged rendezvous point, the Mandalorian asteroid Station Vizsla Keep 09. During the journey, Kanan told his apprentice that they would let the Force guide their rescue mission. Upon arriving, the two were greeted by Maul. Satisfied that the Jedi had met his terms, he sent two tour droids to guide Ezra to the command center. Maul then led Kanan to the airlock. On the way, Maul apologized to Kanan for blinding him before making a second attempt on his life. Maul pushed Kanan into the airlock but the Jedi managed to use the Force to leap back into the station's hangar bay.[83]

Kanan then made his way into the Ghost's cargo hold and destroyed Maul's tour guide droids before they could execute Hera, Chopper, Zeb, and Sabine. Together, they made their way to the command center where Maul and Ezra had combined the two holocrons. Despite the room being bathed in a bright pink glow of light, Kanan managed to sense Ezra and convince his apprentice to end the ritual. The holocrons quickly separated with an explosion and deactivated. Maul took advantage of the chaos to escape into hyperspace. Kanan attended to his unconscious apprentice. When Ezra awoke, Kanan reassured Ezra that together they would discover the secrets of the holocrons.[83]

Rescuing defectors[]


Kanan attending a briefing following the loss of a rebel convoy.

After Imperial forces attacked a rebel convoy near Teralov, Kanan and his fellow rebels attended a briefing chaired by Commander Sato. During the meeting, the rebels learned that a rebel agent known as Fulcrum had information of Imperial cadets from the elite Skystrike Academy who wanted to defect to the rebellion. Hera assigned Sabine on an undercover mission to extricate the cadets. Kanan along with his apprentice Ezra and Chopper were assigned to a CR90 corvette that was tasked with rescuing Sabine and her team.[84]

When they received confirmation that Sabine had managed to infiltrate the Academy, Kanan assured Ezra that Sabine was capable of looking after herself. When Sabine and the defecting cadets Wedge Antilles, Hobbie, and Rake Gahree tried to escape, Kanan and Ezra attempted to rendezvous with them. However, Governor Arihnda Pryce deactivated the TIE fighters' solar collectors and sent TIE interceptors to attack the rebel corvette. Despite Ezra's protests, Kanan ordered Chopper to evacuate the ship into hyperspace.[84]

Despite Sabine's orders to evacuate, Ezra and Kanan kept their ship nearby in the event that Sabine and the other cadets managed to escape. The rebels' corvette managed to evacuate the cadets' stolen TIE bomber. Kanan was present on the bridge when Sabine, Wedge, and Hobbie came aboard. They then fled into hyperspace. Kanan was later present at Chopper Base when Commander Sato formally welcomed Wedge and Hobbie into the rebellion.[84]

Return to Ryloth[]

Rebels and Rex part as friends with Kalani

The rebels part as friends with Kalani.

Later, Kanan and the other Spectres returned to Ryloth to deliver supplies to Cham, the leader of the Free Ryloth movement. After rescuing Cham and another rebel Numa from an Imperial patrol, Kanan attended a briefing where Cham outlined the military advances made by Grand Admiral Thrawn in the Tann Province. Kanan and all of the other rebels also volunteered to help Hera recover the Syndulla Kalikori, a valuable family heirloom, from Imperial forces who had set up base at the Syndulla residence.[85]

While Hera, Ezra, and Chopper infiltrated the Syndulla residence, Ezra, Cham, and the other rebels staged a diversionary attack on Imperial forces in a nearby ravine. The rebels managed to destroy an Imperial Troop Transport and an AT-DP walker. The rebels then retreated but were pursued by a second AT-DP walker. The rebels were forced to dig in as a gun battle unfolded. A ceasefire occurred when Thrawn's second in command Captain Slavin contacted Cham via a hologram projector and informed the rebels they had captured Hera and Ezra. He demanded that Cham surrender himself in return for the safe return of his daughter and Ezra.[85]

At dawn, the Spectres and Cham's team arrived on the Ghost at the Syndulla residence to facilitate the exchange. Kanan accompanied Cham down the forward ramp of the ship. Before the exchange could take place, Hera ordered Chopper, who had evaded capture, to detonate several explosives which devastated the Syndulla home. With the Imperials momentarily distracted, the rebels made their escape. While fleeing, Kanan used his lightsaber to deflect a rocket back at an AT-DP walker, toppling it to the ground. After escaping into the wilderness, Kanan and Hera had a private chat with Cham where Hera emphasized her love for Kanan, her father, and her crew. She emphasized that she did not need the Kalikori when she still had a family.[85]

Relics of the Clone Wars[]

After the events on Ryloth, Kanan joined Ezra, Zeb, Chopper, and Rex on a mission to salvage proton bombs from a wrecked Separatist supply ship on the planet Agamar. After Hera and Sabine departed, Kanan accompanied the other rebels and Rex as they explored the wreckage. When Rex snapped at Ezra for making light of the danger of the B1 battle droids, Kanan reassured his apprentice that Rex was still deeply affected by the Clone Wars. The rebels apart from Chopper quickly stumbled upon a munitions depot stacked with proton bombs. However, they were captured in a Separatist ray shield by several battle droids led by B1-268, who received orders to stun the prisoners.[86]

When Kanan awoke, he had to reassure Rex that he was not in the Clone Wars. Kanan and his fellow rebels then found themselves prisoners of the super tactical droid Kalani, who had countermanded the shut-down order that accompanied Order 66. He still had scores to settle with the clones and Jedi and forced Kanan, Rex, and Ezra to participate in a simulated war match. Rex and Kanan objected but Ezra convinced his comrades to participate in the match in order to free Zeb, who had been designated a hostage, and to obtain the proton bombs. Kalani agreed to Ezra's terms and made preparations for the battle. Kanan and the other rebels were instructed to advance towards the command bridge in order to rescue Zeb.[86]


Kanan, Ezra, and Rex fight against Kalani's droids

During the combat match, Kanan and Ezra allowed Rex to take charge. Kanan and his apprentice Ezra used the Sword and Shield maneuver to shatter the advancing battle droids and to force their way to the hangar. Inside the hangar, they were ambushed by several droidekas. While Kanan and Rex provided covering fire, Ezra advanced forwards to collapse the catwalk on the droids. Ezra was delayed by a chance encounter with Chopper, who had sent a distress transmission and discovered a Neimoidian escort shuttle. While exchanging fire with battle droids, Rex was hit and Kanan attended to his comrade. Fortunately, Rex survived due to his protective armor. After collapsing the catwalk with the Force, Ezra rejoined Kanan and Rex. When Rex chastised Ezra for the delay, Kanan reassured his apprentice that Rex was determined to end the battle.[86]

After knocking out another droideka, Kanan and his fellow rebels forced their way into Kalani's command center. However, Kalani refused to accept defeat on technical grounds and threatened to execute Zeb. Before further hostilities could break out, Ezra managed to convince Kalani and Rex that trying to win the battle was futile since their true enemy was the Galactic Empire. Ezra reasoned that the Empire was the enemy of the Separatists since it was the successor to the Republic. Kalani saw reason after Imperial forces landed and attacked a battle droid patrol led by B1-268. The rebels and Kalani then joined forces to escape Agamar. Under Kalani's direction, Kanan and Ezra deflected blaster bolts fired by his battle droids at several proton bombs, which had been rolled towards the advancing AT-AT and AT-DP walkers. The blasts ignited several of the bombs which succeeded in taking out one of the AT-ATs.[86]

The rebels and droids then took their chance to escape aboard three Neimoidian escort shuttles. While one of the shuttles was shot down, the rebels' and Kalani's shuttles managed to escape into space. Once in space, Kanan listened as Rex and Kalani praised Ezra for ending the Clone Wars. Believing that the rebels had a poor chance of success against the Empire, Kalani and his remaining droids elected to depart into space. Later, Kanan and his crew were contacted by Hera, who asked them about the progress of their salvage mission. Despite failing to obtain the proton bombs, the rebels managed to obtain a new transport for the Ghost, which was dubbed the Phantom II.[86]

Trouble on Concord Dawn[]

Kanan Jarrus later attended a briefing in the war room of a rebel CR90 corvette. Hera Syndulla and Commander Sato had convened the briefing to discuss the rebels losing contact with the Protectors of Concord Dawn. Earlier, Fenn Rau had given the rebels permission to travel through the Concord Dawn system in order to avoid Imperial sector patrols. Hera summoned Fenn Rau and Sabine to inquire into the matter. When Zeb asked whether Rau was their prisoner, Kanan clarified that he was a "grumpy house guest." Hera dispatched Rau, Sabine, Ezra, and Chopper on a mission to the third moon of Concord Dawn to investigate. There, they discovered that the Imperial Viceroy Gar Saxon had attacked and wiped out the Protectors. As a result, Fenn decided to join the rebellion once and for all.[87]

Evacuation of Mykapo[]

Kanan and his fellow Spectres later assisted the Phoenix Squadron in the evacuation of rebel sympathizers from the planet Mykapo. While Hera attempted to convince members of a local rebel cell called the Iron Squadron to leave the system before Imperial reinforcements arrived, Kanan and Zeb assisted with Rex's evacuation efforts in the shuttle Phantom II. After evacuating, the rebels rendezvoused with the fleet while Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper tried to reason with Iron Squadron. Ezra and his team managed to convince the Squadron members Gooti Terez, Jonner Jin, and R3-A3 to evacuate but were forced to leave the captain Mart Mattin behind after he tried to attack Imperial forces under Admiral Konstantine.[88]

Kanan was present during a hologram briefing in which Hera and the other rebels resolved to rescue Mart. During the rescue mission, Kanan manned the Ghost top turret cannons and destroyed several TIE fighters. After rescuing Mart and his ship Sato's Hammer, the rebels escaped with the help of Commander Sato. Kanan was later present at Chopper Base when Commander Sato reunited with his nephew Mart and Mart embraced his crew.[88]

Mission to Wynkahthu[]

Later, Kanan and his fellow rebels reluctantly agreed to help the pirate Hondo and his business partner Azmorigan retrieve cargo from a stricken Imperial cargo ship in the stormy upper atmosphere of the planet Wynkahthu. While Kanan and Hera distrusted Hondo, they agreed to help after learning that the ship contained proton bombs, a commodity desired by the rebellion. When Hera appointed Zeb in charge of the mission, Kanan agreed with Hera's assessment that Hondo could not be trusted but still opined that his apprentice Ezra needed to experience it for himself.[89]

For the duration of the mission, Kanan stayed with Hera aboard the Ghost's bridge. He was alarmed when AP-5 had a 38.5% chance of success due to the windy and stormy conditions on Wynkahthu. Kanan and Hera kept in touch with the rebels and their confederates via comlink. Despite the windy conditions, the salvage team led by Zeb managed to enter the cargo ship and open its outer doors to allow the Ghost to reach the ship. The salvage team then used grappling guns to transfer the proton bombs and treasure aboard the Ghost.[89]

Despite encountering opposition from several DT-series sentry droids, Zeb's salvage team managed to accomplish their mission. Using the Force to guide him, Kanan also helped pull Zeb and Ezra aboard the ship after the cable snapped. The rebels then departed on the Ghost as the cargo ship was ripped apart by the vortex. Once aboard, Kanan was present when the other rebels examined their loot. He was also present when Hondo discovered that his surviving Ugnaught crew member Melch had stowed aboard one of the crates.[89]

Undercover on Lothal[]

Infiltrating the Imperial armory[]

After the Phoenix Squadron received intelligence that the Empire was developing a new weapon at the Imperial Armory Complex, the Squadron dispatched Kanan, his apprentice Ezra, and Chopper to solicit the help of Azadi's rebel cell in taking out the factory. Kanan and his team landed in Capital City and rendezvoused with Ryder. Fleeing on his landspeeder, Kanan and Ezra managed to use their lightsabers to topple an AT-DP walker. They then managed to outrun two defective 614-AvA speeder bike, which overheated and exploded.[90]

At Ryder's hideout, Kanan and Ezra learned that Ryder's cell was sabotaging vehicles produced at the Lothal Imperial factory. After discussing their plans, Morad agreed to help Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper infiltrate the factory. Kanan and Ezra donned factory uniforms while Chopper was disguised as an Imperial courier droid. At the factory, the workers were summoned for an assembly where Grand Admiral Thrawn berated the workers for their shoddy workmanship. As a deterrent, he forced Morad to ride a defective 614-AvA speeder bike, which exploded and killed Sumar.[90]

When Thrawn ordered his subordinates to question the workers, Kanan and his apprentice slipped away with the help of Chopper, who staged a distraction. However, Kanan lost contact with Ryder since the Imperials were jamming their signals. Master and apprentice then managed to knock out and steal the uniforms of a stormtrooper and scout trooper. The three rebels then made their way to Section A2, where Morad believed that the secret plans were stored. Since Thrawn had stationed sentries outside the chamber which only admitted individuals carrying clearance codes, Kanan stopped a courier droid. Chopper then electrocuted the droid and stole its clearance code.[90]

While Kanan and Ezra waited for Chopper to return, they were confronted by a stormtrooper corporal and his men, who noted that the two were outside of their territory. At that point, Chopper exited the chamber Despite Ezra's efforts to bluff the corporal by claiming they were in the wrong section, the corporal did not believe them and the rebels were forced to flee into a turbolift. There, they encountered their perennial adversary Agent Kallus, who recognized the two rebels and their droids.[90]

The unlikeliest ally[]
Kanan and Ezra meet Kallus

Kanan and Ezra realized who their secret ally was

Believing Kallus to be a foe, Kanan and Ezra engaged in a fist fight with the ISB agent. However, Kallus managed to convince them that he was Fulcrum by repeating the code phrase "by the light of Lothal's moons." While Chopper trusted Kallus, Ezra was suspicious. Seeking to test Kallus, Kanan tasked the ISB agent with helping them gain access to a com station. Using their lightsabers and blasters, Ezra and Kanan managed to knock out the stormtroopers guarding the station. Kallus then helped Kanan to upload his comlinks from this port.[90]

Kanan managed to contact Ryder, who informed him that his team was ready to attack the east gate. Kallus then advised the rebels to steal an AT-DP walker and escape through the east gate. When Ezra flung Kallus through a glass monitor to convince the Empire that he had put up a fight, Kanan chided his apprentice for beating him to the game. However, Ezra replied that Kanan would get another chance. The three rebels managed to escape in an AT-DP walker through the east gate just as Ryder attacked the factory. However, the Empire deployed two AT-AT walkers against Ryder's forces.[90]

Thrawn then realized that Kanan's team had hijacked an AT-DP walker and ordered his AT-ATs to destroy the rebel walker. During the firefight, Kanan vouched for Kallus when Ezra expressed his suspicion that their new ally had set them up. When one of the AT-ATs proceeded to crush their AT-DP walker under its heavy body, Kanan and Ezra used their lightsabers to cut their way into the enemy walker. Once aboard, the three rebels accosted the pilots and escaped through the hatch. Their escape coincided with Morad's wife Marida Sumar firing a rocket that took out the fore leg of their hijacked walker.[90]

Spectres and Ryder pursuit

The two Jedi escape with Ryder's help

Kanan and his team then escaped with Ryder on their landspeeders. Back at Ryder's base, Kanan, Ezra, and Ryder debriefed Hera, Sabine, and Zeb about their mission. After downloading the information that Chopper had stolen, the rebels discovered that Thrawn was developing a new Imperial starfighter. Kanan and Hera expressed their fears that this new weapon would lead to the loss of pilots and threaten the rebellion. Kanan and Ezra also informed their comrades about the assistance they received from Kallus. Hera advised them to exercise caution in their interactions with Kallus.[90]

The specter of Maul[]

Ezra tormented by Maul

Kanan stopping Ezra from killing a member of Phoenix Squadron while blinded by Maul's illusions.

Using the information that Kanan and his team had obtained, Hera planned a strike on the Lothal Imperial factory. Kanan, the other Spectres, Rex, and members of Phoenix Squadron attended the briefing. Hera decided to deploy only a fraction of Phoenix Squadron and assigned Ezra a recon mission to gather intelligence on Imperial military positions. Kanan sensed Ezra's unease when his apprentice experienced a vision of Maul among them. Kanan and Zeb tended to Ezra when he fainted after seeing an apparition of Maul behind him. When Hera asked Kanan what was wrong, he admitted he did not know.[91]

Later, Kanan and the other rebels tended to Ezra when he awoke in his cabin aboard the Ghost. When Ezra claimed that he was fine and insisted on continuing with the mission, Kanan thought that the problem was not over yet and that Ezra was affected by his last encounter with Maul and the holocrons. Kanan's concerns were validated after Ezra almost killed a rebel trooper he had mistaken for Maul. Kanan managed to use the Force to restrain his apprentice and told Ezra not to be blinded by the vision. After Ezra came to his senses, he was relieved of his duties.[91]

While Hera wanted to stay behind, Kanan convinced her to proceed with the mission and told her that he had a plan to tackle Ezra's problems. Kanan placed a tracking device on Ezra's wrist comm and got Sabine to track his movements. He and Ezra then ventured into the wilderness to commune with Bendu. After Ezra related his predicament, the Bendu surmised that the incomplete holocron vision was the source of the problem. When Ezra asked what to do, Bendu told him and Kanan not to turn around. Despite his warnings, the two turned and found Maul standing on top of a dune watching them.[91]

Kanan asked Bendu what to do next only to discover he had vanished. When Kanan and Ezra brandished their lightsabers, Maul then announced that he had come to talk. He told that he had come to seek fragments of the incomplete holocron vision that resided in Ezra's mind. When Maul offered to keep Chopper Base a secret, Kanan refused to deal with him and threatened to strike him down. However, Maul revealed that he had planted a homing beacon nearby and threatened to ignite it if he was slain. With little choice, Kanan reluctantly allowed Ezra to follow Maul on his ship Nightbrother to Dathomir.[91]


Kanan and Sabine possessed by Nightsister spirits

Using the tracking device, Kanan and Sabine followed Maul and Ezra on the Phantom II to Dathomir. They landed at the Nightsister lair and ventured inside a cave. There, Kanan and Sabine discovered that Maul and Ezra had completed a ritual which involved summoning the spirits of fallen Nightsisters. Seeking their payment in flesh and blood, the spirits possessed Kanan and Sabine. The possessed Kanan and Sabine then attacked Maul and Ezra with the former engaging the darksider in a brief lightsaber duel. Since the spirits were unable to leave the cave due to the altar being their source of power, Ezra and Maul were able to escape outside.[91]

Unwilling to abandon his master and friend, Ezra returned alone into the cave. After exercising Sabine, he found the possessed Kanan kneeling on top of the altar, which was bathed in a green light and covered with spirits. Ezra offered his own flesh and blood as payment if the spirit left Kanan. The spirit agreed provided he bested Kanan in combat. Following a brief fight, Ezra managed to beat Kanan and the Nightsister spirit left his body. Ezra then told Kanan to leave while he parlayed with the spirits. Using his lightsaber and an ancient Mandalorian weapon called the Darksaber, Ezra destroyed the altar and vanished the spirits.[91]

When Kanan returned, he asked Ezra whether their adventure was worth it and vowed never to work with Maul again. After Sabine returned to the cave, Ezra informed them that the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi held the key to destroying the Sith and that he resided on a planet with twin suns. The three resolved to get to Kenobi before Maul did and to learn the key to destroying the Sith.[91]

Mission on Geonosis[]

At the request of Senator Bail Organa, the Spectres and Rex undertook a mission to find Saw Gerrera, who was investigating the apparent disappearance of the Geonosian species. After accepting the mission, Kanan asked Rex if they should be worried about what Saw found. Rex replied that they should instead be worried about what he did not find. The rebels landed their ship Ghost near a Geonosian structure where Saw had lost contact with Rebel Command. Kanan accompanied Rex, Ezra, and Chopper on the search for Saw which took them into an underground labyrinth.[92]

Spectres and Rex on Geonosis

The rebels investigate Geonosis

After discovering discarded helmets and sealed-up tunnels, Kanan sensed danger and advocated returning to the Ghost. However, Ezra and Rex insisted on pressing on with the mission due to the latter's friendship with Saw. The rebels eventually reached a dead-end and found themselves under attack from several battle droids and a droideka. Saw came to their aid and destroyed the battle droids. This allowed Kanan and his apprentice to destroy the droideka with their lightsabers.[92]

After exchanging pleasantries, Saw recounted how his team had been attacked and killed by a Geonosian, who was operating battle droids. Believing that the Geonosian held the key to discovering what the Empire was building on Geonosis, Saw convinced Kanan and his team to help them capture the Geonosian. After reaching a large air shaft, Kanan contacted Hera with his comlink to warn her about the presence of operational battle droids.[92]

Shortly, Kanan and his team discovered a lone Geonosian on the other side of the air shaft. Using the Force, Kanan helped propel his apprentice Ezra onto the other side so that he could pursue the fugitive. After Chopper joined Ezra, Kanan used the Force to suspend a stone bridge and used it help Saw and Rex cross to the other side, before joining them by jumping across the shaft. Following a protracted pursuit, Kanan and his fellow rebels managed to capture the Geonosian, whom Ezra later nicknamed Klik-Klak.[92]

Kanan was concerned with Saw's harsh interrogation methods and told him to let Ezra question Klik-Klak. The rebels subsequently discovered Klik-Klak's nest and found a working transmitter, which Kanan used to contact Hera and arrange for a pick-up in the air shaft. Following an argument between Ezra and Saw, Kanan brokered a compromise which allowed Saw to take Klik-Klak to Chopper Base for interrogation on the condition that he was safely returned to Geonosis. Saw accepted Kanan's terms.[92]

Kanan and his team reunited with the Ghost just as Captain Brunson's Arquitens-class command cruiser entered Geonosis. Once aboard, Hera took Kanan aside to warn him about Saw's harsh methods. Kanan and Hera were forced to intervene when Saw reneged on his earlier agreement and attempted to forcibly take Klik-Klak aboard the Phantom II. When Kanan reiterated that they would question Klik-Klak at Chopper Base, Saw accused the Jedi of being soft. Following a scuffle with Ezra and Rex, Saw threatened to shoot Klik-Klak's egg in an attempt to force the rebels to accede to his demands.[92]

The Spectres and Saw put aside their differences to repel a boarding party of Jumptroopers, which Brunson had dispatched. Following a brief skirmish, the Ghost descended into the depths of Geonosis. Reaching the bottom, the rebels discovered Imperial poison canisters which proved that the Empire had perpetrated genocide against the Geonosians. As a result, Saw experienced a change of heart and freed Klik-Klak and the Geonosian queen egg. The rebels then managed to escape Brunson's light cruiser by blasting it with rocket bombs.[92]

After escaping into space, Kanan, Hera, Ezra, and Saw briefed Senator Organa and Commander Sato about the events on Geonosis. Organa believed that news of the Geonosian genocide would sway more worlds to the rebellion. Commander Sato also congratulated the rebels for rescuing Saw and obtaining a new deflector core. When Saw expressed dissatisfaction that they had not yet uncovered what the Empire was building on Geonosis, Kanan reassured him that they would eventually find out. After Saw had left, Kanan counselled Ezra that not all their allies shared their values. Hera then added that they should be content that Saw was not the Empire.[92]

Training exercise[]

Kanan along with Hera, Ezra, Sabine, Wedge Antilles, Hobbie, and most of the Phoenix rebels took part in a training exercise. Prior to departure, he tried to reassure a despondent Zeb that they would be back. Zeb was despondent that he had been assigned as Chief of Security for Chopper Base. In Kanan's absence, Zeb along with Chopper and the inventory droid AP-5 neutralized the E-XD-series infiltrator droid EXD-9 and turned him into an improvised bomb which destroyed a Star Destroyer.[93]

After Zeb reported an incident, Kanan and the other Spectres returned to investigate. When Chopper remarked that he had nothing to do with what happened, Kanan asked the droid to clarify his statement. Later, Kanan and the other rebels listened to a recorded message from Fulcrum thanking the rebels for neutralizing the threat of the infiltrator droid. Before AP-5 could recount the full story, Zeb playfully muzzled him to the bemusement of Kanan and the other Spectres.[93]

Sabine's trials[]

"You've come a long way in a very short time. Where you go from here is up to you. But know this family will stand by you no matter what you choose."
―Kanan Jarrus, to Sabine Wren[14]
Trials of the Darksaber

Kanan training Sabine to wield the Darksaber.

Following the events on Dathomir, Sabine Wren left the Darksaber in the care of Kanan. Realizing the weapon's history and significance, Kanan requested a meeting with Fenn Rau, the former leader of the Protectors who had since joined the rebellion. Rau recognized the weapon and related its history to Kanan. Fenn believed that Sabine could use the Darksaber to unify the Mandalorian people and to bring them over to the rebellion. Kanan told Fenn that Sabine did not want to go down that path. However, the two decided that they had to convince Sabine to change her mind for the sake of the rebellion.[14]

Later, Kanan helped Hera and Rau officiate a meeting with Sabine and the other Spectres. During the meeting, Kanan told Sabine that he believed that it was no coincidence that she came across the Darksaber. While Kanan acknowledged that Sabine was no Jedi, he believed that she could learn how to become proficient with the weapon. Sabine was reluctant to wield the Darksaber since the wielder also assumed leadership of the Mandalorians. Sabine believed that she was an unsuitable leader due to her estranged relationship with her family.[14]

While Kanan believed that she could change, Sabine refused to accept the challenge until Hera explained that the rebels needed the Mandalorians to help attack Lothal. After some consideration, Sabine reluctantly agreed to train with the Darksaber under the tutelage of Kanan and Ezra. When Sabine lashed out and threatened Ezra after he told her "don't try, just learn," Kanan cautioned her to restrain herself. To avoid the distractions of Chopper Base, Kanan and Ezra took Sabine into the wilderness to train.[14]

After setting up camp, Kanan parried with Sabine using training sabers that he and Zeb has fashioned out of sticks. He thought that the Darksaber was still too dangerous for Sabine and wanted to test her fighting skills. Despite being blind, Kanan managed to use his Force powers to knock Sabine to the ground. Unimpressed with her combat skills, Kanan instructed Sabine to learn lightsaber strokes under Ezra's tutelage using sticks. After two days, Kanan chatted with Hera via hologram, who disagreed with Kanan's decision to hold back Sabine's training. Kanan rationalized that Sabine had not opened her mind to the Force. However, he agreed to accept provisions from the camp.[14]


Kanan was only temporarily hampered by Sabine's gadgets

Later, Fenn Rau arrived with the supplies and outfitted Sabine with Mandalorian vambraces. Using the vambraces, Sabine managed to gain the upper hand over Ezra. Annoyed by her use of the vambraces, Kanan asked her if it was a game to her. In response, Sabine claimed she was outsmarting her opponent and challenged Kanan to "take a shot" and attacked him with her grappling line. Though temporarily immobilized, Kanan quickly broke free with his lightsaber and retorted that the Jedi had won the war with Mandalore and took the opportunity to lecture that while those "tricks" would amount to something and maybe save her from time to time, only training and discipline would keep her alive in the long run. Frustrated with Kanan's training methods, Sabine stormed off to regain her composure.[14]

That evening, Kanan chatted with Hera. Hera criticized Kanan's decision to hold back Sabine's training. In order to motivate her, Hera convinced Kanan to let her wield the Darksaber so that she could claim ownership the weapon. Hera also explained that Sabine was troubled by her rejection by her own family. After Sabine returned, Kanan apologized for holding back her training. Sabine in return apologized for her sullen attitude. Kanan and Sabine then parried with their blades.[14]

Kanan took the opportunity to drill Sabine with lightsaber strokes. As they parried, Sabine was able to strengthen her connection to the Darksaber. As part of the training session, Kanan goaded Sabine about her past decisions to abandon the Empire and leave her family. As they sparred, Sabine revealed that she had spoken out against the Empire for using her to build weapons used to enslave Mandalore. Her family had cast her out and chosen the Empire over her. Overcome with emotion, Sabine managed to gain the upper hand over Kanan but quickly terminated the duel and broke down weeping.[14]

Pleased with Sabine's progress, Kanan comforted Sabine by telling her that the Empire ruled through fear and that her family were in a prison of their own making. He reassured Sabine that she could free her family and vowed to help her. Fenn and Ezra then joined in pledging to help Sabine to win over both her family and her people to the rebel cause.[14]

Mission to Krownest[]

After training Sabine, Kanan along with Ezra, Chopper, and Fenn Rau traveled on the Phantom II to the planet Krownest, the seat of Clan Wren. Upon arriving, their ship was attacked by a group of Mandalorian warriors led by Sabine's brother Tristan Wren. After landing the ship in the snow, Kanan advised Fenn and Chopper to stay aboard the ship while he and the other Spectres dealt with Sabine's family. Despite a brief skirmish, Sabine managed to reunite with Tristan, who agreed to let his sister and her rebel comrades enter the Wren Stronghold.[94]

Following a cold reception, Sabine's mother Countess Ursa Wren allowed the Jedi and Sabine to enter her ancestral home provided they surrendered their weapons including the Darksaber. Kanan agreed to surrender his lightsaber if it helped them win the war. Once inside, Kanan and Ezra listened as Sabine and her mother Ursa engaged in a tense discussion about the Empire, the Protectors, and Viceroy Gar Saxon. While Sabine and Ursa left to talk privately, Kanan told Ezra to be careful with his Mandalorian hosts. He then told Tristan that he wanted to speak with the Countess.[94]

Ursa agreed to grant an audience to Kanan and Ezra. Unbeknownst to them, she had made a secret deal with Gar Saxon to trade the Jedi and the Darksaber in return for showing clemency to her daughter Sabine. During the meeting, Ursa chastised the Jedi for not "knowing" her daughter. Kanan responded that Ursa was underestimating the woman her daughter had become. When Ezra vouched for Sabine, Ursa apologized that she had "to do something unfortunate." Shortly thereafter, Saxon and his Imperial Super Commandos arrived and took Ezra and Kanan into custody along with the Darksaber.[94]

Saxon broke his earlier deal with Ursa and ordered his Super Commandos to destroy Clan Wren. At that point, Fenn Rau entered the throne room and handed Kanan and Ezra back their lightsabers. The Jedi then helped the Wrens and Fenn Rau defeat Saxon's Super Commando contingent. Kanan and the others then watched as Sabine fought Saxon in a single duel. Following a fierce skirmish, Sabine defeated Saxon and reclaimed the Darksaber. She chose to spare Saxon but the Viceroy refused to accept defeat and tried to kill her. Ursa then intervened and killed Saxon, overthrowing the Emperor's Hand on Mandalore.[94]

Following the skirmish, Sabine decided to stay behind with her family to help them reunify the Mandalorian people. Fenn Rau also elected to stay behind. Kanan and Ezra then departed with Chopper on the repaired Phantom II. Before parting company with Sabine, Kanan told her that he would miss her and the two embraced. Sabine also thanked Ezra and Kanan for helping her to become a stronger person and to repair her relationship with her family.[94]

Rescuing Kallus[]

After the rebels discovered that Grand Admiral Thrawn was monitoring Kallus' Fulcrum transmissions, Kanan and Rex took part in a mission to rescue the rogue ISB agent and rebel informant. While Ezra, Chopper, and AP-5 stole a shuttle and allowed themselves to be captured by an Imperial light cruiser where Kallus was stationed, Kanan and Rex flew the Sentinel-class landing craft TY997 to rendezvous with the cruiser. The rebels had obtained a set of clearance codes which would allow them to land on the Imperial light cruiser, which was commanded by Lieutenant Lyste. For the mission, Kanan and Rex wore stormtrooper armor.[95]

However, an unexpected change of plans occurred when Grand Admiral Thrawn ordered Agent Kallus and Lieutenant Lyste to come aboard his Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera for a meeting. Eager to trumpet his success, Lyste brought Ezra aboard. After boarding the Chimaera, Chopper and AP-5 managed to update Kanan and Rex. Kanan then tasked Chopper with obtaining a new set of clearance codes that would allow them to land on Thrawn's Star Destroyer. With the help of Kallus and Ezra, Chopper succeeded in transmitting the codes to Kanan.[95]

After exiting hyperspace above the planet Lothal, Kanan and Rex discovered Thrawn's Seventh Fleet in orbit. When Kanan asked how many ships, Rex told him not to worry and to transmit the clearance codes. The Imperials accepted their code and Kanan and Rex were able to dock in the Chimaera's hangar. However, Thrawn had learned that rebel infiltrators were aboard TY997 and sent Governor Pryce to arrest them. Despite their stormtrooper armor, Pryce knew that Kanan and Rex were infiltrators and ordered them to surrender.[95]

When Kanan protested, Pryce stunned him. A fight broke out between Rex, Pryce, and the Governor's stormtroopers. Pryce eventually gained the upper hand over the disguised Rex and turned to face Kanan. However, Lieutenant Lyste, mistaking her for the rebel agent Fulcrum, stunned her. Kallus then tackled Lyste to the ground while Ezra, AP-5, and Chopper fled aboard the shuttle with Kanan and Rex. Kallus then elected to stay behind in order to continue helping the rebellion and framed Lyste as Fulcrum.[95]

Supply run[]

While the other Spectres undertook a dangerous mission to deliver the former Imperial Senator Mon Mothma through the Archeon pass, Kanan volunteered for a supply run.[96]

Alliance to Restore the Republic[]

Maul's last stand[]

After Ezra Bridger received messages through Kanan's Jedi holocron and the Malachor Sith holocron indicating that Obi-Wan Kenobi was in danger from Maul, Kanan found a troubled Ezra in his quarters where the holocrons were kept. Kanan, the other Spectres, Rex, and Commander Sato met at Chopper Base's command center to discuss the situation. Kanan was unsure what the holocrons were trying to say while Rex thought that Kenobi had died. Since the Phoenix Squadron was planning to attack Lothal, Hera urged Ezra to focus on the mission ahead and to set aside his anxieties about Master Kenobi.[12]

Despite Hera's advice, Ezra and Chopper stole an RZ-1T trainer and traveled to Tatooine. After enduring an attack by Tusken Raiders and the scorching heat, the two rebels encountered Master Kenobi, who revealed that Maul had used the holocrons to lure Ezra to Tatooine. While Ezra and Chopper returned to Atollon on Maul's ship Nightbrother, Kenobi dealt with Maul and slew the darksider. Kanan, Hera, and Zeb met Ezra and Chopper when they returned to Chopper Base. Ezra apologized for leaving and stressed that his fellow Spectres were his family.[12]

Battle of Atollon[]

As the rebels mustered for their attack on Lothal, Kanan complimented his apprentice Ezra for his contributions to the rebellion. While Kanan expressed doubts that he was a good teacher, Ezra reassured his master that he had taught him about life. Kanan along with Ezra and Hera then attended a hologram briefing with Commander Sato and General Jan Dodonna, who had arrived in the Atollon system with his Massassi Group. General Dodonna had come to aid the Phoenix Squadron in their attack on the Imperial TIE Defender factories on Lothal.[15]

Later, Kanan and Ezra were present at the command center when the rebel readers received an urgent transmission from Fulcrum warning that Thrawn was aware of the attack. Soon Thrawn's Seventh Fleet entered and blockaded the Atollon system. Kanan was present when Hera outlined her battle plan to launch an attack on the Imperial fleet in order to provide an opening for the rebels to send a ship seeking reinforcements offworld. Hera assigned Kanan and Ezra for the mission, reasoning that the Jedi had a better chance of success. She allocated Maul's former starship Nightbrother for the mission.[15]

However, Kanan insisted that he had to go into the wilderness and warn a friend about the attack. Despite her reservations, Hera reluctantly allowed Kanan to proceed when he convinced her to trust him. In Kanan's absence, Hera instead assigned Ezra and Chopper the mission. Kanan traveled on his Joben T-85 speeder bike into the krykna nest where Bendu dwelled. The Bendu was furious with Kanan for bringing war to his planet. Kanan tried to plead for Bendu to aid the rebels but Bendu insisted on remaining neutral.[15]

While the battle raged in space, Kanan told Bendu that he could not remain in the middle while innocents died. However, Bendu was ambivalent to the Rebellion. When Bendu argued that all things were predestined to die, Kanan contended that they were not meant to be crushed by "overwhelming evil." Frustrated with Bendu's stubbornness, Kanan accused him of cowardice. This angered Bendu, and the creature responded that perhaps it was the will of the Force for the Jedi to be destroyed before vanishing into thin air.[15]

Kanan rode his speeder bike back to Chopper Base. He contacted Hera via comlink and was told to hurry up. On the way, Thrawn launched his orbital bombardment. Kanan's bike was destroyed but the Jedi narrowly survived and managed to reunite with Rex and Zeb. As Thrawn's AT-AT walkers and stormtroopers entered the base, Kanan used his lightsaber to topple one of the walkers. After playing cat and mouse with Thrawn's death troopers, Kanan reunited with Hera and the remaining rebels. They attempted to flee aboard the Ghost but were surrounded by Thrawn's troops.[15]

The Grand Admiral demanded that Hera surrender and threatened to kill her companions, beginning with the Jedi. In response, Kanan flashed his lightsaber. Meanwhile, storm clouds began forming above Chopper Base. When Thrawn remarked about the fear on Kanan's face, the Jedi responded that the Grand Admiral should be afraid of the storm coming. The Bendu then manifested into a lightning storm and narrowly struck Thrawn. Kanan then warned the other rebels to hold on to something. As Bendu launched his attack on Chopper Base, Kanan and his rebel comrades fled aboard the Ghost.[15]


The Ghost escapes the battle

They and the surviving rebel ships then headed into space as Bendu ordered both the rebels and Imperials to leave his planet. Upon reaching space, Kanan and his comrades discovered that Ezra and Sabine had returned with Mandalorian reinforcements, who had destroyed Thrawn's second interdictor cruiser. After picking up Agent Kallus, the rebel convoy fled into hyperspace. The rebel convoy then traveled to Yavin 4. During the journey, Kanan met Kallus, who thanked the rebels for taking him in. Kanan responded by thanking Kallus for risking everything for them. Kanan then comforted Ezra about the recent defeat and reassured his apprentice that they were alive and would continue fighting for a future where everyone was free.[15]


Kanan, along with Ezra and Chopper, traveled to Mandalore to help Sabine and Clan Wren in rescuing her father Alrich Wren from a Imperial prison. Kanan fought alongside Rau against several jumptroopers. Kanan and Rau were joined by the Nite Owls of Clan Kryze under Lady Bo-Katan Kryze. Following the attack, Kanan spoke with Hera, who told them they could stay on Mandalore for long. Kanan was told to return after they freed Sabine's father. Despite being a valuable asset the Alliance, Kanan did not like being seen as an "asset." Hera told Kanan to stay safe regardless.[97]

Kanan, along with Kyze and Rau, later attacked the convoy that had Sabine's father. With Sabine, Kanan fought off several scout troopers and took the stormtrooper on one of the ITTs. Despite rescuing Sabine's father, the Mandalorians came under attack by the "Duchess," a weapon Sabine had designed. Kanan helped Sabine rescue her mother and brother before the Empire returned. They were able to escape on Kryze's gauntlet fighter. At Kryze's camp, Kyze and Sabine came up with plan to destroy the Duchess; Kanan volunteered himself, Ezra, and Chopper to erase the Duchess's data from the Imperial database.[97]

As the Mandalorians fought the stormtroopers aboard Governor Tiber Saxon's Star Destroyer, Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper searched for the databases. They fought several stormtroopers as Chopper erased the Duchess's information from the database. Kanan then let Ezra help Sabine in destroying the Duchess. Kanan and the Mandalorians then left the Destroyer as it was destroyed.[97]

Jalindi and the Tonnis sector[]

Kanan, along with Ezra and Sabine, then returned to Yavin 4. Kanan then saw Hera make a crash-landing and was happy to have the Spectres back together. As Kanan meditated, Kanan then listened to Gerrera's speech about the Alliance's unwillingness to destroy Jalindi Station. Kanan also reminded Ezra that it was important choose how to fight, not just what to fight for.[98]

Kanan and the Spectres then went to Jalindi to hijack the Relay. After the briefing, Kanan talked to Hera about how the Empire continued to hurt and they want to hurt it back. However, Hera told Kanan that it was Gerrera talking, not him and assured him that they would do the right thing. Kanan then had scramble the Ghost's signature. However, Zeb told him that an Imperial light cruiser then arrived. When the light cruiser deployed several TIE/D Defenders, Kanan helped Hera pilot the Ghost through a fog bank. However, the Relay was destroyed, and Gerrera took Ezra and Sabine. Following Gerrera's destruction of a kyber crystal, Kanan was unsettled as to the reason the Empire needed them. After Sabine asked if these crystals could be weaponized, Kanan was unsure.[98]

Return to Lothal[]

When Ezra started to have visions about old Jho and Azadi, Kanan told him he was having these visions because of his anxiety of Lothal's situation. Following their landing at Yavin 4's Great Temple, they were summoned by Mothma to a briefing. There, they were shown a message from Azadi about a new type of TIE/D Defender being tested on Lothal. After Ezra volunteered to return to Lothal, Kanan and the other Spectres decided to go with him.[99]

Kanan and the others then put on civilian disguises after they boarded Vizago's ship the Broken Horn. After making their landing and escape at Jhothal, Kanan was sure that Vizago would be able to weasel his way out of his predicament with the Empire. Kanan and Zeb then searched for transportation.[99]

Sometime during this nomadic and hand-to-mouth period, Kanan told Hera that it has been a long time since they've been alone like this and wished he could see her. As she said that he could always see her, they moved to kiss, only to be interrupted by a message from Zeb, who had found some speeders they could use. Realizing that they had to move again, Kanan was left extremely disappointed. Following an explosion, they managed to find and pick up Ezra and Sabine. However, they were then confronted by several assault tanks.[99]


The Spectres fighting in Lothal's sewer system

After their speeder was destroyed, they were then led by Jai Kell back to Old Jho's Pit Stop where there was an entrance to the sewers. Kanan then sensed that the stormtroopers and their death trooper commander, DT-L21 had deployed several Imperial probes. Kanan and the others then split up. When Chopper found a Starbird symbol, Kanan destroyed one of the probe droids and continue through the sewers with Kell and Hera. As they joined up with other Spectres, they found a way out by climbing a ladder. Kanan then severed the ladder as they made their escape. As they left the sewer, they were then picked up by Azadi and Marida Sumar in their U-wing.[99]

The TIE/D Defender Elite heist[]

While Ezra, Sabine, Zeb, and Ryder Azadi traveled to the Imperial testing facility where the TIE/D Defender Elite was being tested, Kanan remained at Ezra's old tower with Hera and Chopper. When Hera reported that the Empire was fortifying its anti-aircraft air defenses and installing new fuel tanks at the Imperial factories, Kanan remarked that the Empire was going to start full-scale production of the new fighter on Lothal. After Ezra and Sabine stole the TIE/D Defender Elite, Kanan met Ryder and Zeb when they returned to Ryder's U-wing. When Zeb grumbled about the kids' "stunt," Kanan told him not to worry. He accompanied Hera on a rescue flight, and the two managed to find Ezra and Sabine, who brought the fighter's flight data recorder. When Ezra related his encounter with a mythical loth-wolf to Kanan, he responded that "all paths were coming together" but they would know what it meant when they finally got there.[100]


Kanan and Hera

The following day, Kanan and his rebel comrades waited at the Lothal resistance camp while Ezra, Zeb, and Kell returned to the crash site to retrieve the hyperdrive. While meditating, he and Hera talked about the Spectres' special connection to Lothal. Kanan also agreed with Hera's observation that they were predestined to meet Ezra.[101]


Kanan says goodbye to Hera

While waiting for the hyperdrive to be installed, Kanan asked Hera about her commitment to the Rebellion and the two talked about their future plans following the Empire's defeat. They were alerted by Ryder Azadi to the arrival of an Imperial Troop Transport. Despite preparing for an assault, the rebels were mollified when Zeb exited the transport with the recovered hyperdrive. While Sabine installed the hyperdrive onto Ryder's U-wing, Kanan told her that he was worried about her. Hera responded that she had to do her job and the two kissed passionately. After Hera and Chopper departed with the flight data recorder, Kanan and the other rebels fled into a network of caves. There, they were guided by a pack of loth-wolves into a mountain ledge in Lothal's southern hemisphere. Kanan also interacted with one of the wolves, which called him by his birthname "Dume." As a result, Kanan realized that the loth-wolves had a special connection to the Force and speculated that the Empire was doing something "terrible to Lothal." He and Ezra pondered on where the Force was leading them to.[102]

Boarding the ore crawler[]

After the rebels had set up camp inside the caves, Kanan and his fellow rebels encountered a Mining Guild ore crawler, Crawler 413-24, as it was harvesting minerals from Lothal's surface. At the urging of Zeb, the Spectres decided to board and hijack the ship. After Sabine took out the sentry droids, Ryder delivered Kanan and his team aboard a speeder before driving away. Heading to the bridge, the rebels encountered the Trandoshan Mining Guild captain Seevor. Zeb managed to subdue Seevor but the rebels failed to stop him from sending a distress call to the Mining Guild. While Sabine was repairing their transmitter, they heard a signal emanating from the engine room.[103]

Kanan and the Slaves

Kanan fights to free the prisoners

Kanan and Zeb went below deck to investigate with Kanan exploring the lower deck while Zeb checked the upper deck. In the lower deck, Kanan encountered several indentured prisoners including the crime lord Vizago, who had smuggled them into Lothal. Kanan was then attacked by the Trandoshan foreman Proach, who was armed with an electro-whip. Kanan fought back with his lightsaber but the Trandoshan wrapped his whip around his arm, causing Kanan to drop his weapon. Zeb then fought Proach on the catwalk outside. The two fell off the guard-raid but Zeb managed to hold on long enough to call Kanan for help. By the time Kanan had arrived, Proach had fallen to his death. Kanan helped Zeb up and the two rejoined their companions.[103]

When the Empire dispatched a search party, Kanan along with Ezra and Sabine hid in the bridge's cabinet. Zeb posed as an overseer while Vizago posed as the captain. Despite convincing the Imperials that there was no trouble, the rebels encountered a new predicament when Seevor escaped through the ventilators into the engine room. Seevor shut down the reactors and goaded the Spectres. Ezra entered the engine room and killed Seevor following a confrontation. Following Seevor's death, Vizago and the other liberated prisoners joined the Rebel Alliance out of gratitude to their liberators. Kanan and the Spectres then managed to re-establish contact with Hera, who informed them that she had convinced Rebel Command to authorize a strike on the Imperial factories on Lothal. Kanan and his group agreed to serve as the ground support team.[103]

Attack on Lothal[]

As part of the Rebel Alliance's ground support team on Lothal, Kanan and the Spectres Ezra, Sabine, and Zeb planted explosives on anti-air turbolasers outside the Imperial Armory Complex. They finished planting their explosives just as Hera's squadron of T-65B X-wing starfighters entered Lothal's orbit and clashed with Grand Admiral Thrawn's Seventh Fleet. The group then departed on speeder bikes to rendezvous with Ryder Azadi's team. However, Thrawn's forces wiped out much of Hera's starfighter force, with a few survivors crash-landing in Capital City, forcing Kanan and the others to retreat.[13]

During Thrawn's brief departure from the conflict, the Grand Admiral expressed discontent towards being drawn away from the conflict with Jarrus and the other rebels.[104]

White Loth-wolf Kanan RA

Kanan meets the white loth-wolf once again

While traveling on the highway, Kanan brought his speeder bike to a stop and told the others that he had to go back to rescue Hera. While Ezra understood and said they would see him back at base, Sabine thought they should accompany Kanan to find Hera. Ezra managed to convince Sabine to let Kanan find Hera on his own. While approaching Capital City, Kanan sensed a Loth-wolf and brought his bike to a halt. The creature then suddenly vanished, causing Kanan to fall off his bike. In exasperation, Kanan told the wolf that he had no time for diversions and to stay out of his way. The wolf then reappeared with two other wolves and spoke Kanan's former name, Dume. Removing his visor, Kanan replied that he knew what he had to do. Kanan later rendezvoused with Chopper and Mart Mattin, two survivors of Hera's ill-fated strike force. After learning of Hera's capture by Imperial forces, Kanan evacuated the two rebels to safety on his speeder bike.[13]

Hera's rescue and death[]

"Kanan, I know what to say now. I love you."
"Must be the truth serum talking."
"No. It's me. All me."
―Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus's last conversation[6]

Kanan sacrifices himself.

The rebels concocted a plan for Kanan, Ezra and Sabine to rescue Hera from Thrawn's clutches, returning to the city at night and infiltrating the Complex by using Loth-bat gliders that they had built themselves. During the rescue mission, Kanan retrieved Hera's Kalikori from Thrawn's office. Then, he climbed to the top of the tower in which Hera was being kept prisoner and tortured by Governor Pryce for information on the whereabouts of the Alliance Fleet. Kanan took out the two stormtroopers guarding Hera, and after she remarked that she disliked his new haircut, they climbed to the roof, where they escaped using the gliders they'd fashioned. Stormtroopers flew after them, but Ezra and Sabine came to their rescue and shot down the Imperial pilots. Kanan and Hera landed on top of an Imperial fuel tower, waiting for the other Rebels to pick them up. It was there that Hera finally admitted that she loved him, and they kissed.[6]

Seeing the Rebels about to escape, Pryce ordered the pilot of the walker they were in to fire upon the fuel tower, causing it to explode. Kanan ran towards the amassing inferno and used the Force to keep the flames from engulfing them. Hera ran towards Kanan but he stopped her with the Force and Force pushed Hera onto the ship, before sending the ship out of the the blast radius. Seconds before letting the blast consume him, his eyes were restored, granting him his wish to see Hera again. Then, Jarrus, consumed by the flames, passed away and became one with the Force.[6]


"You know, Chop, despite all his misgivings about the rebellion, he always believed we could change things. That's what I'll miss the most, that when none of us could find the answer, Kanan could, and always in the most unexpected way."
―Hera Syndulla, to C1-10 "Chopper"[8]

Savior of the Ghost crew[]

Spectres painting

Sabine's mural of Kanan and the other Spectres, flanked by loth-wolves.

His death allowed the team to escape with their lives,[6] and the destruction of the fuel supply momentarily halted the production of Thrawn's TIE Defender project, which the Rebels would later exploit. As Hera grieved for Kanan, Chopper convinced her that Kanan's selfless sacrifice in rescuing her alongside her entire family history on the Kalikori made him worthy of joining her family. Hera thought that was a good idea, and, in Kanan's honor, she added a piece of his Jedi Holocron on the Kalikori, representing him as an official honorary member of the Syndulla family, forever.[8]

Hera imagining Kanan

Hera Syndulla feels Kanan next to her shortly after Jarrus' death

Although his death greatly affected his teammates, it had significant repercussions. In honor of Kanan, his partner Hera vowed to help Ezra stop the Empire from threatening the Lothal Jedi Temple. The Emperor had foreseen that the death of Kanan had created an alteration in the Force that "altered the fate of Lothal." While surveying the excavation site of the Jedi Temple, Hera felt Kanan's ghostly presence comforting her.[105]

Shortly after rescuing Tano from the clutches of Vader in the World Between Worlds, Tano explained to Ezra that Kanan, who was now part of the Cosmic Force, was still able to communicate to the living through the Force. Ezra later attempted to use the World Between Worlds to travel to the past and save Kanan from his death, but Tano convinced him to not do so as Kanan placed himself where he was most needed.[106]

Liberation of Lothal and posthumous fatherhood[]

"By that time, there had been a new member added to the crew of the Ghost—Spectre-7, Jacen Syndulla. Born to fly, just like his mother. And, well, we all know what his father was like."
―Sabine Wren[9]

In the end through both this experience and the message given by the Loth-wolf Dume who was believed to carry on Kanan's will after death, Ezra was able to learn a valuable final lesson from his master which he passed onto the rest of the Spectres, to be able to let go as Kanan had fulfilled his role.[106]


Jacen Syndulla, the son of Jarrus

This lesson was significant, as Ezra was capable of resisting the Emperor's seduction at being reunited with his deceased parents through the gateway the Emperor so desired to control. Instead of giving in to his manipulation, Ezra found the fortitude needed to let go of his parents and thwart the Emperor's plans by destroying the remnants of the Jedi temple. Subsequently following Kanan's example to be where he was most needed, Ezra sacrificed himself in order to take Thrawn with himself away from Lothal, enabling the rebels to liberate Lothal from the Empire.[9]

Sometime after the liberation, Hera gave birth to the child, a boy, that she had conceived with Kanan before his death, naming him Jacen. He largely inherited Kanan's looks in spite of being a hybrid between a human and a twi'lek, Hera's species. Additionally, to honor Kanan's memory, Sabine painted a mural of him and the other Spectres flanked by loth-wolves and loth-cats to show that they operated like a family.[9]

Thrawn's return[]

"Yeah. He was my Master. Taught me everything I know."
"And I taught him how to build a lightsaber."
"Of course. Now it all makes sense."
"How could you know him? Sabine?"
"I told you. I taught almost every youngling at the Jedi Temple, including your Master. Clever boy Caleb was, very curious. A little shy, perhaps. Well, who can blame him? Those were troubling times."
―Ezra Bridger and Huyang, regarding Kanan Jarrus[20]

In 9 ABY, Grand Admiral Thrawn planned to return to the galaxy as the leader of the Empire, which he hoped to rebuild. Upon hearing rumours of this, Ahsoka Tano and other key members of the ghost crew attempted to make their way to the galaxy Thrawn was in, not only to prevent another war and the reconstruction of the Empire, but to find Ezra Bridger.[107] By that time, Jacen Syndulla wore a custom shoulder piece designed to look identical to the one his father once wore. The young boy looked up to his father, and after hearing that Wren was training to become a Jedi, Syndulla asked his mother if there was any possibility of becoming a Jedi himself, like his father before him.[108] By that point, Hera and Jacen kept a photo of Jarrus in the cockpit of the Ghost.[109]

The Final Order[]

"In the heart of a Jedi lies her strength."
―Kanan speaking to Rey[110]

During the battle of Exegol in 35 ABY,[2] Kanan Jarrus' voice was one among those of many Jedi of the past who aided Rey with killing the resurrected Darth Sidious, with Jarrus saying that she was not alone and that a Jedi's strength was in their heart. The voice of Luke Skywalker, who was Rey's master when alive, followed that of Kanan, telling her that the Force would always be with her, similar to what Kanan said to an unconscious Ezra, his own apprentice, after his journey in the World Between Worlds.[110]

Personality and traits[]

From Padawan to Rebel[]

"I lost my way for a long time, but now I have a chance to change things."
―Kanan Jarrus[35]
Star Wars Kanan 12 textless cover

Once the Padawan Caleb Dume, Kanan Jarrus became a part of the found family of the Ghost crew.

During his youth, Kanan Jarrus (or rather, Caleb Dume) had a tendency to ask many questions, hoping to better understand things, which earned him somewhat of a bad reputation among his peers,[7] but it was that inquisitive nature that motivated Billaba to choose him as her apprentice. She would, however, tease him about it, such as when she said questions seemed to be the "natural state" of his mind.[10] Young as he was, he was also reckless, rushing headlong into danger.[25] Any disrespect against his master would anger him, as did being called "kid."[10] Another peculiarity was that every time he got nervous, he would run his hand through his hair.[11]

As a Padawan, he had a precocious interest in military tactics and battle strategy.[111] He was eager to learn and formed a strong relationship with his master as well as several clone troopers he fought beside.[25] However, after experiencing the tragedy of Order 66, he emerged a much different person.[7]

A secretive man,[7] Jarrus would rarely talk about his past, as he disliked talking about it,[1] particularly before meeting Hera Syndulla on Gorse. Before her, Jarrus was reckless, impatient and belligerent, as demonstrated by the little care he put in carrying explosives just to meet his schedule, or his tendency to start fights.[7] Seemingly prickly and detached, Jarrus showed his kindness and commitment to justice only when he thought no one was looking,[7] and his only aim in life was survival, until he met Syndulla. She persuaded him to join her to fight for a lost way of life—to work as a rebel leader, for which he resumed his lost qualities of bravery, honor, and perseverance.[1] The two later developed a romantic relationship.[112]


Kanan Jarrus Imperial wanted poster

Having felt adrift since the destruction of the Jedi way of life, he had developed a cynical and cocky personality,[7] and couldn't stand "protocol nonsense."[38][71] He was also known for humorous banter and for having "a thousand one-liners ready to go."[113] While he was happy to lead the Spectres during their small missions as he thought of it as a noble cause, his experiences during the Clone Wars left him wary of being involved with military affairs. When the Ghost crew was faced with the opportunity to join Phoenix Squadron and become full-fledged members of the Rebel fleet, Jarrus was reluctant to go along, citing his distaste for military protocol and the broader consequences of fighting a war, and became apprehensive and disdainful.[38]

Jarrus also harbored substantial animosity towards clone troopers for the role they had played in killing Billaba and hunting him down. He even saw the stormtroopers as the next reincarnation of the clone troopers themselves despite the stormtroopers being recruited normal humans. As a result, Jarrus found it difficult to trust the retired clones Rex, Gregor, and Wolffe.[66][71] However, despite his hard feelings towards them, Kanan decided to rescue them during an Imperial assault on Seelos.[67] After Rex joined the Rebellion and befriended his apprentice Ezra, Jarrus argued with the clone on a few occasions about how to train the young Jedi.[69][65] Despite his issues with clones, Jarrus was able to work with Rex to rescue Ezra and several other Phoenix rebels during a rescue mission aboard the Imperial Interdictor.[71]

Over time, Kanan's care for the rebellion's cause grew as he became an active member on the war against the Empire, he tried to reason with Bendu to aid the rebellion against Thrawn's Imperial forces but underestimated the creature's stubborn devotion to neutrality and volatile temperament. Kanan later complimented his former adversary Agent Kallus for risking his life to aid the rebellion. Due to his past experiences, Kanan was also able to look past the rebels' crushing defeat at Atollon. He reassured his apprentice that they were fortunate to survive and that this meant they could continue fighting for a free galaxy.[15]

A Master without mastery[]

"You were right. I was a coward. But now, I know there's something stronger than fear. Far stronger. The Force."
―Kanan Jarrus, to The Grand Inquisitor[41]

Training Ezra proved difficult as Kanan had to resume his own training while doing so.

Never having made it past the rank of Padawan until years into Ezra's training,[18] Jarrus had little confidence in his skills as a Jedi and teacher.[19][35] He was self-conscious about his incomplete Jedi training, and thus hesitated to train Ezra Bridger.[1] Furthermore, Depa Billaba's last words haunted him and, as the Inquisitor once commented, the former Jedi was afraid of his own power, afraid to wear his lightsaber out in the open.[41] Kanan feared for his apprentice's life, believing that if he didn't trained him properly he could get Ezra killed, this prompted him to protect him everytime Bridger was threatened during their encounters with the Grand Inquisitor.[19][54] This fear was exploited by the Inquisitor during his interrogation, where he used Jarrus' traumatizing experience with Order 66 to tell him he couldn't save his crew the same way he wasn't able to save Depa Billaba when he was a Padawan. This fear was ultimately realized during his final duel with the Grand Inquisitor onboard the Sovereign, where he believed that Ezra was killed by the Inquisitor, but instead of breaking down, Kanan collected himself, confronted his fear and defeated the Grand Inquisitor.[41]

However, during a lightsaber duel with the Sentinel, a manifestation of the Grand Inquisitor as a Jedi Temple Guard, Jarrus realized he should feel content with teaching Ezra all he could, and to his surprise, he was Knighted by the Sentinel.[77] As a result of attaining Jedi Knighthood during his Jedi Trials at the Lothal Jedi Temple, Kanan resolved to keep his apprentice Ezra from falling to the dark side. Kanan was willing to die for this cause.[77] Having grown up during the last years of the Jedi Order, Kanan distrusted the former Sith apprentice Maul and realized that he wanted to use Ezra for his powers. Kanan's distrust of Maul was confirmed when the darksider blinded him on Malachor.[80]

Kanan's blinding had a great impact on the Jedi Knight's life and worldview. Kanan withdrew from his responsibilities in Hera's rebel cell and the Phoenix Squadron to meditate in the Force. Due to his upbringing, Kanan distrusted anything associated with the Sith and dark side and chastised Ezra for toying with a Sith holocron he had found on Malachor. Under the tutelage of the Bendu, Kanan learned to see through the Force, overcome his fears of the spider-like krykna, and repair his strained relationship with Ezra. By repairing his relationship with his rebel friends, Kanan was able to regain his connection to the Force.[5]

Honed Skills WotF

Kanan was able to overcome his blindness and became a better Jedi for it.

Jarrus was a strict and methodical teacher. Due to Sabine's initial lack of enthusiasm for the Darksaber, Kanan believed that it would be safer for her to begin her training by sparring with melee sticks and learning the basic lightsaber strokes. As a seasoned Jedi, Kanan was knowledgeable of history and familiar with Mandalorian vambraces. His emphasis on skills and discipline clashed with Sabine's free-spirited and improvised style of combat. The two were able to resolve their differences after Sabine overcame her strained memories of her family and Kanan decided to trust Sabine's ability to bond with the Darksaber herself.[14] While Kanan expressed doubts that he was a good teacher for his apprentice Ezra since he had not completed his own training, Ezra reassured his master that he had taught him about life and how to be a better person.[15]

He and Hera came to believe that the Spectres had a special connection to Lothal and that they were predestined to cross paths with Ezra.[102] While Kanan loved Hera and was reluctant to abandon her, he heeded the wolf's warning not to go into Capital City and instead evacuated the rebels Chopper and Mart Mattin.[13]

Relationship with Hera Syndulla[]

After revealing himself as a Jedi, Kanan agreed to become a member of Syndulla's crew.[7] Kanan would be deeply concerned when he would learn about Hera being in trouble.[50] After Kanan was blinded by Maul, he was comforted by Hera.[80] She assured him that despite his blindness, Kanan could still see her.[99] Despite the odds against the rebels, Kanan still thought of a future with his lover Hera.[102]

Powers and abilities[]

Lightsaber skills[]

"In close-quarter fighting, Billaba's emphasis was always on Form III, which you favor to a ridiculous degree."
―The Grand Inquisitor, to Kanan Jarrus[19]
Kanan FDCR

Jarrus was skilled in Form III lightsaber combat.

Kanan Jarrus had some skill in Form III due to his training under Depa Billaba,[10] who was a master of the style and emphasized its use in close-quarter fighting. The Inquisitor noted Jarrus favored the style "to a ridiculous degree."[19]

During his third duel with the Inquisitor, Jarrus' skill had improved with practice, something the Inquisitor acknowledged.[61] In addition to Form III, Jarrus possessed skill in Form V, which he demonstrated on numerous occasions, to deflect blaster fire effectively.[25][37][71] He also showed some preference for the reverse grip.[97][80] Alongside Form III and Form V, Kanan demonstrated skill in Jar'Kai. Not only was he capable of engaging opponents with two lightsabers,[77] he also on occasion combined his lightsaber skills with close-quarters gunslinging.[54] In his final duel with the Inquisitor, where he used Ezra's hybrid lightsaber in addition to his own, he demonstrated enough mastery of Jar'Kai to defeat the Jedi hunter.[41] Ezra later used the same maneuver Kanan himself used against The Grand Inquisitor in a sparring session, with Kanan himself pointing out that it "was his move."[79]

When he trained Sabine on lightsaber combat, he adopted a one-handed fighting method similar to that of the Grand Inquisitor.[14]

While Kanan was skilled enough to hold off the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother in combat, he still was unable to beat them.[72] Nor could he hope to defeat the likes of a Sith Lord,[38][80] though he managed to hold a saber lock with Darth Vader for approximately ten seconds.[38] Despite being blind, he was still able to spar with Sabine in a lightsaber training session.[14] Later, the blinded Kanan used the Force to guide him as he used his lightsaber to cut off the legs of an AT-AT walker.[15] Despite Kanan's lightsaber skills, he was outmatched by the Trandoshan foreman Proach, who wielded an electro-whip.[103] During his brief duel with Rukh, who wielded an Electrostaff, Kanan was disarmed and ended up resorting to his Force prowess to defeat Rukh.[6]

Force abilities[]

"Your connection to the Force allows you to see in ways others cannot. If you can see yourself, you will never be truly blind, Kanan Jarrus, Jedi Knight."
―Bendu, to Kanan Jarrus[5]
Kanans Concentration TCGGA

Kanan uses telekinesis to hold back an explosion.

Jarrus showed skill in telekinesis, such as pinning the Inquisitor to the ceiling, or pulling stormtroopers in before clotheslining them,[19] as well as pushing objects and multiple people and even restraining and holding people back for a time.[34][64] However, many of these feats required great effort or concentration on his part, which he would compensate for by using the Force in tandem with his apprentice, Ezra Bridger. On one occasion, they were able to send Darth Vader himself flying into the path of a collapsing walker with their combined Force powers, though Vader was not paying any attention to them at the time.[38] Later in his life, he achieved considerably greater mastery of telekinesis, and was at one point able to suspend a huge piece of rock to allow Rex and Gerrera to cross a chasm on Geonosis without significant fatigue.[92] In his final moments, he created a barrier of energy to hold back a massive explosion from an Imperial fuel tank long enough for his family to escape. While holding back the explosion, he levitated and pushed Hera into a commandeered patrol gunship to prevent her from intervening. He then used all of his remaining strength to push the entire ship away from the explosion which was then released from its confinement, killing him.[6]

Jarrus was also a very skilled user of the Force jump, which he could perform with great speed and to reach great distances.[114] After his telekinetic feat on Geonosis, he performed a long-distance Force-enhanced jump, which impressed Saw Gerrera but Rex joked was nothing compared to the powers of Anakin Skywalker.[92] In fact, Skywalker's son Luke Skywalker, while dueling his father on Cloud City, would perform a Force jump that matched those once performed by Jarrus.[114] Jarrus's sense allowed him to perceive certain events and even other Force users, such as when he first felt Ezra Bridger's presence on Lothal,[37] when he felt Luminara Unduli's presence on Stygeon Prime,[19] and when he sensed the loth-wolves' deep connection to the Force.[102] Jarrus also demonstrated an affinity for influencing animals through the Force as he did with a loth-cat in one of Bridger's lessons, and later to control several fyrnocks alongside his apprentice.[53][54]

Kanan 2017 WorldChampionship PrizeCard

Kanan Jarrus meditates on Lothal.

Jarrus could also perform Force jump, such as when he escaped Agent Kallus,[53] or when he leapt to slice the left legs of a walker,[73] as well as mind tricks.[19][56][38] Through his Master, Caleb Dume was able to receive Force visions, such as when he witnessed the Jedi's destruction.[18] Kanan was able to use his Force powers to hold on to Fenn Rau's Fang fighter despite the Mandalorian Protector's best efforts to shake him off.[26]

When Kanan was blinded by Maul during his mission to Malachor, he used the Force to improve his senses and determine where Maul was so he could fight him.[80] Under the tutelage of the Bendu, Kanan learned to see through the Force despite his physical blindness.[5] Through the Force, the blinded Kanan was able to accomplish feats including surviving being ejected into space,[83] fighting Imperial troops[90] and battle droids alike,[86] using the Force to deflect a rocket towards an Imperial walker,[85] and jumping onto the front armor plate of a fast-moving speeder bike.[97]

Due to his Force powers, Kanan was able to interact with Force-sensitive creatures such as the mythical loth-wolves of Lothal. He sensed that the creatures were connected to Lothal through the Force and were trying to warn the rebels that the Empire was doing something malevolent to Lothal.[102] His sudden display of seemingly unnatural power with the Force, as well as his blind eyes returning to normal, appeared to be due to his interactions with the spiritual loth-wolves.[6]

Other abilities[]


Kanan Jarrus's DL-18 blaster pistol

Jarrus was a capable pilot, though he recognized that Hera Syndulla was much better than him in this aspect.[7] He also knew how to swim,[33] and was very accurate with the use of firearms,[61][17] favoring a DL-18 blaster pistol—a gunslinger's weapon—much of the time, since drawing his lightsaber would attract Imperial attention.[1]The blaster came in handy as he once tried to use it with his ligthsaber.[54] He also showed great skill in hand-to-hand combat as shown on their mission to Stygeon Prime: Jarrus easily disarmed and knocked out stormtroopers while unarmed,[19] or knocking Tápusk and all of his men with ease.[51]

A speaker of Basic,[37] Jarrus also understood Binary[4] and Ithorese.[72] Under the Bendu's tutelage, Kanan learned to suppress his fears and anxieties. Being able to master his fears enabled Kanan to use the Force to convince the spider-like krykna that he was not hostile.[5] Despite being blinded, Kanan's affinity with the Force allowed him to continue riding his speeder bike while braving an Imperial orbital bombardment.[15]

Behind the scenes[]


Kanan Jarrus was first revealed as a character from the animated series Star Wars Rebels at the January 2014 Nuremberg International Toy Fair, where Jarrus was included on the packaging of the LEGO Star Wars Rebels Ghost model. However, the packaging merely represented Jarrus's LEGO mini-figure as a silhouetted form holding a blue-bladed lightsaber.[115][116] On February 11, 2014, Lucasfilm began a promotional campaign to introduce the characters of Star Wars Rebels, starting with Kanan Jarrus. USA Today ran an online story featuring an exclusive first look at Jarrus's character and announcing that he would be voiced by actor Freddie Prinze Jr. The story included a Lucasfilm production video revealing the character's full design.[117]

According to the StarWars.com blogger James Burns, the name Kanan was based on a road in Malibu, California. Burns also pointed out that Kanan had different meanings in several different cultures including forest, friend, or guide. In Arabic, the word kanan means trader or merchant. He also suggested that the name was a reference to the Biblical land of Canaan.[118] Before settling on "Caleb Dume" as the character's birth name, Star Wars Rebels writer Greg Weisman has stated that he originally came up with the name "Caine."[119]

The decision to make Kanan blind in "Twilight of the Apprentice" was inspired by the Zatoichi samurai films.[120] Dave Filoni, an executive producer for Star Wars Rebels shared a Facebook post in which he stated that Kanan and Ahsoka had met before the events of Rebels during their times as younglings in the Jedi Order. Filoni added that whilst they had not known each other well, they did some saber training together.[121] The Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi episode "Practice Makes Perfect" would later confirm the two had seen each other before.[22]

Freddie Prinze Jr. reprised his role as Kanan Jarrus in the 2019 film Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, the third and final installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.[110] According to Prinze, he received a phone call from Dave Filoni a few weeks before the release of The Rise of Skywalker to do some new lines as Kanan, a request Prinze quickly accepted.[122]


Caleb Dume and Depa Billaba fight clone troopers

Caleb Dume and Depa Billaba fight against Order 66

"Aftermath," the first episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, depicted Dume's experience with Order 66 differently[32] from its original depiction in the Kanan comic series.[18] Pablo Hidalgo of the Lucasfilm Story Group noted the broad circumstances remained the same between both,[123] as often occurred in multimedia adapations.[124][125] The encyclopedia "Mace Windu and Other Users of the Force" later presented a combined version of the events on Kaller, drawing from both the comic and series. In line with this[126] and keeping in mind Hidalgo's commentary,[125] this article takes the events of the comic up until Order 66 as canonical, then assumes the more recent The Bad Batch depiction of Order 66 on Kaller is canonical. After that, this article then returns to recounting the events of the comic.

Within Kanan 1, Order 66 is issued at night on Kaller, directly after Dume is gifted his holocron by his master, after the Republic routed Kleeve's forces.[10] In Kanan 2, Dume and his master fight their former friends as the clones succumb to Order 66, with Dume reflecting on the chaos of the moment and the sudden need to fight his friends. The battle ends with Dume fleeing into the night after his master distracts their fire. Dume also experiences a vision of Order 66 on other planets.[18] For this article's mending of information, it assumes Dume somehow reclaimed his cloak after losing it during his battle with Crosshair[32] due to its importance in Dume hiding from the Jedi Purge in Kanan 2.[18]

When Dume appeared "Practice Makes Perfect," some fans voiced concern that the character's backstory had again been retconned as they believed Dume and Billaba were depicted as Padawan and Master far too early in the Clone Wars. However, Matt Martin of the Lucasfilm Story Group calmed those fears, noting the two could simply be "hanging out."[127] Martin noted that both already knew each other before becoming master and apprentice, thus allowing for interactions between both before Dume's apprenticeship began.[128] Even in the Kanan comic series, Dume notes a familiarity with Billaba when he sees her floating in her bacta tank.[16] Hidalgo also noted some younglings have Padawan braids, with even Kanan 7 depicting Dume with a Padawan braid while still a youngling.[129]

Non-canon history[]

Kanan Jarrus appears in Angry Birds Star Wars II. He was co-piloting the Ghost when Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla rescued the orphan Ezra Bridger and escaped from Agent Kallus.[130]

In the LEGO Star Wars Rebels Movie Shorts, Jarrus, Orrelios, Syndulla, and Wren were drinking in the Mos Eisley Cantina when Ezra Bridger called for a rescue. They went to the Ghost and rescued the young orphan from the Phantom. Bridger then suggested they charge the Star Destroyer's bridge and hide behind it, and eventually the warship jumped to hyperspace.[131] At another time, the Ghost was damaged by a Star Destroyer, forcing it to go to a space station for repairs. Jarrus and Orrelios left in escape pods and made it to a planet. Bridger rescued them and took them to the station in time to finish repairs to their starship and flee from Imperials.[132]


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