"I'm Kandra Nilitz, Landing Zone NewsNet."
―Kandra Nilitz[src]

Kandra Nilitz was a humanoid female journalist with yellow colored skin who was on assignment for Landing Zone NewsNet at the Galactic Senate Rotunda during Plan Delta. She worked with camera operator Beurth Ogh. Early in her career, she did an investigative report on black-market sales of fake bacta. She was later solicited by the insane Jedi Knights Jysella and Valin Horn to take them off of Coruscant, in exchange for an exclusive news story. After arriving on Nam Chorios, the Horns abandoned her and Beurth.

Kandra later conducted an interview with the mayor of Hweg Shul, Snaplaunce, who revealed that the Skywalkers could not have stabbed him as they had already taken off in his ship, Vote Snaplaunce. She then sent communications to Luke Skywalker to meet up with her in exchange for a ride. When the Skywalkers and Vestara Khai arrived, they were attacked by three Sith, but the Jedi and Vestara were able to defeat them. In exchange for a ride to Crystal Valley, Luke told Kandra about Abeloth and the Lost Tribe of Sith.

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