"Griggs! Recalculate our exit from hyperspace at two degrees from their point of transmission!"
"Yes, sir! The navicomputer says we can make that adjustment, sir."
―General Lando Calrissian orders Kane Griggs to plot a course for Calamari[src]

Kane Griggs was a male from the frozen planet of Kerensik in the Botor Enclave. Griggs eventually traveled off-world to attend an Imperial university, where he studied politics and planned on living a comfortable life as an economist. However, he cared little for Imperial ideology or outside conflicts. During his first year at the university, Griggs met an Alderaanian student named Marfa Thorbin and formed a close relationship with her, eventually proposing marriage to her. Thorbin accepted and returned home to Alderaan to tell her parents, but she was killed when the planet was destroyed by the first Death Star.

Soon after the Battle of Endor, Griggs quit his job at the Botor Income Ministry and joined the New Republic Defense Fleet to avenge Thorbin. In 10 ABY, Griggs served aboard the liberated New Republic Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Emancipator as a navigator and participated in the Battle of Calamari.


Early lifeEdit

Kane Griggs was a male born and raised on the frozen planet of Kerensik in the Botor Enclave. Winter was the only season that Griggs ever experienced until he went off-world to study at an Imperial university. Griggs studied politics at the school, and like many of the other political science students, he hoped for a safe and comfortable bureaucratic job. Griggs was apathetic toward the Galactic Civil War and only objected to a few of the New Order's policies. He was more interested in becoming an economist than focusing on his service to the Empire.[1]

In his first year at the school, Griggs experienced the autumn season for the first time, which he found pleasantly colorful. One day while walking back from a lecture, counting leaves, he ran into a fellow student—Marfa Thorbin. As the two picked up each other's books and began chatting, Griggs offered to buy Thorbin a cup of chav. Though initially embarrassed at his clumsiness, Griggs was surprised to learn that Thorbin was also counting the leaves. Thorbin explained that she grew up on Alderaan, where she experienced many different seasons. She told Griggs that she hoped to be an aquatic xenologist and one day explore ocean worlds.[1]

Griggs and Thorbin ended up in two of the same classes together and began a friendship as study partners. They communicated with each other over winter vacation, and once they met again in the spring semester, they reveled in the new season. Over the years, their friendship became love, and eventually Griggs asked Thorbin to marry him. Thorbin accepted, and the pair set a date for the wedding while Thorbin returned home to tell her parents. Thorbin, however, was killed in 0 BBY when the first Death Star destroyed Alderaan, and the pair never had their wedding.[1]

New Republic serviceEdit

Griggs spent the next few years working for the Botor Income Ministry until the Rebel Alliance announced their victory over the Empire at Endor and formed the New Republic. Griggs quit his job and joined up as a recruit in the New Republic Defense Fleet, motivated by his love for Thorbin and hatred against the Empire for her loss. Though some doubted his usefulness aboard warships, Griggs was content with the life he lived in the New Republic. He eventually fell in love with and married another woman and fathered a child.[1]

By 10 ABY, after the resurgence of the reborn Emperor Palpatine, Griggs was serving as a navigator aboard the Emancipator, an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer captured by the New Republic. While the Emancipator was en route to the planet Calamari, Griggs was ordered by General Lando Calrissian, commander of the Emancipator, to plot a course two degrees from the source of a recently intercepted Imperial transmission displaying the devastation of the planet. Griggs acknowledged that the Emancipator's navicomputer could make such a course adjustment. He then proceeded to participate in the Battle of Calamari, where he fought against the Empire's World Devastators.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

While at the university, Kane Griggs planned on living a peaceful life and attempted to stay as far away as possible from conflicts such as the Galactic Civil War. He cared little for the Empire's policies and focused primarily on his studies. He found the autumn season incredibly interesting and was fascinated by the different colors the leaves changed to. Griggs's emotions often influenced his actions, such as after Marfa Thorbin's death, when he was motivated to join the New Republic out of his love for her and hatred of the Empire. If asked why he started fighting for the New Republic, Griggs would cite many reasons but leave out Thorbin, whom he considered his biggest reason of all. Griggs was proficient in astrogation, capital ship piloting, and repulsorlift operation.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Kane Griggs first appeared as a minor background character in the third issue of the 19911992 Dark Empire comic book series written by Tom Veitch and illustrated by Cam Kennedy. His background was greatly expanded upon in the 1993 Dark Empire Sourcebook by Michael Allen Horne.



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