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"Mother was right. I have got to change my social circles."

Kannen Doom was a noted Human female bounty hunter who aged at a far slower rate than normal. In the last years of the Galactic Republic, she favored form-fitting hot pink outfits with low necklines, but by the time of the Battle of Endor, she typically dressed in blue armor.

She was armed with a blaster and a double-bladed vibrostaff comparable to those used by the Emperor's Royal Guard, plus twin-pronged vibroblades in her wrist gauntlets. She may have been a Mandalorian, as her helmet had a T-shaped visor (although the "upright" of the T was shorter than usual), and she had a long-running association with the Fett family.



Kannen on a date with Jango Fett in Dex's Diner in 22 BBY

In 32 BBY, she assisted Jango Fett in getting the job as the prime clone for the Grand Army of the Republic, and she was apparently dating him ten years later, just before the Battle of Geonosis, when they shared a lunch in Dex's Diner on Coruscant.

Decades afterwards, she dated Jango's son, Boba. Her liaison with Fett was a sore point, as he broke off the relationship without warning, and later insisted that she had mistaken him for one of the many clones produced from his father's template. She harbored something of a blood-feud with him as a result.

By 4 ABY, Kannen had fallen in with the Rebel Alliance. In this capacity, she escorted Manuel Both-Hanz to a meeting on Tatooine with Lando Calrissian, Tag Greenley, and Bink Otauna, intended to bring vital intelligence on the new Death Star to the Alliance. After her initial rendezvous was botched, she thought that she had gained some compensation by capturing Fett, although it was actually Tag inside the bounty hunter's armor. The arrival of the real Fett complicated matters, and in the ensuing firefight, Manny was killed by a shot through the chest.

She was last seen fighting Fett in a Mos Eisley docking bay, while Tag and Bink blasted their way off-planet aboard what may have been her own ship—a Lambda-class shuttle with a powerful holocomm.

Behind the scenesEdit


A blond Kannen in 32 BBY

Kannen's appearance was based on Drea Hoffman, Kevin Rubio's best friend.

Kannen is normally shown as a redhead, but she is blond in "Fett Club", with a different art team, including Wil Glass rather than Dan Jackson as colorist. She is also portrayed as a blonde on the back cover of Tag & Bink Were Here, both drawn and colored by Lucas Marangon. Marangon explains, "See, Kannen Doom was modeled after Kevin's best friend, Drea Hoffmann, who is actually blond (and a terrific girl, lemme tell ya). Dan Jackson didn't know that when he was coloring the book so he decided to get creative about it, but when I got the chance of doing a colored cover for the TPB, I had to be faithful to the "actual" character."[source?]

The explanation for Kannen's youthful attractiveness in both "Fett Club" and The Return of Tag & Bink: Special Edition was given in a "Creators Note" added to this page by Kevin Rubio himself: Kannen is Human and does age. She just ages at a slower rate.[1] This was accompanied by a seemingly unpublished sketch of Kannen by artist Lucas Marangon.


Drea Kannen 001

Drea Hoffman and Kannen

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