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"These Corellians are something, aren't they? Bomb their cities and they come right back and blow up your shuttle. Miles of heart, these people. Bought themselves a world of hurt, but darned if they haven't earned my respect! Now the Selonians, them I could do without. Vicious, feral things, killing with tooth and claw. Probably crawling with diseases, too."
―Lord Kanno[src]

Kanno was a male Human Sith Lord who served the reconstituted Sith Empire during the Galactic War. He had a daughter on Korriban and considered bringing a Selonian as a pet to her.


"The Selonians fancy themselves warriors, but they fight like beasts, leaving only pieces of our soldiers behind. One pack in particular has taken special delight in savaging my troops. I need someone to find these strays and put them down. [...] Exterminate them like the vermin they are."
―Lord Kanno recruited an Empire-aligned individual to punish hostile Selonians[src]

In 3641 BBY, Kanno was among the Sith that invaded Corellia under the leadership of Darth Decimus. When a group of Selonian warriors in Axial Park began to threaten the Imperial occupation forces there, Kanno recruited an Imperial hero to assault their warren and eradicate the natives.

Personality and traitsEdit

"I'd enjoy this fine Corellian air a whole lot more if it wasn't tainted by the stench of Selonian fur."
―Lord Kanno was prejudiced against Selonians[src]

Kanno was a male Human who held prejudiced views against Selonians, frequently referring them as "strays" as the Sith Lord saw their staunch stance against Imperial intrusion and their warrior's ways as savagery.



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