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"I wonder if Selonians can be domesticated. Have a little girl back on Korriban. She's dying for a new pet."
―Lord Kanno[1]

The Sith Lord Kanno of the reconstituted Sith Empire had a young daughter who lived on[1] the planet[2] Korriban during the Galactic War. When Kanno was garrisoned in the war-torn world Corellia's Coronet City[1] in 3640 BBY,[3] he remarked interest in "domesticating" Selonians[1]—a sentient species whose local population was defending the city against Imperial forces[4]—for his daughter, who desperately wanted a new pet.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Kanno's daughter was mentioned in ambient dialogue on Corellia in BioWare's 2011 massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Star Wars: The Old Republic.[1]


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