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"I'll give you the short version. You've heard of the Kanz Disorders?"
"Only just. Ancient Republic, localized conflict."
"You're right about the ancient Republic part—the Kanz Disorders were nearly four millennia ago. Nearly six billion beings died, many of them my fellow Lorrdians."
Lieutenant Sollaw ap-Orwien and Clone Captain CT-7567[1]

The Kanz Disorders (39703670 BBY) was a three hundred year-long conflict that took place in the Kanz sector in the Outer Rim Territories during the Old Republic era.


The Argazdans of the planet Argazda in the remote Kanz sector were believed to be the descendants of an ancient Core World colony from the Pre-Republic era. Facing constant piracy and slave raids from the alien Ereesi species, Argazda and its environs joined the Galactic Republic in 4200 BBY. Due to the Kanz sector's distance from Coruscant, the Galactic Senate only reluctantly admitted the Argazdans due to their purported near-Human ancestry and the desperation of the Argazdan people.[2].

Over the decades, the Republic Navy defended the Argazdans from the depredations of the Ereesi until the Argazdans developed their own military forces.[2] Despite closer ties with the Republic, the puritanical Argazdans detested Republic culture as "corrupt and faithless". During the Old Sith Wars, the Argazdans came under the influence of a fundamentalist brand of Vianism known as the Myrialites who were led by Provisional Governor Myrial.[3]

The Disorders[]

In 3970 BBY, with the Republic preoccupied with the Mandalorian Wars, Myrial seceeded the Kanz sector from the Republic and renamed it the Argazdan Redoubt. In the ensuing revolution, Loyalist Argazdans were massacred while an Argazdan military fleet devastated the Ereesi homeworld of Ereesus, exterminating all life on the world.[2]The Myrialites then proceeded to annex the other worlds of their sector including Amaltanna and Lorrd.[4][5]

In retaliation for the Lorrdians' support for the Amaltannan resistance, Myrial had the Lorrdian species enslaved. The enslaved Lorrdians were forbidden by their masters from speaking with each other.[3] As a result, they were forced to develop a system of subtle gestures, facial expressions, and body postures. This nonverbal form of communication would still be in use millennia later, during the Galactic Civil War.[6][4][5]

The Myrialites established a totalitarian regime that would last for three hundred years.[4][5][3] Any attempt made by the Galactic Republic and the Jedi to end the disorders was cut short by the Mandalorian Wars followed by the more devastating Jedi and Sith Civil Wars.[5] The Republic was further preoccupied by a G0-T0 droid revolt in the Gordian Reach in 3946 BBY.[7].

Towards the end of the Kanz Disorders, the last ruling Argazdan Regent Torphceris sought to maintain his power in the face of opposition from the Republic.[3] In desperation, he betrayed his beliefs by making a pact with a demonic "alien" "artisan-shaper". The alien had come to the known Galaxy from the Intergalactic Void and displayed much expertise in bioengineering.[3] Torphceris used the alien's expertise to create a bioengineered monster which was buried beneath the legendary Slave Pits of Lorrd. These Slave Pits were constructed at the cost of the lives of thousands of Lorrdian slaves.[3]

Around 3670 BBY, the Lorrdian Jedi Knight Mari-Elan Nora led a joint Jedi and Republic task force to liberate the Kanz Sector. Despite the Great Galactic War, Nora had enough support in the Galactic Senate for military intervention. Despite dogged resistance from the Argazdans, the Jedi and Republic forces defeated the Argazdan Redoubt.[3] Over 500 million Lorrdians, and nearly five billion other people, were killed during the Kanz Disorders, until the Republic and the Jedi brought the Kanz sector back under control.[6][4][5]


The failure of the Republic to intervene in the atrocities led the Coruscant government to reconsider granting membership to distant settlements and enclaves in the far reaches of the Galaxy and to discourage colonization schemes within the Kanz sector. The Republic's northern frontier also retreated to Iridonia, Ord Mantell and Ithor.[2]

By the time of the Imperial Period, most Argazdans regarded their ancestors' actions in the Kanz Disorders, especially the enslavement of the Lorrdians, as shameful. Most Lorrdians and Argazdans in the sector got on well despite the repercussions of the conflict.[3]



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