Kaon was a planet in the Tion Cluster. It was inhabited by scranges.


Kaon was hard-to-reach, little-remarked world located in the Back Spiral.[2] The planet was ruled by a royal family and had its own security force.[3]


"Four worlds have been completely overrun. A fifth, Kaon, is down to a handful of survivors battling for their lives. Among those survivors are several nobles related to the ruling family. But we will have to act quickly if we want to rescue them."
Darth Nurin, during the Tion Hegemony rakghoul outbreak[src]

Originally, Kaon was a trade hub within Xim's empire. After the Empire collapsed, it was revisited centuries later when the Tion Hegemony fractured and Tionese Prince Matteus Zaym fled to the planet to avoid assassination. He eventually proved himself as a capable administrator, restoring Kaon's trade ports and building a massive palace, and therefore restored the planet back to its former glory.[5]

During the Galactic War, Kaon, along with other Tion Hegemony worlds, was the site of a rakghoul plague outbreak that infected and killed many military personnel and civilians.[3]

Millennia later, Count Dooku had a castle on the planet. Kaon served as his primary base of operations after Dooku was forced to flee Vjun.[4]



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