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"Karabast! Karabast? What does that even mean?"
―Agent Alexsandr Kallus to Garazeb Orrelios[src]

Karabast was a Lasat exclamation commonly used during moments of crisis. Garazeb Orrelios, a member of the Ghost crew, used it quite frequently.[1] Ezra Bridger adopted the phrase after spending time with Orrelios.[2] Sabine Wren, another of Orrelios' fellow rebels, also used the phrase when they beheld an Imperial Star Destroyer emerging from hyperspace (prompting Orrelios to echo the sentiment)[3] and so too did the ISB agent Alexsandr Kallus, though whilst expressing confusion regarding what it meant.[4]

The rebel commando Pao used the exclamation during the Battle of Scarif upon spotting an oncoming AT-ACT.[5]

During the Battle of Jakku, the Duros Shriv Suurgav used the exclamation when he saw an MC80 Star Cruiser take heavy fire and go down in flames.[6]

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Archive audio of Pao exclaiming "Karabast!" can be commonly heard in the video game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes upon his defeat.


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