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"We believe that at the heart of every intelligent person lies a secret desire to have dominion over another sentient being. Some pander to this desire by building empires. Other sit in judgment of their fellow creatures. The Karazak acknowledge this very fundamental need. We accept it and we provide for it"
―Karazak promotional literature (extract)[src]

The Karazak Slaver's Cooperative[1], also known as Karazak Slaver's Guild[2], Karazak Slavers Cooperative[1][3] and KSC[1][3], was a slaver guild in the galaxy active from the times of the Old Republic to at least the times of the New Republic. Based of the Karazak system, in the Outer Rim, it competed with other older important slaver cooperatives such as the Zygerrian Slavers Guild and the Thalassian Slavers.[4][1]


The Karazak Slavers Cooperative was specialized in all the areas of slavery, even if they refused to perform any other criminal act. They were responsible of kidnap, slavery, violation of sentient rights, illicit imprisoning and transport of unwilling citizens under pressure. Although they were especially violent during the captures, they were not known for the use of sadistic tortures on their prisioners.[1]

In times of the Empire, it was believed that the Karazak Slavers Cooperative included at least twelve thousand slavers, with more than a 41% devoted to active participation in slave raids. The Cooperative was ruled by the little-seen twelve-sentient Central Coordinating Commitee.[1]

Unlike other criminal empires, the Karazak Slavers Cooperative refused to use a centralized control over a geographical area. They instead infiltrate in the target zone, and sometimes even share the local resources with other criminals. However, if the competition becomes too heavy, or too aggressive, the Karazaks would rather move to greener pastures instead of putting up a fight.[1] In fact, they even shared their main base, Karazak system, whith rival, less-organized Slaver Syndicate,[5] which was controlled by the Karazak Slavers's traditional competitors, the Zygerrians.[6]

Beyond that, some local Karazak chapters had business relations with Hutt-controlled elements.[1]

Sentient Resources

The Karazak Slavers Cooperative employed mostly trained, devoted slavers from different areas of the galaxy. To them, slavery is a way of life, with some of the Karazak slavers being children and grandchildren of other Karazak slavers. Although the Karazaks claimed that only sentients determined to high excellence would be admitted, sometimes they blackmailed talented outlaws with the choice of being a slavers or being denounced.[1]

The KSC was known because of the interest it had on its employees. Slavers, even low-level ones, were told they would never stay jailed for more than thirty hours, with the KSC paying lawyers, bribes or even a break-up. Should the slaver die before the release could be arranged, then the Karazaks would support the slaver's family. Success in the Karazaks was rewarded with promotions and money; however, repeated failure could be punished with slavery itself. Due to these policies, the Karazaks were notorious, and at the same time the slavers would strive for perfection.[1]

Career specializations

The Karazak Slavers Cooperative divided the responsabilities and authorities of any slaving operation among different specialized experts. This reduced the impact on the operation should any of the slavers be captured. It also allowed a careful planning, with most of the contingencies covered, and reduced the risks for the slaving team while increasing the economical profitability of each hit. Lastly, the Cooperative also used research teams that analysed each of the areas, to improve their methodology. This careful planning was another of the greater points in the Karazaks's reputation.[1]

Before an operation was even considered, the Karazak Slavers Cooperative sent an undercover acquisitions specialist, to consider the availability and quality of the potential slaves in an area, the threat that local law enforcement or military powers could pose, and the location of the community. Acquisitions specialists were also used to define the potential value and risk of a specific person or small group, if a contract for them was possible.[1]

The project developer was to peruse the acquisitions specialist's report, and then transform it into a viable slave raid. The developer, maximum responsible of the operation, was to coordinate the plans with strike team leaders, and to give the final "go". Sometimes, the executive leadership of the Cooperative could differ the developer's judgement.[1]

The raid was performed by one or more strike teams. The strike team leader chose the team members and assigned the responsibilities of each one. Any time a capture was damaged, the leader would lose a part of her profits.[1]

The logistics coordinator was to provide equipment for the strike teams, no matter the planetary environment of the raid, commonly on a very short time basis. The coordinator also was to take care of the captured slaves up to their sale, including feeding them, and was the responsible for maintaining and removal of temporary bases.[1]

Finally, the distribution manager was the seller, needing to find a potential buyer and to move the merchandise before the authorities can track it, and before the operation stops being cost-effective. Sometimes, one distribution manager closed one single deal for the lives of thousands of sentients.[1]


Karazak Slavers

Karazak Slavers.

The Karazaks Slavers Cooperative worked mostly in the Outer Rim, but they were no shy to invade sectors officially controlled by the Galactic Empire or the New Republic. However, the Cooperative dealt only in slaves, without committing any other crime: They performed slave raids, and sometimes specialized captures on specific targets, with the slave's cost depending on the estimated risks (not the real expenses of the Cooperative).[1]

Sometimes, the Cooperative also bought exotic preys to external agents. In times of the Empire, dark Force-user Dahz Thulaka kidnapped victims on Starlyte Station, performed terrible genetic modifications on them and, if they survived, Thulaka sometimes sold them to the Karazak Slavers Cooperative.[7]

Although the Karazak Slavers Cooperative claimed to offer high-quality products[1], some customers such as Durga digressed.[3] The slaves were not necessarily trained for submission: Slavemaster Greezim Trentacal, a member of the Cooperative, was attacked and probably murdered by his own slave, one that had spent a long time serving him.[8]


The Karazak Slaver's Guild had been active since before the Clone Wars, based on the Outer Rim system Karazak — which had always been famous for slavery activities. High-level slavery was back then mostly under the control of two other guilds, the Zygerrians and the Thalassians. The Karazak newcomers created their own business opportunities by specializing in slavery to the highest bidder (as opposed to other groups that deal on slaves and perform other crimes too), and by offering quality products[1] (although Durga Besadii Tai considered Karazak's slaves to be sub-par)[3].

Trentacal and Vex

Karazak Slavers with female slave (lower left).

The Karazak Slavers staged organized ambushes in the Naps Fral cluster, a common stop in the trade route from Ryloth to Nal Hutta. It was their goal to kidnap Twi'lek slaves, although their operations were amateurishly botched and many prospective slaves were killed. The Karazaks also attacked Ryloth, kidnapping and killing many Twi'leks. Due to this, at some point, Jabba Desilijic Tiure crawled in and somehow stopped the Karazaks, taking them away from Naps Fral. Since that moment, the Twi'leks allowed to sacrifice some of their dancing women to the Hutts, in exchange for protection against the more damaging raids the Karazaks would have perform in Ryloth.[3][9]

Soon before the Clone Wars, the Karazaks were already one of the most famous slavery operations in the galaxy. In 22 BBY, HoloNet News mentioned the Karazaks in an article mostly dealing with a Thalassian operation. The HoloNet estimates suggested that the combined slavery operations of the three greatest guilds in the Outer Rim exceeded billions of credits of profit, covered several galactic sectors and was boosted by the weak presence of the Old Republic in that area of the galaxy.[4]

Although the Old Republic had officially outlawed slavery[10], the government was unable to outroot the Karazaks or to stop the slavery in the Outer Rim. The Galactic Empire that replaced it in 19 BBY later passed the Imperial Decree A-SL-4557.607.232, allowing slavery; even then, the Karazaks and other slaver cooperatives mostly restricted their activities to the Outer Rim.[1] The Empire studied the Karazaks in many a report, but they rather dealt with the more famous Zygerrian Slavers.[1][2]

In the first days of the Empire, the Karazak slavers performed raids on landed vessels in Tatooine, although they did not seem to be particularly cost-effective: During one of these, while the slavers were supposed to capture living sentients, they killed a Tarnab merchant; the Tarnab's born-slave Swilla Corey took her chances and escaped.[11]

The Galactic Civil War (beginning in 2 BBY) was a period of growth for the Karazak Slavers: Many populations changed their residence due to the conflict, and became easy prey during their exodi. At the same time, the war demanded a great amount of qualified and non-qualified workers.[1]

Although the New Republic was founded soon after 4 BBY, some of its supporters had also been supporters of slavery; as a result, the New Republic did not manage to end with the Karazaks's and other Guilds's operations in the Outer Rim.[1]

The Karazak Slavers Guild kidnapped holovid star Janissa Locrin, wanting to blackmail her studio for a seven-digit ransom. At least three teams (Heksa, Sujir and Zjek) sneaked into the high-security lands of reclusive Locrin following a scheme developed by Seland' Ir. The operation was a success, although later one of the kidnappers, an Iquar, was arrested by the Sector Rangers and unwittingly confessed Ir's implication.[1][12]

In 8 ABY, the Karazaks recovered their previous ambush point in Naps Fral, no longer scared of Jabba four years after his death. It is believed that Karazak logistic coordinator Krassis Trelix performed the strikes on board of his Firespray-class starship, alternatively known as Indenture or Salvation depending on the transponder code it was using at that point. Corellian pilot Fenig Nabon and her partner, con artist and Hutt counselor Ghitsa Dogder on the orders of Durga the Hutt, found the Indenture while transporting Twi'lek dancers from Ryloth to Nal Hutta. In a naval fight, the Indenture was destroyed, with Trelix presumably on board. Moreover, they performed an important con, releasing the Twi'leks and making Durga believe that they had been taken by the Karazaks. This, they thought, would lead to a gang war between the Karazak Slaver Cooperative and Durga's criminal interests.[3] Although it might have happened, there is no account of this conflict yet; so the Karazaks might simply abandon Naps Fral. The Karazaks were still operative one or two years after this event.[8]


Karazak Slavers, including Seland' Ir and Rei'Kas.

As of 9 or 10 ABY, the Karazaks had a base in the hostile, sylvan Gabredor III, under the control of slavemaster Greezim Trentacal and including more than two dozen slavers, four watchtowers with blaster cannons and orbital patrols of Z-95 Headhunters, as well as Trentacal's personal ship, Atron's Mistress. The Karazaks made a deal with the Pentastar Alignment, kidnapping the children of the ambassador of Cantras Gola to stop him from deserting to the New Republic along with his planet. The Alignment intended to kill and replace the ambassador as soon as it was politically possible, which would allow Trentacal to keep the slaves. At the same time, the Gabredor base still performed the usual slavery operations.[8]

The New Republic could not strike in Gabredor, clearly in Alignment territory, without risking an all-out war. Independent mercenary team Red Moons, led by Sully Tigereye, performed a rescue operation to find the children. During the skirmish and the alert of the base, Trentacal was attacked by his personal slave, and apparently both of them were killed. The mercs outwitted the security of slaver Vex, killing him in the process, and rescued most or all of the slaves. They also destroyed the base and left markings, so that the Karazaks would abandon the Gabredor base.[8]

Notable members

Known high-level members of the Karazak Slavers Cooperative include Yanix Dev[1], distribution manager; Avril Gresh[1], acquisitons specialist; Seland' Ir[1], project developer; Rei'Kas[1], strike team leader; Krassis Trelix[1][3], logistics coordinator; Greezim Trentacal[8], slavemaster; and Vex[8], security head and bodyguard.

Lower-level members include some of the strike team members involved in the Locrin operation, such as Fenrij, Greko, Heksa, Iquar, Keshid, Sujir and Zjek.[1]

Behind the scenes

Karazak Slavers Cooperative does not seem to use racial criteria when hiring slavers. Known Karazak slavers have been Defels Humans, Khils, Riorians, Rodians and Verpines; and known slaves have been Humans, Twi'leks and potentially Trunsks (because Trunsk Sully Tigereye cheated a slaver by pretending to be a slave).

Karazak Logistics Coordinator Krassis Trelix, written with one 'l' in Galaxy Guide 11: Criminal Organizations, was called Krassis Trellix in his second appearancae, Hutt and Seek. Both sources describe him mostly with the same information, so this article considers the different spelling to be a typo.



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