General Kargin was an alias used by Garik Loran during the Zsinj campaign. Kargin was supposedly the leader of the Hawk-bat Independent Space Force, a group of pirates based in the Halmad system. He had a criss-crossing set of puckered scars running all across his face (a disguise created to incorporate Loran's real facial scarring) and flew a TIE/IN interceptor as Hawk-bat Leader.

Loran used this guise to become a feared pirate along with his fellow Wraiths, in a successful effort to meet and join the crew of Warlord Zsinj. "Kargin" was able to meet with the former Imperial Admiral on his flagship, Iron Fist and worked for him during the Battle of Kuat, allowing the Wraiths to track Zsinj's forces out of the system and attack the Warlord with General Han Solo's fleet.


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