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"Life is short, and delay is death."
―Karia Ver Seryan[src]

Karia Ver Seryan was a life-bearer from Leria Kerlsil who nearly married Lando Calrissian. A life-bearer was a woman born with the mystical ability to prolong the life of an elderly or terminally ill man by linking her life essence to his in a marriage pact that doubled as a bonding of blood chemistry.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Karia lived in a stately five-story mansion of gray stone surrounded by gardens of exotic flowers in an elegant neighborhood. The townsfolk treated her with respect and awe and more than a little fear; the houses on either side of hers were abandoned.

Lando had narrowed his list of potential brides to five, based mostly on wealth and availability, and Karia was the first on his list. He visited Leria Kerlsil, accompanied by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, neither realizing the truth about Karia, or even what a life-bearer was. Luke began to sense something was amiss without knowing exactly what it was and urged Lando to stop, but Lando was determined. Meanwhile, C-3PO, left back in the Lady Luck without ever being told what planet they had landed on, was informed by R2-D2 that they were on Leria Kerlsil and took the opportunity to search his database for information on the planet related to mating rituals. Terrified, he and R2 escaped the ship, hired a taxi with great difficulty, and arrived just in the nick of time to tell Lando the truth and save him from a greatly abbreviated lifespan.

Karia had married, sustained, and outlived 49 husbands; Lando would have been her fiftieth. Her forty-ninth husband was Lando's friend Chantu Solk. Karia was able to sustain her husbands for around three to five years and then recover for around the same length of time. Her Support had granted her unnatural long life. Upon meeting Lando for the first time, she was 312 years old, though her physical appearance remained that of a mature young woman.

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