Karie Neth was a Human female who served as a member of Rogue Squadron during the Galactic Civil War. After leading a group of Alliance prisoners in an escape from an Imperial prison,[4] she replaced a Bothan pilot who had been lost on a mission ordered by the Rebellion's command staff, and participated in the Battle of Endor.[2]


"My name is Karie Neth. I'm the leader of the prisoners here."
―Karie Neth[4]

Karie takes her seat at the pre-Endor briefing.

After the Battle of Hoth, several members of the Alliance including Neth were captured from Hoth and taken to a prison on a planetoid hidden in an asteroid field near the Maw. The Alliance leadership suspected that there was an installation in that area, and three Rogue Squadron members led by Wedge Antilles were sent to investigate. After fighting past Imperial ships to reach the planetoid the Rebels received a transmission from Neth begging for someone to hear her. She identified herself to Antilles as the leader of the prisoners and asked Antilles and his wingmen to destroy the guard towers protecting the prison building. She then transmitted targeting information to the Rebels' Y-wings.[4]

Once the Rogues destroyed the prison's defenses, Neth and the others commandeered an armored hovertrain and headed to a landing platform as the fighter pilots held off the Imperial forces. The prisoners finally stole an Imperial loader shuttle and escaped the planetoid as Wedge and the Rogues held off TIE interceptors.[4]

Neth celebrates the victory at Endor

After replacing a Bothan pilot lost during a secret mission, she attended the Rebel briefing on Home One prior to the assault on the second Death Star. She was wearing an orange X-wing pilot's flight suit, as she was at the time an X-wing pilot.[3] During the Battle of Endor, Neth was assigned to Gray Squadron, serving as gunner aboard Lieutenant Telsij's Y-wing.[2] She would go on to survive the battle, and join many of the Rebels celebrating their victory with the Ewoks in Bright Tree Village.[1]

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Karie Neth was played uncredited by Lynne Hazelden in Return of the Jedi. In Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, she was voiced by Grey DeLisle.

An interview with Hazelden for the Star Wars Aficionado fan site confirmed that she also appeared in costume in the Ewok celebration scene in Return of the Jedi[5], and a photo of her in that scene was shared by the Star Wars Twitter account.[6]


A glimpse of the character in Return of the Jedi


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