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"I am privileged to be your sister."
―Karis, to Ventress[src]

Karis was a female Dathomirian and a member of the Nightsisters during the Clone Wars.


"Go, and lead us to victory."
―Karis, to Ventress, right before her death[src]

Karis dies in Ventress' arms

During the Clone Wars, Karis was recognized by her master Talzin as one of the greatest warriors of her Nightsister clan, alongside fellow sister Naa'leth.[4] When Asajj Ventress returned home to Dathomir, Karis was ordered to accompany her and Naa'leth to Serenno in an attempt to assassinate Count Dooku in retribution for his betrayal of Ventress, though they were defeated. Soon after the failed attack on Count Dooku, the Count sent General Grievous to the planet of Dathomir and launched an attack. A vulture droid fired a missile that lead a chain reaction of falling statues from the Temple of the Nightsisters.

Karis was the first person to suffer a casualty because that was the ambush attack that started the Battle of Dathomir against the Confederacy of Independent Systems when a statue (that fell when shot by a droid bomber) crushed her. Asajj Ventress managed to pull her out, but Karis said her last few words about leading the Nightsisters to victory, and died.[4]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Karis was hard to detect due to the spells cast upon her by Mother Talzin. Her weapons included a captured Jedi lightsaber, and a Nightsister dagger. She could move silently and had Force-enhanced reflexes.[3]

In combat, Karis was known to use the "raging rancor" battle charge.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Karis is portrayed by actress Catherine Taber.



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