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"Major Varak has our children under armed guard in one of the warehouses. If we refuse to work…"

Karkan was a Tevellan male who worked at a bacta production plant on his species' homeworld of Tevel. After the First Order annexed Tevel and took control of the bacta plant, forcing the Tevellans to work at the threat of their children being harmed, Karkan contacted the Resistance, conspiring with fellow Tevellans Menon and Tarina to fight back against the First Order. Finn and Poe Dameron of the Resistance were sent on a mission to both free the Tevellans and acquire bacta from Tevel, and Finn met with the Tevellan workers. The Resistance operatives helped to liberate the production plant, and Karkan stayed behind with the other Tevellans to defend the facility from further First Order forces.


Fighting the First OrderEdit

Under occupationEdit

Menon: "I thought there would be more of you."
Finn: "Unfortunately, there's not many of us at all. Which is why we need your bacta."
Menon: "And you think we're in a position to hand it over?"
Karkan: "Finn came a long way to help us, even if he did lose our vial."
―The Tevellans speak with Finn[src]

A Tevellan born on the planet Tevel, Karkan worked at a plant that produced bacta, a substance with healing properties. During the war between the First Order and the Resistance, the First Order annexed Tevel, taking control of the bacta plant and leaving behind forces led by Major Kander Varak. The Tevellans were forced to work for the First Order, with their children held hostage under armed guard. Karkan, conspiring with fellow Tevellans Menon and Tarina, made contact with General Leia Organa of the Resistance, requesting help in freeing themselves from the First Order, promising a supply of bacta in return.[1]

Resistance operatives Poe Dameron and Finn were sent to assist the Tevellans, disguising themselves as First Order medical personnel in order to get into the bacta plant. While the First Order was not fooled by the disguise, they played along in order to find out who on Tevel had betrayed the First Order. Major Varak gave the two Resistance agents a tour of the bacta plant, during which they passed by Karkan and his Tevellan co-conspirators. The Tevellans rode a hover platform to the top of tank seven, attempting to use a vial of formula to contaminate the bacta supply and render it useless to the First Order. Upon noticing the Tevellans, Finn slipped away from Varak, climbing the tank to meet with them. However, Karkan and the Tevellans assumed Finn was part of the First Order, and abandoned their plan, gliding down from the top of the tank.[1]

Tevellan uprisingEdit

"Are you sure you guys are going to be okay?"
"Major Varak's troops have left us everything we need to defend the plant."
―Poe Dameron and Karkan[src]

Finn was caught by the First Order, who believed he had attempted to sabotage the bacta himself. As First Order stormtroopers took Finn to be interrogated, Karkan and the Tevellans attacked the stormtroopers, with Karkan using a toolbox to knock down one. Finn used one of the stormtroopers' blaster rifles to stun the troopers, but Karkan took the second blaster, aiming it at Finn. Karkan demanded to know where their vial was, learning it had been taken by Major Varak. Upon learning Finn had been sent by the Resistance, Karkan led him to a work hut, where he bandaged the Resistance operative's injured ankle while the Tevellans explained the situation at the bacta plant.[1]

The Tevellans attempted to locate Dameron so that they could contact him, but Varak revealed that he had known who the Resistance operatives were. Dameron's astromech droid BB-8 escaped, and managed to find Finn and the Tevellans. While Finn wanted to rescue Dameron, the Tevellans insisted on rescuing their children. Finn agreed to help them, and managed to infiltrate the warehouse in which the hostages were being held inside the casing of a gonk droid, letting the Tevellans in through a side door. After the Tevellans freed the imprisoned children, they discovered an armory that held a number of weapons.[1]

Karkan and Menon took a number of detonators from the armory, placing them around tank seven. BB-8 distracted the AT-AT where Varak was interrogating Dameron, leading it past the tank. Tarina detonated the explosives, and the walker was knocked down by the flood of bacta released from the tank. Karkan and the other Tevellan workers surrounded the downed walker, while Dameron incapacitated Varak. With the bacta plant freed from First Order control, Karkan supplied the Resistance operatives with the promised bacta, intending to use the First Order's supplies and weapons to defend the bacta plant from any further threat.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"And we need our children. I'm sorry. It's…it's not been easy."
"It never is when the First Order is involved."
―Karkan and Finn[src]

A Tevellan male, Karkan had orange fur with white stripes and violet eyes. Older than most of his fellow Tevellans, Karkan was recognizable by the white stripe across his nose.[1]

When the First Order took control of Tevel's bacta production plant, Karkan refused to allow the Tevellans to be subjugated, and conspired to fight back and prevent the First Order from using the bacta produced on Tevel. However, the threat of their peoples' children being held hostage made Karkan hesitant to rebel. When Finn helped to rescue the children, Karkan was ecstatic to see the hostages freed.[1]


"Where's the vial? We know you found it."
―Karkan, threatening Finn with a stormtrooper's blaster[src]

During the First Order occupation of Tevel, Karkan used a toolbox to knock a First Order stormtrooper unconscious, retrieving the trooper's blaster, briefly wielding the weapon. After Dameron incapacitated Major Varak, Karkan picked up the officer's blaster, which he kept.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Karkan appeared in Choose Your Destiny: A Finn & Poe Adventure, a novel in the Star Wars: Choose Your Destiny series written by Cavan Scott, illustrated by Elsa Charretier, and published in 2019.[1]

Non-canon endingsEdit

"There he is. The spy. Get him."
―Karkan reports Finn to the First Order in a non-canon ending[src]

Like other books in the Choose Your Destiny series, A Finn & Poe Adventure has a number of unsuccessful endings, all of which are considered to be non-canon. In one such ending, Karkan and the Tevellans are spotted by First Order stormtroopers and stunned, and are startled by Finn while attempting to contaminate the bacta in another, leading to Karkan throwing Finn, who he assumes is with the First Order, into the bacta tank. One ending results in Finn attempting to escape after the Tevellans rescue him from the First Order stormtroopers, and accidentally leading Major Varak to Karkan and his co-conspirators.[1]

One path involves Finn abandoning the Tevellans to instead rescue Dameron, which leads to several non-canon endings, including one in which Karkan reports Finn as a spy in revenge for being abandoned. Another ending entails Finn and the Tevellans attempting to attack a stormtrooper, only for all four of them to be defeated. When deciding which weapons to use against the First Order, one choice ends with Karkan leading a makeshift army of workers, who are overcome by the stronger fighting force of the First Order's stormtroopers.[1]


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