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"Do it and I'll blast your choobies all across the back wall."
―Karl Mathieu Ancher[src]

Karl Mathieu Ancher was a male Human smuggler known to operate alongside Drake Paulsen. He became known as one of the fathers of modern smuggling on the planet Socorro.


Ancher and Paulsen were imprisoned on Omman, and though they eventually escaped with the help of Tait Ransom, Ancher was forced to have a cybernetic leg fitted as a result. Ancher later retired to Socorro and established the Black Dust Tavern. He was also one of the three owners of the Ethra Brewery, and gained a reputation as one of the most honest businessbeings on Socorro.

Ancher was tending bar at the Black Dust Tavern when Arner Figgis showed up and attempted to greet the man in Old Corellian. Unfortunately the scholar misspoke and insulted the bartender. Ancher was angered but was calmed down by Figgis' companion Trep Winterrs. Figgis bought Ancher a drink as an apology.[2]



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